Germany And Iran Make Economic And Technological Agreement As A Way To Affront American Power

By Theodore Shoebat

Germany and Iran just made an economic and technological agreement. This is all a way to affront American power. MENAFN reports:

Iran was announced to have inked a memorandum of understanding with Germany, joining hands in providing training and education for industry managers and entrepreneurs.

Managing Director of Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization Sadeq Najafi penned the cooperation agreement with a deputy at the German ministry of economic affairs and energy.

The Iranian managing director revealed that the draft for the deal has been ready for two years, with the parties holding talks and collaborating.

The official further added that “based on the MOU, the two sides will continue their cooperation until 2021.”

As the Nazis wanted financial independence from the United States, Germany today is actually talking about forming financial channels in Brussels independent of the US, because it is upset that the Trump administration’s reversal of the Iran Deal prohibits Germany from making deals with Iran which it has been close to for many years. As one report from Holly Ellyat explains:

“Europe should look to bypass U.S. payment systems by creating its own financial channels, a European monetary fund and international bank transfer system like SWIFT, Germany’s foreign minister has said. Heiko Maas called for the setting up of independent payment channels which could avoid U.S. sanctions targeting any firms that do business with Iran. … Writing in the German Handelsblatt newspaper, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called for the setting up of independent payment channels, largely as a way for European businesses to avoid U.S. sanctions targeting any firms — whether inside or outside the U.S. – that do business with Iran.

“As Europeans, we have clearly told the Americans that we consider phasing out the nuclear deal with Iran a mistake., ” Maas said in an op-ed for Handelsblatt on Wednesday. “Meanwhile, first U.S. sanctions are back in force. In this situation, it is of strategic importance that we clearly tell Washington: we want to work together. But we will not let you act over our heads. Therefore, it was right to protect European companies from legal sanctions,” he said.

It is therefore essential that we strengthen European autonomy by setting up payment channels independent of the U.S., creating a European Monetary Fund and building an independent SWIFT system. The devil is in a thousand details,” he added. “But every day that the (Iran) agreement continues to exist is better than the highly explosive crisis that otherwise looms in the Middle East.”

Look at the words that Maas uses: “European autonomy” and “channels independent of the U.S.”. What is happening here? A revolt against the American empire. As the Germans under Gainas in the 4th century revolted against the Byzantine empire, the Germans today are revolting — although so far diplomatically — against the American hegemony. 

This deal between Germany and Iran is not just about economics, but an ideological drive to revolt against the US and to triumph Germanic hegemony.

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