UK Television Show Has Contestant Consume Urine And Feces As Part Of A “Challenge”

A recent UK television show had a contestant, celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo, consume urine and feces as part of a “guess what this is” challenge:

Celebrity Juice fans have blasted a “vile” challenge on the ITV show – which many viewers are claiming went “too far”.

Those tuning in were left utterly repulsed by the scenes.

The Halloween special has sparked controversy after celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo was duped into tasting ‘excrement and urine.’

Gino, who was dressed up as the character Eleven from Netflix series Stranger Things, was blindfolded.

The TV chef had to put his mouth at the end of the tube and guess what had been placed in it, the Mirror reports.

Keith placed what he said was poo and urine at the other end, leading the audience to squeal and team captain Fearne Cotton to gasp out a shocked “no!”

Gino ended up tasting the excrement and was shocked when he was correct after saying it was “s***”.

But viewers were left gagging, hitting out at the show for going “too far”.

One tweeted: “Literally just gagged. That was grim! #CelebJuice.”

While another commented: ” Gone to far tonight #CelebJuice.”

But it didn’t upset all the fans. One described it as one of the “best episodes ever”. (source)

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