The Man Who Shot And Murdered Eleven Jews In A Synagogue In Pittsburgh Was A Product Of The Rise Of Nationalism That Has Permeated Society

By Theodore Shoebat

There was a shooting in a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Eleven people are dead. This is the result of pure murderous evil, a demonically influenced mentality, a satanically possessed soul, a sinister mentality. The massacre occurred in the Tree of Life Synagogue this Saturday morning. Authorities have identified the murderer as 46-year-old Robert Bowers. 

Six people were injured, four of whom were police officers who responded to the murderous attack. Jon Jones, an FBI agent, reported that an officer spotted the shooter as he was leaving the synagogue and then engaged him. The officer was then injured and the shooter fled back inside the synagogue where he hid from the SWAT team. Two officers and two SWAT fighters were injured in a battle with Bower. Three of these officers were shot. The shooter suffered from multiple shots but is in “fair condition” as we read from CNN

The murderer had three pistols and one rifle.  Just five minutes before the shooting, Bower wrote on Gab, a social media platform: “I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered … Screw your optics, I’m going in.” He also wrote that “Trump is surrounded by k****”. Bower also had expressed vitriol against migrants coming to the US from Latin America. In one post he wrote:  “I have noticed a change in people saying ‘illegals’ that now say ‘invaders … I like this.” Bowers also expressed his demonic rage against HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) a non-profit organization that aids refugees coming to the US. Bowers post was captioned with the words: “Why hello there HIAS! You like to bring in hostile invaders to dwell among us?”

The right-wing bloggers are already taking this story and making it about how he hated Trump (basically trying to present him as a left-winger). Some want to present him as a Trump fan, and others a Trump hater. But this is all propaganda. The bottom line is that, ideologically, Bower is a product of the rise of nationalism that has been permeating society. Whats scary is that right-wing Jews will disagree with me.

I am speaking of the constant articles that have been popping up calling migration an “invasion.” An invasion is tanks rolling through your neighborhood. Migrants coming to your country is not an invasion — its an opportunity for nationalist propaganda.

Bowers was obviously an acolyte of the current day Nazi mentality that screams that Jews are responsible for the migrant crises, and thus deserve punishment, or really, extermination. Bowers, right before the shooting, wrote: “HIAS likes to bring invaders in that kill our people. I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered.” Here we have an illustration of the current day, violently nationalist zeitgeist that has been permeating western society: the viewing of all migrants as “invaders” who are attacking the White race. This view can be presented as merely the hyperbolic statements of ‘patriotic’ people, but if we are to take this language to its most logical conclusion, then violence will indeed be an inevitable result of such a mentality. If migrants are “invaders”, then an invasion must be stopped with violence. Thus, the perspective of a “migrant invasion” will drive towards bloodshed. Hence, this is what makes this reaction to the “migrant crises” so destructive. Bowers is the product of the aggressive metastasization, adaptation and evolution of the Counter-Jihad movement. With all of its ceaseless talk about migrants being invaders. Ingrid Calrqvist, a popular voice in the Counter-Jihad (and a close ally to Robert Spencer), has said that when “the vikings” see that ‘the media’ and and “the Jews” have destroyed Sweden through “mass Muslim immigration,” they will purge Sweden of journalists and Jews:

“The big problem I think is that there are big Jewish organizations working together with the government to have more and more mass immigration. …I’m really really worried that when the vikings [the Scandinavians] wake up and if they see, ‘okay, our country has been destroyed, with Muslim mass immigration, by these politicians, these journalists, and the Jews.’ They will say, who must we get rid of: the politicians, the journalists and the Jews.”

It is not surprising, nor is it coincidental, that Robert Spencer, one of the pioneers behind the Counter-Jihad movement, is with the Free Press Society, which was founded in 2004 by Spencer’s marxist partner, Lars Hedegaard, and that its Swedish branch, the Swedish Free Press Society, is ran by Ingrid Carlqvist, a Nazi sympathizer who recently blamed the Jews on Islamic migration into Europe. 

An ally of Robert Spencer is the Danish nationalist Nicolai Sennels, who wrote an article for the Gates of Vienna — another known Counter-Jihad website — in which he spoke about the usual paranoia that eugenists love to bring up: “overpopulation.” Sennels wrote another article entitled, “Food Crises are Caused by Overpopulation,”and here he promotes eugenics under the guise of fighting Islamic immigration. He says the same thing that any eugenist or population control advocate would say, but he does it all in the name of being a counterjihadist.

Sennels writes: “Take heed: Overpopulation is no less a problem than violent Islam.” The article really signifies how the “Counterjihad” movement has been transitioning from being just anti-Islam to becoming its ultimately desired manifestation: anti-human. In the same article this Danish Nazi writes:

“Pay poor people in the poor countries to have less children. In this way they do not have to have a lot of children in order to secure themselves when they get old – and they can afford to feed and educate the few children they have. We should support the families with full aid (e.g. 2 dollars pr. day) if they have no or one child, half aid if they have two children and no support if they have more than two children. An educated and well nourished population is the indispensable basis for functioning democracies and economies.”

The hatred of the poor, the idea of the poor having more children as being negative to society, is really a marginalizing of human beings, and is merely a layer of the true objective of these anti-humans: the extermination of people. The propaganda of the eugenist always begins by targeting those who are deemed as insignificant — the poor and the impoverished — and portraying them as criminals or as liabilities to the society. The purpose of doing this is not to strictly get rid of the poor, or the criminals, but to condition us to be indifferent to the State imposing eugenic policies. Eugenics is always first imposed on the criminals, on the terrorists, on the abandoned, on the forsaken, on the ones most don’t care about. They do this so that you don’t care about what they are doing, until of course, its happening to you. 

Outlets like PJ Media will many times condemn racism and eugenics, but at the same time they will normalize eugenics and racialism. For example, one PJ Media article written by Rick Moran says that racism is genetic:

“But it’s far too easy to become trapped by stereotypes and wallow in generalities about this or that race or ethnicity. It’s part of the human condition, as is fear of ‘the other’ and a propensity for everyone to live, work, love, and die around people who look like you. Try as we might — ‘raising consciousness’; exposing children to different races, lifestyles, and religions — it doesn’t matter. There is a genetic predisposition to avoid those who are different. And that includes all races, not just whites or blacks.”

While Moran does not explicitly promote racism, he normalizes it by making it genetic, just like many false teachers will says that homosexuality is genetic. The intellectuals who are promoting eugenics follow a parallel strategy. They will promote eugenist policies, but initially they will do so in the context of fighting terrorism. Once people, intoxicated by the hubris of nationalism, become desensitized to this, the acolytes of eugenics move to targeting another group.

From terrorism and criminals, the whirling ladder of the eugenist descends into a war upon the whole of mankind.It is not coincidental nor irrelevant that the article written by Sennels about population control was published on the “Gates of Vienna” website. The founder of the site is Edward S. May, who goes by the pseudonym, Baron Bodissey. May was in the 2007 Counterjihad Summit in Brussels, the event that commenced the Counterjihad as a major international movement. The Summit took place in the EU parliament in Brussels, and was organized by the neo-Nazi EU politician, Filip DeWinter.

Another figure of the Counter-Jihad is Fjordman (real name, Peter Jensen), who writes articles that have been published on Counter-Jihad like Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch and David Horowitz’s Frontpage Magazine. In one of Fjordman’s articles which was published by Frontpage Magazine, he references Danish eugenist Helmuth Nyborg and states that Muslim migrants inherit a genetically inferior intelligence and that migration from Islamic countries will lead to a decline in the intelligence of European society:

Former professor Helmuth Nyborg at Aarhus University in Denmark has conducted controversial research on the subject of the genetic inheritance of intelligence. His conclusion is that today’s mass immigration of non-Europeans will lead to an overall marked decline in the average intelligence of the population, and by extension a significant decline in social and economic competence, scientific progress, as well as technological innovation.

Helmuth Nyborg is followed by Sigurfreyr Jonasson, a partner of Robert Spencer who organized Spencer’s speaking event in Iceland last year. In Sigurfreyr’s website there is a section entitled, “Scientific research and [the] evil that accompanies diversity” in which are posted several writings on how certain genetic makeups lead to violence and conflict.

Sigurfreyr Jonasson, one of the organizers behind the event for Robert Spencer in Iceland, quoted Daniel Friberg on October of last year on his Facebook page.

Here is the quote:

“Our historical subject is Europe, and we first and foremost stand for and defend the interests of her and her peoples. This does not in any way preclude good will towards, or cooperation with, other peoples and political groups. However, every person in Sweden and Europe deserves political authorities who will stand for the Swedish and European peoples, when their safety or welfare is under threat, and who will seek to preserve and improve their welfare.”

When you click on the link you are taken to a page of Sigurfreyr Jonasson’s website that praises Friberg and promotes his work in advocating racialist and pagan writers like Pierre Krebs, Guillaume Faye, Alain de Benoist, Paul Gottfried, Tomislav Sunic, Oswald Spengler and others.

The page reads:

“Daniel Friberg holds an MBA degree from Gothenburg Business School and CEO of the Swedish mining company Wiking Mineral. Friberg is the founding member of the Swedish think tank Motpol and Arktos, which is known for publishing books by ideologists of new culture and novelty.”

There are a number of things to observe here. One, the page promotes Paul Gottfried, one of the godfathers of the Alt-Right and the mentor of Richard Spencer; both of these men were amongst the first advocates for Alt-Right ideology and shared platforms in one of the earliest centers for the Alt-Right, the Bodrum conference in Turkey, which is associated with, financed and supported by Turkish elites, on which we have written extensively.

Secondly, the page on Jonasson’s site promotes a video of a Swedish lecture given by Friberg, entitled “Victory or Valhalla.” Valhalla is the afterlife in the pre-Christian Scandinavian religion, the place where the warriors who died in battle were believed to have gone, to enjoy for eternity sex, alcohol and endless battle, making Valhalla very similar to the Islamic paradise. Friberg is literally calling for pagan jihad and saying that his pagan warriors will receive either victory or enteral pleasures in Valhalla. Thirdly, Friberg is the founder of Arktos Media, and he co-founded it with John Morgan. Morgan is an American who has worked closely with the Nazi party of Ukraine, Svoboda.

Svoboda reveres the Ukrainian Nazi, Stepan Bandera, who with his chief lieutenants once wrote that “Muscovites, Poles, and Jews” would be “destroyed . . . in particular those who protect the [Soviet] regime.” Bandera and his minions also wrote: “it is permissible to liquidate undesirable Poles”.

Jonnason is presenting eugenist literature to prove his racialist ideology and worldview.

Jonasson links to the articles but does not put their titles; rather, he presents them with a quote from the publication that he likes. We took screenshots of the list of linked quotes from eugenist articles presented by Jonasson:

He presents a link to one of these eugenist writings with a quote that reads as such: “Genetic diversity has Contributed significantly to frequencies of ethnic civil conflict, intensity of social unrest, growth of unshared policy preferences, and economic inequality over the last half-century”, essentially attributing human conflict with people’s genetic makeups.

The actual article itself is entitled: “The Nature of Conflict” and it is written by Cemal Eren Arbatli, a Turkish economist who graduated from the University of Istanbul who now serves as a professor in Moscow; Quamrul H. Ashraf, associate professor of economics in William College; and Oded Galor, an Israeli economist. What is interesting is that a Turk, an Indian and an Israeli are conspiring to advance the cause of eugenics, which only indicates that evil has no race, and that the ideology of Social-Darwinism is not limited only to Western European elites. Lets not forget that the Young Turks, the Ottoman elites who conducted the systematic extermination of Christians in the 20th century, believed in Darwinism and eugenics. Here you have three different persons, each of a distinct ethnic group, writing to cause racial conflict. This demonstrates that different races can unite to promote racism; this proves that the goal is not racism unto itself, but rather an ideological unity with the objective to cause chaos, and this chaos will only lead to the persecution of Christians.

In the paper written by these three eugenists, and linked to by Robert Spencer’s comrade, Jonasson, it emphatically declares that genetic diversity in a society leads to conflict: 

“This research establishes that the emergence, prevalence, recurrence, and severity of intrastate conflicts in the modern era reflect the long shadow of prehistory. Exploiting variations across national populations, it demonstrates that genetic diversity, as determined predominantly during the exodus of humans from Africa tens of thousands of years ago, has contributed significantly to the frequency, incidence, and onset of both overall and ethnic civil conflict over the last half-century, accounting for a large set of geographical and institutional correlates of conflict, as well as measures of economic development. Furthermore, the analysis establishes the significant contribution of genetic diversity to the intensity of social unrest and to the incidence of intragroup factional conflict.”

In another part of the paper, it reads:

“Our findings thus far establish that the genetic diversity of a contemporary national population is a robust and significant reduced-form contributor to the risk of civil conflict in society, as manifested by the frequency, prevalence, and emergence of both overall and ethnic civil conflict events over the past half-century.”

In another paper written by the Israeli professor, Oden Galor, it advocates for “sex-selection” abortion in Taiwan. Galor categorizes women into three groups: Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3. Type 1 women are those who will always desire to have children; Type 2 will only want to get pregnant “if they have a reasonable probability of having a boy”; and Type 3 women never want to get pregnant. In the twisted reasoning of Oded, the legalization and cheap cost of abortion will increase the births from women who desire only a boy and who know that the option of abortion will always be available if they so choose to murder their own unborn children if its not the desired gender.  Galor writes: “by increasing the expected value of giving birth (e.g. the probability of having a son), it has increased the number of births from mothers who bore a high cost of child bearing and who otherwise would not have had children.” Galor concludes at the end of his paper that

the introduction of abortion will have heterogeneous effects on fertility in contexts where there is son-preference and pre-natal sex detection technology is readily available. On the one hand, it will reduce the number of children born from unwanted pregnancies. On the other hand, a decrease in the costs of sex-selection from sex-selective abortion could induce women who bear a high cost of child rearing to have children.”

Another eugenist writing that Jonasson quotes and links to on his website is one written by the Finnish eugenist, Tatu Vanhanen, entitled: “Ethnic Nepotism as a Cross-Cultural Background Factor of Ethnic Conflicts.” Jonasson quotes a line from the paper, that states:

“[E]thnic heterogeneity [diversity] Explains 55% of the variation in the scale of ethnic Conflicts, and the results of regression analysis disclose that the same relationship applies more or less to all 187 countries. … [E]thnic nepotism is the common cross-cultural background factor-which supports the persistence of ethnic Conflicts in the world as long as there are ethnically divided form societies”.

In another part of the paper, Vanhanen states that conflict and ethnicity — as opposed to conflict and ideology or morality — are interconnected. He writes:

“I prefer primordialist conceptualization of ethnicity and seek ultimate explanations for ethnic conflicts from biological factors.”

Vanhanen believes that intelligence, or IQ, is inherited and that this inherited intelligence determines the state of ethnic groups:

“We found that national IQ explains more of the variation in human conditions than any other explanatory variable. It is highly interesting to see whether this applies also to ethnic conflicts. In this study it is assumed that national IQ is an explanatory variable which is able to explain a significant part of the variation in ethnic conflicts, too.”

Vanhanen, in the same writing, actually talks about how he worked and still works with the virulent eugenist, Richard Lynn, in producing literature on how IQ is inherited and how it determines the peace or the conflict of a nation. In the paper, Vanhanen says:

“Richard Lynn has had a leading role in the study of intelligence differences between nations see (Nyborg, 2013: p. X). I began to co-operate with Lynn in 1999 and to produce comparative studies on the impact of intelligence differences to human conditions. We found that national IQ explains more of the variation in human conditions than any other explanatory variable. It is highly interesting to see whether this applies also to ethnic conflicts. In this study it is assumed that national IQ is an explanatory variable which is able to explain a significant part of the variation in ethnic conflicts, too.” 

Notice that Vanhanen makes a reference to Nyborg, whose full name is Helmuth Nyborg. Its important to point this out because Nyborth is a Danish eugenist, who is admired by Sigurfreyr Jonasson.

Helmuth Nyborg, the Danish member of this eugenist network, advocates for “negative eugenics” or the belief that murder, infanticide and abortion are a means of “weeding out” those seen as undesirable for human evolution. In one writing, Nyborg writes:

“‘Negative’ eugenics aims to curtail deleterious traits in a population through various programmes of weeding people out. Possible methods include infanticide, homicide, abortion, sterilisation, legislation, social policy and even social pressure.”    

So now you know how Wisdom 2 will be fulfilled. Nyborg actually believes in imposing government policy to stop certain people, who he deems as inferior, from having children. In 2011, Nyborg wrote a paper entitled, “The decay of Western civilization: Double relaxed Darwinian Selection.” In this writing Helmuth, referencing his colleague Richard Lynn, states that all of humanity originally came from Africa, and that the people who migrated to northern Europe developed a superior intelligence and genetic makeup through Darwinian evolution. Nyborg writes:

“Science and civilization owe much to Richard Lynn for his decade-long attempts to identify major factors behind the rise and fall of modern populations. In Race differences in intelligence: An evolutionary analysis (2006) Lynn mapped geographic variations in intelligence, and explained related race differences by Cold Winters theory, according to which people from Africa migrated up North, and met still more harsh climatic challenges, so they had to develop new ways of preserving food, heat-efficient cloth and sheltering, complex traps, and later agricultural, industrial and urban ways of life. As they migrated further North, they became increasingly exposed to unforgiving Darwinian Selection for superior intelligence, health, and character.”

In another part of this diabolical work, Nyborg laments how old eugenist policies for preventing the “unfit” from marrying are no longer being enacted, and he also expresses his favor of the elimination of the elderly, on how abortion and infanticide have been used as a means of “natural selection” and the elimination of children he deems as “unfit”:    

“Natural selection previously worked through the elimination of the old and via social-class differentials in the number of children surviving to adulthood. The greater reproductive fitness of the upper and middle classes indicates the presence of positive natural selection for intelligence, as does negative selection in the lower classes with higher mortality, more infanticides and abortionsundernourishment associated lower fertility, bad health and higher mortality rate among illegitimate children, and strong social controls preventing marriage for the unfit, thereby typically reducing their procreation.”

How else do you think Wisdom 2 will be fulfilled? when it says:

Let us oppress the righteous poor;

let us neither spare the widow

nor revere the aged for hair grown white with time. (Wisdom 2:10)

While Nyborg will say that the drive to protect the weak is “noble,” he declares — just as the National Socialists of old once did, that this sympathy will only lead to the destruction of “civilization,” as he writes:

“The noble, ethically motivated, preservation of the weak inevitably leads to self-destruction through a progressive reduction in the quality of the genetic material for superior intelligence, health, fertility and personality – traits essential for the rise and sustainability of advanced civilizations.”

Nyborg describes the Danish as a “tribe” whose existence is being threatened by what he calls “IRDS” or “Internal Relaxation (or Reversal) of Darwinian Selection,” or the preservation of those he deems as “unfit,” as he writes in his diatribe, which is merely an expression of a desire to return to the eugenics that were once violently imposed in the West during the 20th century. As Nyborg writes:

“The Danish tribe is threatened by IRDS, and the excellent social and health care systems worsen this by preserving still more weak, poor and old.”

Nyborg states that because of post WW2 indignation towards eugenics, Europe is currently going through its migration crises, which he describes as “low IQ” immigrants replacing Europeans:

“Why were early dysgenic warnings neglected and the messengers demonized? Because too many leading scientists, politicians and intellectuals (Nyborg, 2003; in press) ignored Darwinian principles and started a historically hitherto unheard of voluntary, humanistic, democratic and financed replacement policy, whereby dwindling genetically weakened (Lynn, Harvey, & Nyborg, 2009) sub-fertile Western European populations will rapidly be replacedby more fertile low-IQ non-European immigrants.”

The links between the Counter-Jihad and Nazism go deeper.

Pamela Geller’s partner in Europe, Anders Gravers Pedersen has worked with Julius Børgesen, a known neo-Nazi terrorist. He was sentenced to 8 months in prison in 2007 for encouraging the burning alive (immolation) of the Interior Minister of Residence. Borgesen is also the former spokesperson for Danske Front. According to the Danish Security Intelligence Service, Danske Front has cooperated with several neo-Nazi groups, such as the British Nazi rock band, Blood & Honour, and the terrorist group, Combat 18, which is classified as a terrorist group by the UK government, and which literally calls for human extermination. In one song by Combat 18, they sing:

“Fighting for our nation, fighting against the scum if you see the hate in our face you should better run fighting for better nations, we want our cities clean this is the terror machine, this is combat 18.”

Here is a photo of Anders Gravers with the Nazi, Julius Borgesen:


Julius Borgeson spoke at Geller’s SIAD demonstration in Aalborg in 2007. When asked about this, Gravers did not deny it and said:

“Now Julius Børgesen’s not a member of either SIAD and SIOE. He has spoken at our demonstration”.

Another Nazi that was involved in the SIAD was Mark Jordt. According to the reputable Danish newspaper, Nordjyske,

“One of the faithful members of the Association events is a former member of the Danish People’s Party, Mark Jordt appearing on the photos from several of SIADs demonstrations in both Aalborg and Fredericia. Mark Jordt was recently forced to resign from the Danish People’s Party after the publication of photos documenting his strong Nazi sympathies. Otherwise he would have been thrown out of the party. Mark Jordt participated among others in a Rudolf Hess tribute march in August last year. Rudolf Hess was the deputy of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany.”

Here is a photo of Mark Jordt (man on right side, shaved sides with sunglasses) at the Herman Hess parade, notice how the poster has a picture of Herman Hess with a promotion for the National Socialist Movement of Denmark (DNNSB)


When Gravers was asked on whether or not he cared that his demonstrations attract such people, he said:

“No, I do not care about it, and I think that on our website is keen to emphasize that we are for democracy and freedom of expression.”

Eventually the Danish Front disbanded in 2007 and formed into a new group, called Danish National Front. Its former leader, Lars Agerback, was charged with various crimes, such as unlawful possession of weapons and chemicals for the construction of bombs.”

The Danish Front and the National Front are in deep with National Socialist ideology. One of the groups that formed after the Danish Front fragmented was National Danes. One of their leading members has been Rune Lauritzen. Here is a photo of Rune at a National Socialist rock concert, standing behind Danish neo-Nazi, Jonni Hansen:

But these relations between Geller’s accomplice, Anders Gravers did not end at this. The National Danes joined Anders Graver’s Stop the Islamization of Denmark organization in a rally in Aalborg, and Rune Lauritzen was also present. Rune Lauritzen also helped form a radio show, called Radio Oasis, for the National Socialists of Denmark (Danmarks Nationalsocialistiske Bevægelse or DNSB) and also produced their newspaper, Fatherland. Rune Lauritzen was also a regular participant at DNSB’s events including Solhvervsfester concerts and the annual celebration of Adolf Hitler’s birthday. On May 2nd 2013, Lauritzen wrote that year he had celebrated Adolf Hitler’s birthday with a party and cake, as he on November 12, 2012 wrote:

“I would love to see an enormous National Socialist movement with swastikas and all that”.

On May 20th, 2013, Lauritzen wrote the following:

“I’ve been playing a ton of GTA IV Lately. I love nothing better than to spend hours hunting Jews.”

Again, 2007 was the year in which the counterjihad was sparked in the European parliament building in Brussels, which was attended by Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and others. It was also the same year in which National Danes was one of several small groups that emerged in the wake of the Danish Front closure. But the two had much in common. The group was part of the network Anti-Jihad Denmark in the company of, inter alia, Pamela Geller’s SIAD, and organized a demonstration in Aalborg, in which Lauritzen also participated. The counter-jihad website, Gates of Vienna, in an article written by its founder, Baron Bodissey (who was a part of the founding of the counterjihad movement that was sparked in Brussels in 2007), praised the alliance between National Danes and Geller’s partner, Anders Gravers and their SIAD organization. The article, entitled, “The Vikings Are Stirring,” says:

“Holger Danske is not the only one starting to awaken. According to Exile, a new Danish alliance is forming around the issue of immigration and Islamification: ‘SIAD and a few other like minded groups are getting organised in Denmark. According to the SIAD Danish blog, a new alliance is being formed out of similar groups with one common theme. The counter-jihad movement. Anti-jihad Danmark (SIAD, Nationale Danskere, I Media, Frit DK og Frie Danske Nationalister) are organising their first demonstration in Aalborg in Northern Jutland on the 12th of May.’”

Geller’s appointed Pedersen, while in English denies any Nazi affiliations, here he is proudly following a neo-Nazi group called Jylland Forst:


A quick perusing of the Jylland Forst page reveals its obvious Nazi ideology.


So who exactly are Gravers recruits and partners to stop Islamization? On December 3, 2016, the reputable Danish national newspaper Berlingske Nationalt published a report revealing that Anders Gravers, “president of the association Stop Islamisation of Denmark (SIAD),” had been long-time partners with the infamous Danish Resistance and Self-defense (DMS), led by neo-Nazi Ronny Kolbirk, which bills itself as a citizens’ protection unit to “patrol at the Danish-German border.”


Anders Gravers Pedersen (left) with Ronnie and Lars.

The report recounts how Ronny Kolbirk, attended the patrol with Anders Gravers, and posted a photo of him participating in the border guarding:


Looking through Ronny Kolbirk’s Facebook page, one finds an image of him wearing the neo-pagan image of “Thor’s hammer,” something very frequently worn also by neo-Nazis:


One can even find bizarre photos of Kolbirk like this one with a knife tipped with what seems as blood held to a hooded man’s neck:

Ronny Kølbirk, in demonstration with SIAD

Ronny Kølbirk, in demonstration with SIAD (Stop Islamization of Denmark)

Another member of the Danish Resistance and Self-defense is Martin Gronmark. On his Facebook page he shows off a bladed swastika:


“Dad’s new toy now you can’t see it on the photo, but there are a lot of fine detail!! I love this form it’s made in..!!” writes Martin Gronmark

Another member of the group, Per Gutenberg, is a follower of a group called, “Support Soldiers of Odin Danmark,” an anti-immigrant, anti-Christian neo-pagan, street patrol gang, founded originally in Finland.


Looking at the Counterjijad and how it has evolved into a movement full of eugenics and Darwinism, and how its manifestation has permeated the society, I would say that it is not far-fetched at all to say that this shooter’s ideology conformed to the abrasive ways of this movement.

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