US Government Authorizes Sale Of Almost $1 Billion USD In Missiles And Military Weaponry To Japan

The remilitarization of Japan is going to be a major theme in the future as preparations for war increase, which if the historical projections of the past remain consistent, will involve both Russia and China. This process has increased in pace and intensity under President Trump, such as with a recent sale of almost $1 billion USD of missiles and military weaponry to Japan:

The U.S. State Department cleared a trio of foreign military sales Monday, with an eye on arming some of America’s closest partners.

The potential sales, announced by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, include a package of SM-3 missiles for Japan at an estimated cost of $561 million, a tranche of AIM-120C-7 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles for Japan with an estimated cost of $63 million, and a package of precision-guided munitions kits for NATO’s Support and Procurement Agency, worth an estimated $320.5 million.

All told, the sales could combine for a net of $944.5 million for American firms. Raytheon is the primary contractor for the Japanese deals, and the co-primary with Boeing on the NATO agreement.

As with all DSCA announcements, the sales must pass through the Senate, at which point negotiations can begin; total quantities and dollar totals often change from the original DSCA announcement and final sale. (source, source)

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