Major Adult Industry Company Embraces First Serious Use Of “Augmented Reality” Technology In Preparation For The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Artificial intelligence based technologies will greatly influence all areas of life, as it is being worked on by all governments around the world and as some have warned, is the harbinger of an inevitable fourth industrial revolution that will re-shape the world economy in ways as profound as did mass manufacturing, mass logistics, and the Internet. One major company has embraced one of these new technologies and is using it to produce the first ever “augmented reality” adult videos:

It was only a matter of time: Adult entertainment studio Naughty America released one of the industry’s very first XXX-rated augmented reality (AR) apps for Android phones this week, which promises to put life-sized 3-D versions of adult entertainers in your living room.

Or bedroom, for that matter, with Naughty America CEO Andreas Hronopoulos touting the app as a way for consumers to make their own adult videos at home. “It’s the future of making content,” he said in an interview with Variety. “People can make their own scenarios.”

Naughty America AR, as the app is aptly being called, makes use of Google’s ARCore technology to scan a room and then place digital objects atop of a camera-view of that room. It’s a technology that’s been used in the past to let users superimpose “Star Wars” characters, Pokemons and full-blown games over their mobile device’s camera view.

In the case of the Naughty America AR app, these characters are decidedly not safe for work. A free version of the app features female and male porn performers in their underwear. Paying users get to download completely nude characters. Each performer does a few moves, and some address the viewer directly with some choice dirty words.

Each of these AR clips is just about three to four seconds long, which helped to keep the app and any additional downloads reasonably small. Hronopoulos said the company also planned to experiment with longer content if users requested it. “We didn’t really know what people want,” he said.

Naughty America has long been a studio that has embraced cutting-edge technologies. The company was among the first to distribute VR porn and more recently began to use artificial intelligence to offer custom-made Deepfake porn, which allows consumers to superimpose their own faces onto the bodies of porn stars.

Hronopoulos argued that AR was the next big thing for both adult as well as mainstream entertainment. “For adults, it’s obviously pretty massive,” he said, adding that the same technology could also be used to let consumers take fully clothed selfies with digital holograms of mainstream Hollywood stars and then share the results on social media. “It’s a whole new era,” he said.

Google and Apple both have policies against distributing adult content on their app stores, which is why Naughty America is distributing its AR app directly via its website (link not safe for work). Hronopoulos said the company may eventually also produce content for AR headsets or VR headsets that incorporate AR features. But for now, he argued that mobile AR was the place to be. “The Android operating system is the largest AR platform out there,” he said. (source, source)

I have repeatedly emphasized that while the adult industry is an evil source of much degeneracy and poison in society, it is also important to monitor because the industry provides a raw look into both the passions of society and the tools that will be invested in to transmit said passions which then have direct consequences in other industries. In this way, it serves as both a marketing and propaganda purpose to legitimize coming changes as well as plays an important role in which trends or technologies will be adapted for future use. Many trends in society including the changes in social media between the generations, the legitimization of child sexual abuse, the popularization of incest, the rise of homosexuality, the political legitimization of the LGBT for nationalistic reasons, the equivocation of anti-Islamic politics to support of homosexuality, the rise of facial recognition and editing technologies, the emergence of robotics and cyborgs used for military purposes, and the support of major alternative media outlets have been documented as possessing direct ties to the many facets of the adult content industry.

In February 2018, covered the World Government Summit in which the term “augmented humanity” was used, which they defined as the symbiosis between A.I. systems and a person to create not a virtual reality, but an altered reality that could be used to solve problems and generate a specific outcome. This was presented as the most likely use of human-A.I. technologies because as the presenters noted, A.I. and humans cannot solve all problems independently, but working together they can solve most problems as they can do tasks the other cannot:

Augmented reality begins at 5:05

The adult industry for a long time has been working on “virtual reality” porn, and indeed, most of the developments in virtual reality (such as with Oculus Rift) have been directed for pornographic reasons. In spite of these developments, the genre still has not “taken off” as one may have expected.

The fact that a major company in the adult industry is now embracing “augmented reality” instead of “virtual reality” is a major development meaning that the term is likely to become popular in the future for other uses that will go far beyond man’s historical attempts to indulge in his personal lusts.

Think for example of a work space. Imagine that one sits at home but can, using “augmented reality” take the image of oneself walking around his house and “place” himself into a “virtual office” where through a program he can “see” his co-workers in the same office as they are also doing the same. It is a way to re-define the office by moving it to cyberspace where people can see and keep track of each other’s work while also allowing a man to be at home, which ostensibly saves the company money by reducing the need for large office work spaces (such as buildings, electricity, HVAC, and so on). Likewise, what works for the office can also be applied to schooling, where students can go to a “virtual classroom” in a more dynamic, interactive way but while still remaining at home.

Consider also a mechanic working on a car. With an A.I. system he can, working with the system, replicate an engine he is working on and “expand” it with the computer to diagnose problems and repair it with less intrusive actions and greater comparative efficiency. This can also be applied to other professions that diagnose “broken pieces” such as doctors and nurses, electrical repairmen, or plumbers.

The issue here is really not pornography at all, but the adult industry as the vehicle to market and realize, as it has been warned about, the fourth great industrial revolution about to happen which is going to completely change the shape of the economy and will lead to massive, long term unemployment and disenfranchisement that will likely be used as a justification for eugenics-based policies in the future. It is not the use of “augmented humanity” that will bring this about, but rather the re-shaping of the economy through the use of technologies such as “augmented reality” that will be used to, in traditional American business practice and increasingly global practice, to reduce the number of workers for a company and force the remaining workers to produce more product for the same wages they currently earn in the name of increasing corporate profitability.

It is the same as the sex robot phenomenon, which really is not about sex with droids, but the multi-faceted purpose of reducing the population and promoting the increased autonomy and biological integration of man with robotics that will eventually be used for military purposes as well as, in the words of Peter Diamandis, to merge with machines as part of the next phase of human “evolution” in which man “crawls out” of his humanity to become an “interplanetary species”:

Look at 51:50 for the quote about “interplanetary species”

This or any use of pornography in this context is the means to market a contemporary form of eugenics with the purpose of reducing the human population and consolidating more power and control among a select few, realizing the warning of sacred scripture in Wisdom 2:

For by mere chance were we born,  and hereafter we shall be as though we had not been, because the breath in our nostrils is smoke, and reason a spark from the beating of our hearts, and when this is quenched, our body will be ashes and our spirit will be poured abroad like empty air. Even our name will be forgotten in time, and no one will recall our deeds. So our life will pass away like the traces of a cloud, and will be dispersed like a mist pursued by the sun’s rays and overpowered by its heat. For our lifetime is the passing of a shadow; and our dying cannot be deferred because it is fixed with a seal; and no one returns.

Come, therefore, let us enjoy the good things that are here, and make use of creation with youthful zest. Let us have our fill of costly wine and perfumes, and let no springtime blossom pass us by, let us crown ourselves with rosebuds before they wither. Let no meadow be free from our wantonness; everywhere let us leave tokens of our merriment, for this is our portion, and this our lot.

Let us oppress the righteous poor, let us neither spare the widow nor revere the aged for hair grown white with time. But let our strength be our norm of righteousness, for weakness proves itself useless. (Wisdom 2:2-11)

It is about some men of evil will who want to reproduce the errors of Eden, which did not end well then and will not end well in the future, for if a man does not embrace God’s mercy, he must face His justice, which is perfect and final, and before which no man can be found innocent.

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