Serial Cannibal Murders Twenty Women, Cuts Their Legs Into Steaks And Eats Them With His Wife, Feeds The Remains To Dogs, Says “If You Let Me Out Of Jail I Will Do It Again”

A serial murderer and cannibal in Mexico has been arrested with his wife for murdering and eating at this point no less than twenty women, and then feeding their remains to dogs. While in custody, he said that if he is let out of jail he would continue according to a report:

Juan Carlos, dubbed “The Devil of Ecatepec”, and his wife Patricia have both confessed separately to cannibalism offences in Mexico City.

Juan Carlos, found to have a deep hatred of women, also admitted to sexually abusing his victims after their deaths and feeding bits of them to his dogs.

“I prefer that my dogs eat the flesh of those women than they keep breathing my oxygen,” he said during psychiatric assessment.

He told investigators his mother made him watch her have sex with various men and forced him to wear dresses.

Psychiatric testing found Juan Carlos has both psychotic and personality disorders, an initial hearing was told.

The same testing found Patricia had mental impairments from birth.

But the hearing was also told psychiatric testing revealed both knew the difference between right and wrong.

Juan Carlos told psychiatric examiners he didn’t expect to be released from jail but added: “If I do get out I’m going to keep on killing women.”

México state Attorney General Alejandro Gómez described the serial murder case as “the most horrifying we’ve had”.

He also confirmed the cannibalism confessions and said Juan Carlos had given specific details of 10 of his alleged victims.

The conversation with investigators was revealed on Imagen Television by news anchor Ciro Gomez Levya.

Patricia is said to have told officers her husband cut his victims’ legs into steaks which she roasted and ate with him. (source)

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