Attempt To Incite Nationalist Sentiments Exposes How The Entire “Migrant Army” On The US Border Is An Externally Funded Government Population Transfer By Lucrative Business Contracts To Drive Nationalism

Conservative-leaning media resources have pointed out that Mexican-registered trucks are helping to transport these “migrants” to the USA:

Another image has shown up involving the Honduran Invasion Caravan, where a trucking business from Texas is actually helping mobilize the Honduran Caravan. With this image of a US trucking company transporting the Honduran Caravan to the US border with Mexico, it is now obvious that the Honduran Caravan is having outside help from individuals in the United States. The thing with trucking companies in America they actually have to keep records of their activities and who pays them, so it will be interesting to see if this trucking company is investigated for transporting the Honduran Caravan…Who is possibly involved with this US Trucking company that has been caught transporting the caravan to the United States border with Mexico.

Other than this trucking company from America being busted helping the Honduran Caravan, we know it’s very likely Democrats in Washington and individuals like Soros are also helping out. When this Honduran Caravan ends and is prevented from illegal entry into America, we will likely see tons of arrests of American citizens being arrested for providing support to the caravan…This is definitely a US trucking company as you can see the US Dot identifier. (source)

Let’s dive into this and get some further insights.

Many do not know this, but in the USA while there are state requirements for truckers depending where they live, work, or are passing through, trucking is considered integral to the stability of the government and so it is regulated top-down by the Federal government first. The US government takes trucking seriously because it is known that given the size of the USA and the delicate networks that have been built up to support a certain way of life as well as to maintain national unity, if the trucks were to stop it would shut the entire country down in a matter of hours, and completely down in no more than three days. If for some reason all of the truckers in the USA were to go on strike, the army would be dispatched to take control of routine deliveries and either force or seize trucking operations until they comply with the government’s demands. Likewise, while there are many trucking companies who engage in illegal, dangerous, or just stupid practices, the government is also quick to either issue heavy fines or completely shut down trucking companies who do not adhere to minimum standards of law.

Trucking is perhaps the most regulated and overregulated industry in the USA. Even a small error can cost a driver his license or push a company to bankruptcy, especially as far as it concerns small to medium size operations, which constitute the majority of the trucking industry. Major companies such as Knight/Swift, Werner, J.B. Hunt, Schneider, and even companies one would not associate with trucking such as FedEx or UPS have an easier time shielding themselves from heavy fines or liabilities, but even they can and have faced repeated scrutiny for business practices that were they not the size and influence they carry in the economy would have forced them into bankruptcy decades ago.

One can clearly see the US DOT number on the side of the truck. This is basically the tracking number that all trucks are required to have if they want to operate in the USA.

The fact that this truck in the photo has a US DOT number means that not only is he legally registered to work in the USA, but that the company is probably based on the US border with one office in Mexico and and other in one of the border states, of which the most common one is Texas along either the the I-35 corridor, US-281, or US-77, and they provide the main points of entry into Mexico through Laredo/Nuevo Laredo, McAllen/Reynosa, and Brownsville/Matamoros respectively.

Looking him up using the US DOT Lookup tool online, one sees that without a surprise, this company, Express San Javier, is registered in Allende, Nuevo Leon, which is about 150 miles from her US Border office in Pharr, which is the neighboring town to McAllen. It is a small operation with ten trucks and within the last two years has a clean safety record amid 85 inspections, which is a good thing and suggests the company is engaging in good safety practices and is reliable:

Their website is professional and well-designed, using language found in American corporations but written in Spanish. The company has a second base of operations in the south of Mexico in Veracruz, and she says that she can reliably track freight using satellite to ensure delivery.

This is not some random guy named Pepe in a truck driving around the streets of Monterrey. These are business professionals who are running a serious operation carrying freight around Mexico and the USA. Since it is known that salaries are low in Mexico and that contracts to the US are lucrative, this company is not going to engage in practices that are going to jeopardize her ability to bring goods to the USA.

This also follows with another point, which is the dangers of driving a truck in Mexico.

Another reason there are so many border freight-forwarding companies is because trucking in Mexico is a dangerous business due to the cartels. It does not matter what the company is or where one goes, as cartels are everywhere and one of the ways they earn money is to engage in highway and trailer robbery. It is not uncommon for trailers that go to Mexico to return to the USA with bullet holes or with a different driver because the driver was murdered. Freight brought into Mexico often is on trailers with minimal markings that could suggest what is inside because cartels will set up roadblocks and ambushes to steal the merchandise. While truck drivers throughout the USA have seals on their trailers and will lock them if they are vigilant, it is a practical requirement in Mexico because of the high rate of theft or robbery.

It is for these reasons that many American companies do not allow their drivers to go into Mexico. The liability is too high. However, since freight must move between countries, the US will regularly contract with Mexican companies to bring goods into Mexico or to the border that are then carried within the US by an American driver.

Now looking at this video, I see a truck pulling what appears to be a flatbed linked in tandem with another flatbed. There are people sitting on all sides of the flatbed, and not minding that somebody could fall between the gaps in the beds, their legs are hanging over the sides and right next to the wheels as the truck is driving.

What this video shows is not just stupid, but it is ILLEGAL in both the US and Mexico. There are not trucks in Mexico with hordes of Mexicans piled on them that are driven around like this because in addition to the laws there is also criminal liability if somebody gets killed.

But the fact that there is a US-Mexican, licensed, registered carrier with an impeccable safety record carrying these people in a highly dangerous manner speaks to a deeper reality, as a carrier such as Express San Javier is NOT going to engage in risky behavior so to jeopardize her business.

Because the trucking industry in the USA operates under Federal law, she does not have the same legal recourse that other industries have. The Federal government can come in at any minute and force her to serve her ends and she cannot oppose her. Likewise, the Federal government can also suspend any number of the regulations imposed on the trucking industry, nullifying state laws, if she determines it to be in the interest of the country. This is seldom done, and when it is done, it is in dire circumstances and the order usually comes from FEMA, and mostly it pertains to driving hours. As some may know, truckers are allowed only to drive a certain numbers of hours per day. During an emergency, FEMA will sometimes suspend the drive hour limits to allow drivers to get products to areas afflicted by a disaster. However, any rule can be suspended if the need is determined.

While this truck is in Mexico and outside the reach of US law, it is within Mexican law. What is to say that the laws for safety are being ignored because the government wants this, specifically the US government, and that it is because the US is enabling this “caravan” to happen?

This is EXACTLY what happened with the “refugee crisis” in 2015 in Germany, where as pointed out, countless people were trafficked into Europe through lucrative contracts given to NGOs, charities, and other transport companies. Many pointed out how the trafficking was highly dangerous, and many people were injured or killed in the process, completely ignoring any protocols for safety. This is because what happened in Germany now seems to be repeating in the USA, except instead of dragging people thousands of miles from the African jungles and Arabian deserts by land and then sea, for Mexico and Central America it is to stuff a bunch of them in a truck -something that has been done repeatedly before- and drive them from Honduras to the Mexican-US border. To put this distance to the US in perspective, it is about 300 miles closer to the US border than the infamous “road trip” that Harry and Lloyd made in “Dumb and Dumber” from Providence to Aspen:

It’s not an insurmountable distance. However, as pointed out, it requires a lot of logistics, and is something that an individual can do, or even a family, albeit with great risks. It is not something that dozens, let alone hundreds or thousands of people just “do” because they have no means to support themselves.

What the video of the trucks show is that, as we have said before and will say again, is that the “caravan” is a manufactured crisis in order to cause chaos and disorder so to advance nationalism.

Now, one will have to see what happens when this “caravan” gets to the border.

Will the people “storm the border”? And if they did, it is because they are being allowed to.

If the people are allowed into the USA, will they be allowed to commit crimes openly, and if so, will those who try to stop them be persecuted while the criminals are let go, just as what has happened for years now in Germany and Sweden and the direct order of their respective governments?

One final note. One will note that the video of the “migrant army” being promoted on this particular right-wing website is from a man named Hal Turner:

Hal Turner is not merely an admitted neo-Nazi who has promoted nationalism for decades, but he admitted in 2009 while in a Hartford court that he is a paid government informant and agent provocateur:

A lawyer for Harold “Hal” Turner, the blogger and Internet radio host accused of encouraging people to “take up arms” against two Connecticut legislators and a state ethics official, said Tuesday that the comments are protected by the First Amendment.

Turner knew just where the line was between protected political speech and criminal conduct because the FBI taught him when the agency used him as an informant, his attorney, Michael A. Orozco of Newark, N.J., said outside a Hartford courtroom.

“Mr. Turner was trained by the FBI,” Orozco said. “He was told where the line was – what he could say.” Turner, of New Jersey, worked as an “agent provocateur” for the FBI from roughly 2002 to 2007, Orozco said.

“His job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner that would cause their arrest,” Orozco said. On several occasions, Turner passed on to the FBI information about threats from readers.

The comments that got Turner in trouble were written and published after Turner left the service of the FBI, Orozco said. An FBI spokesman in Washington declined to comment on any role Turner may have had with the bureau.

Turner was charged by the Connecticut State Capitol Police on June 3 with inciting injury to persons or property after he posted material on his website criticizing proposed legislation that would have shifted some control of Roman Catholic Church affairs from the church to lay members. Turner was accused of targeting state Rep. Michael Lawlor, state Sen. Andrew McDonald and Thomas Jones, an employee in the State Ethics Office.

He allegedly threatened to make public their home addresses and wrote, “It is our intent to foment direct action against these individuals personally. These beastly government officials should be made an example of as a warning to others in government: Obey the Constitution or die.”

On June 24, federal authorities arrested Turner on charges that he threatened to assault and murder three federal judges in Chicago in retaliation for their ruling upholding a gun ban.

“Let me be the first to say this plainly: These judges deserve to be killed,” Turner allegedly wrote on his website.

But Orozco, writing in a motion to dismiss the federal charges, said that as offensive as some may find those writings, they are protected speech.

In Hartford Tuesday, Orozco said he will use the same First Amendment argument to defend Turner on the Connecticut charges.

“Mr. Turner’s blog tends to have a small following of right-wing followers,” Orozco wrote in his federal motion. “The language used by this segment of the population to express its views is sometimes harsh or often peppered with violence. Regardless of how many people may have viewed it, given his public status and shock jock persona, there can be no doubt that Turner’s statements were nothing more than politically charged rhetoric of someone unhappy with the judge’s opinion in NRA v. Chicago, and are therefore protected.”

Turner’s writing is “the same political hyperbole” that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled is protected speech. “There was never intent in Mr. Turner’s words to incite violence, nor is there any evidence that the judges in this case ever felt threatened by Mr. Turner’s statements,” Orozco wrote. “They are merely the expressions of a shock jock who uses exaggeration to make his political points. When these statements are viewed within the context of right-wing propaganda, they are typical language of that segment of the population; and as such, the court here cannot find them to be criminal without infringing on Mr. Turner’s First Amendment rights.” (source, source)

Now, could it be Hal Turner’s real channel? It is also possible it may not be. But at the very least, consider the following:

The name of an openly admitted and proven in court FBI-trained government agent provocateur who has spent decades advocating for nationalism is being associated with promoting this “migrant army” crisis. 

Make no mistake, this “army” is meant to induce fear in people so they turn to the government and support the answer that she is giving them, which is nationalism to militarism and death. It is the same evil enemies of the past, who brought World War I and World II who are doing this again, and if history’s past is a lesson for the future, it suggests that World War III may be next.

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