Do Not Be Deceived, Jordan Peterson Is Satanic And Is Pushing Darwinism And Genocide

By Theodore Shoebat

Jordan Peterson has been praised as a prophet, a wiseman and as one of the biggest enemies of the Left. But when we uncover the veneer of his fame, what we find is an ideology and religion of Darwinism, heresy and eugenics.  

The fame around the intellectual Jordan Peterson is immense. We never really took any interest in him until we found a video of Peterson with Bret Weinstein in which they are talking about genes, Hitler and genocide. In their discussion, Weinstein says: “Hitler was a monster. But he was a rational monster. … But what he did was rational from the point of view of increasing the amount of resource that was dedicated to producing members of his population.” A little bit later, Peterson tells Weinstein: “Is it reasonable to presume that a decent survival strategy is — under some conditions —to homogenize your environment with regards to racial and ethnic differences, to decrease the probability that you and yours are going to be killed?”

Now, we must ask ourselves, why would an intellectual as educated as Peterson even ask the question if it is a “descent survival strategy” to exterminate an entire population in order to “homogenize”? It would be like going to a priest and asking, “Father, is it permissible to murder all of the blacks? Could it be a descent survival strategy?” When one asks a question on whether so obvious an evil is permissible, the motive of the questioner is to manipulate, and to leave open the idea that such a sinister action could actually be normal.

When evil is described with words like “strategy,” “survival,” or “descent,” — that evil is being presented in order for it to be normalized. Even if Peterson (or Weinstein, for that matter) say that they are merely looking at the Holocaust in light of ‘evolutionary’ or ‘Darwinian’ biology, their form of talk is a way of desensitizing us to the idea of genocide. It is like saying, ‘Yes the Turks committed a genocide on the Armenians, and they did so with the purpose of homogenization, which is a descent survival strategy to protect your people.’ No amount of pre-qualifying, weaseling or vacillating, would nullify the reality that such language takes away the abhorrence of genocide and makes it into something natural — and once an evil is made natural, then it becomes systematic, and once evil is systematic, it can be reinterpreted into something acceptable. Hence why they keep insisting that homosexuality is natural, so that it can be normalized and acceptable. Soon murder becomes natural. 

When evil is presented, it must be rejected, condemned and ultimately destroyed. Evil does not deserve a scientific explanation, nor to be mixed in with titles such as “descent” or “reasonable”. Once this becomes the case, then evil can indeed be interpreted as something “descent” or “reasonable.” When a mob of Benjamites raped a woman to death, the other tribes of Israel requested from the elders of Benjamin to hand over the perpetrators so that justice could be done. But the elders refused to turn in the criminals. The leaders of the tribe showed their own sympathy for evil, and this exposed the sinister state of Benjamin. The other judges of Israel did not say that such a mob were “rational monsters,” and nor did they argue that the elders’ refusal to give the criminals over to justice was a “descent survival strategy” to protect their tribe. War was declared on Benjamin and the entire tribe was utterly vanquished. This is how much evil was abhorred by the righteous judges of Israel. They saw evil not as something to be intellectualized, but as only worthy of destruction.

Once evil is intellectualized, or explained in scientific or Darwinian terms, then so arises the evils of the cult of science and the cult of Darwin that sees humans as subjects to scientists. Someone who places the whole of man into a Darwinian ideology, will see man through a Darwinian lens, and that entails the creed of “survival of the fittest,” which only leads to cruelty and murder. Chesterton said:

“Darwinism can be used to back up two mad moralities, but it cannot be used to back up a single sane one. The kinship and competition of all living creatures can be used as a reason for being insanely cruel or insanely sentimental; but not for a healthy love of animals … That you and a tiger are one may be a reason for being tender to a tiger. Or it may be a reason for being cruel as the tiger.”

Darwinism — the belief that man comes from nature and thus must be as cruel as her — is a religion which puts humanity at war with himself. Evolutionism does not advance humanity, but only destroys him. For with its emphasis on survival — or a “descent survival strategy” “to homogenize your environment” — it would only lead to a fixation on war and the extermination of other races deemed as ‘enemies.’ That Peterson places Darwinism so high in his ideology, it only reveals his own evil ideas. This is further revealed in Peterson’s associate, Bret Weinstein, when he said in the same discussion that Hitler “didn’t fail in the sense that he took a bunch of resources that belonged to a population that was more distantly related and he got rid of those people, and by getting rid of them increased the amount of resource that was available to Aryans.” Here one can see how in the Darwinist mentality, there is no evil, there is only success and failure. Hitler, to the Darwinist, did not fail because he dominated for the survival and success of his “tribe” in doing what Peterson calls “descent survival strategy.”

Once someone believes and advocates for a Darwinian mentality, there is no restriction upon his fantasies for power, even if it were at the expense of human lives.

Here in this article we will briefly address Jordan Peterson.

Peterson’s fame is vast amongst the masses. One can see this in the reverence that he receives. “Jordan Peterson is a prophet—and a problem for progressives” says one article.  And there are many people online talking about how “Peterson saved my life” or “Peterson changed my life.” One Australian publication recounts: “In an interview with 3AW’s Neil Mitchell, Dr Peterson admitted that at a speaking event the previous day, six young men told him he’d saved their lives.” There is indeed a cult of Jordan Peterson that is quite large. When the masses go after someone, watch out. “Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.” (Luke 6:26)

Peterson is an insidious heretic. In his recent book, 12 Rules for Life, Peterson describes Christ in an Albigensian way, stating that Christ had both a good and evil nature:

“Christ is always he who is willing to confront evil—consciously, fully, and voluntarily—in the form that dwelt simultaneously within him and in the world”

Peterson synchronizes Christian beliefs with pagan ideas. For example, he amalgamates Christianity with Taoism when he writes:

“The Way, the Taoist path of life, is represented by (or exists on) the border between the twin serpents. The Way is the path of proper Being. Its the same Way as that referred to by Christ in John 14:6: ‘I am the way, and the truth of the Life.’”

While Peterson says these things, and as his followers are and will be deceived by him, Christ declared:

“Most assuredly, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep. All who ever came before Me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not hear them. I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture. The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.” (John 10:7-10)

And this is what Peterson is, a thief and a destroyer, a pernicious ideologue, whose ideas provide the ideological structure for evils like genocide. This ideological structure is Darwinism, and it is what Peterson bases his whole religion on. Peterson places the whole of human existence within the structure of Darwinian religion. For example, he writes: “We are adapted, in the deepest Darwinian sense, not to the world of objects, but to the meta-realities of order and chaos, yang and yin.” (p. 43)

Peterson sees the war between God and the devil in a dualistic, Albigensian, way. Writing on the Garden of Eden, Peterson says: “In the third verse of Genesis, a serpent appears — first, apparently, in legged form. God only knows why He allowed — or placed — such a creature in the garden. I have long puzzled over the meaning of this. It seems to be a reflection, in part, of the order/chaos dichotomy characterizing all of experience, with Paradise serving as habitable order and the serpent playing the role of chaos. The serpent in Eden therefore means the same thing as the black dot in the yin side of the Taoist yin/yang symbol of totality — that is, the possibility of the unknown and revolutionary suddenly manifesting itself where everything appears calm.”

Peterson — paralleling dualistic heretics like Wycliff and the Albigensians — also goes so far as to affirm that God Himself cannot stop Satan — “chaos” as he describes him —, writing:

“It just does not appear possible, even for God himself, to make a bounded space completely protected from the outside — not in the real world, with its necessary limitations, surrounded by the transcendent. The outside, chaos, always sneaks into the inside, because nothing can be completely walled off from the rest of reality. So even the ultimate in safe spaces inevitably harbours a snake.”

So God, according to Peterson, cannot stop the devil because, as he said, “the ultimate in safe spaces inevitably harbours a snake.” The serpent is, as Peterson affirms, a part of reality, and “nothing can be completely walled off from the rest of reality.” Not even God, in the cult of Peterson, can stop the serpent. This religion of Peterson is reminiscent to the heresy of John Wycliffe who said that at times “God must obey the Devil” and also that “God cannot annihilate anything, nor increase or diminish the world, but he can create souls up to a certain number, and not beyond it.” There are no new heresies. Peterson shares in the heresy of the old dualistic cults because he puts a limit on God in His powers against Satan.

In September of 2017, Jordan Peterson interviewed Richard Haier on “The Neuroscience of Intelligence”. In this conversation, Haier spoke about “human experiments” in which “electrical ways” are used on the brain in order to “increase reasoning ability”:

“There are human studies underway with things like transcranial magnetic stimulation, and electrical ways — low voltage ways to stimulate parts of the brain. And there are some interesting experiments being done with humans to see if you can improve learning or reasoning ability. As a matter of fact I edit this journal called, Intelligence, which is kind of a prime spot for intelligence researchers, to publish on all aspects of intelligence. And were just starting to put together a special issue on human experiments that increase reasoning ability using these techniques of stimulating the brain.” 

Richard Haier

Observe what is being said here: “human experiments” done to engineer a smarter race of people. Getting passed the deception, Haier is promoting human engineering, or really, eugenics.

Many of these current day eugenists like to talk about how we must let the free market run without government interference. Why can’t they allow humans — with each to his own unique abilities — be? Why must they push the world to be fixated on ‘measuring intelligence,’ ‘low IQ,’ ‘high IQ,’ ‘the decline of the population’s IQ’, unless they want to use such ideas to determine government policy? If people are going to be the way they are, in their focuses, in their aspirations, in their talents, then let society function with the sovereignty of its capacities. But the forces of anti-humanity — while claiming the freedom of the individual, or the market — desire to put measurements on people based on an engineered measurement system of “intelligence,” placing all emphasis on this system that lies within an ideological paradox of Darwinism. The forces behind this cult of genes see people as farm animals.

Going back to the interview done by Jordan Peterson, Richard Haier mentioned a publication called Intelligence, of which he is the editor-in-chief. People watch this interview and think that it is something just harmlessly intellectual, but truly this magazine that Haier heads is a tool by which to lobby eugenics. We spent some time reading the literature in it and saw that it is really a pusher for Social-Darwinism, and is a place for authors to write in favor for the religion of racial science and eugenics. For example, in a 2008 article published by Intelligence, entitled, The Decline of the World’s IQ, and written by eugenists Richard Lynn and John Harvey, it reads:

“immigration into the United States, Canada and Europe of non-European peoples with lower average IQs than the indigenous peoples is likely to reduce the national IQs of these countries.” (Intelligence, Volume 36, Issue 2, March–April 2008)

Richard Spencer with British eugenist Richard Lynn (middle) and Hans Hermann Hoppe, in Bodrum, Turkey

Later on in the article it states that Norway, Britain, Denmark and Australia have “have significant numbers of non-European immigrants whose mean IQs are lower than the indigenous populations and these will reduce the mean IQs of recent samples.” At the end of the article it laments about how eugenics got condemned in the 1960s (which was on account of the world seeing the Nazi terror), saying: “In the second half of the twentieth century, public opinion turned against eugenics and from the 1960s onwards eugenics became virtually universally condemned.” After the war the world buried the evil like jumanji. But with the current zeitgeist — or the spirit of the age — the evil of eugenics is being revived. It then expresses hope in the “new eugenics” of embryo selection, which is the observing of several embryos, assessing if they have the ‘intelligence gene,’ implanting them and destroying the ones that do not. As the article reads:

“It remains possible that “the new eugenics” of biotechnology may evolve to counteract dysgenic fertility. The most promising development would be embryo selection. This would entail the culture of a number of embryos by IVF, the genetic screening of them for intelligence (as well as other desirable qualities), and the implantation of those with the genetic potential to develop high intelligence.  A futuristic scenario of this kind hasbeen envisioned by Silver (1996). This technique is already being used to screen out embryos with the genes for genetic disorders and to implant those free of these disorders.”

The article then shows its utopian vision of a despotic government imposing eugenics on the population in order to increase its IQ:

“An alternative scenario is that the rulers of some authoritarian state will recognise the dangers of dysgenic fertility and declining intelligence and impose measures to reverse it. The most likely of these would be the requirement of licences for parenthood that would only be granted to couples with some minimum level of intelligence.”

This is the goal of these people: a despotic state that imposes Darwinism.

So here we can see the link between the evil of abortion and the pursuit of the sinister vision of a eugenist state. The one who wants to farm embryos, keep those with the ‘intelligent gene’ and kill the rest, will also farm already born humans for his eugenist dream which will never come to fruition, but will only end as a nightmare. If they are willing to slaughter an embryo because it does not have the intelligence gene, then they will also exterminate grown people for not having, in their eyes, the genes of their beloved intelligence, in the name of creating an ‘intelligent’ society.

Why would Jews like Silver, Weinstein and Haier, promote the very ideology that almost exterminated their people? Such have the spirit of the Antichrist.

Haier’s Intelligence magazine is littered with eugenist material and exhortations in favor for race science and Darwinism, too much for this article, but we will most definitely expose more of their work as our research continues. The point is, Peterson has aligned himself with a eugenist, which is not that surprising given that he himself is a prophet of the cult of genetics.

Of course, as is expected, Peterson, like all the rest of the people obsessed with genes and IQ, talks about “The significantly higher than average IQ of Ashkenazi Jews”, stating that “IQ is the most powerful single determinant of long-term socioeconomic success and influence” and that “proportional Jewish over-representation increases as the demand for IQ increases.”  In his website Jordan Peterson writes: “Compelling evidence shows that genetics plays a more important role than environment as intelligence develops from childhood, and that intelligence test scores correspond strongly to specific features of the brain assessed with neuroimaging.”

Peterson also gets into the typical eugenist obsession with skull and brain sizes — just like the Nazis — stating in one talk: “People with higher IQs have slightly bigger heads… they have slightly bigger brains…” The focus on skull and brain sizes has been a part of the eugenist movement for decades. For example, in 1913 the American neurologist Charles Spitzka wrote about the larger brain sizes of the Japanese after observing the cranium of the Japanese Prince Katsura:

“… the brain weight of the Japanese compares favorably with that of Europeans of similar stature, and it may be shown to be superior in this respect to other races of the same general stature. These facts are not of little significance in relation to the learning, industry and aptitudes of this progressive race.” (See Emmerson, 1913, p. 430) 

The fixation on brains in the hunt for the gene of intelligence is also shared by Peterson’s fellow genetic intelligence enthusiast, Richard Haier, who said back in 2008:

“One of the things I can envision is a person getting an MRI scan from which predictions are made about their future academic achievement … This would be more predictive than SATs. … Being able to look at genetic predispositions will provide incredible opportunities to work within the environment to increase intelligence and to work with individuals to maximize their intellectual potential.”

Again, here we see a favor for human engineering that while not explicitly calling for violence, could escalate to something atrocious, such as brutal human experiments for the cause of making a ‘superior’ human being.  

Jordan Peterson speaks of the idea of an experiment on humans, in which two groups of people are placed before a light. One group have shockers on them which, once the light flashes, gives a painful shock. The flashing light is then associated with pain. Peterson, in a 2005 article, describes this experiment:

“Take two groups of rats — or two groups of human beings, for that matter [14,15]. Show one group a light,repeatedly. Do not pair the light (theoretically neutral) with any reinforcer. Then take both subject groups, and present them with the light, paired with a shock. The “pre-exposed”group — that is, the group that saw the light repeatedly, in the absence of “reinforcement” — will be much delayed in learning the light-shock relationship.”

The fact that Jordan Peterson is talking about experiments involving electric shock on humans — as if they are lab rats — indicates a dark and sinister disposition. Perhaps it is why Peterson, in an interview he did back in 2010, described death camps — in which Nazis forced people to work until death — as “almost artistic.” As the interviewer recounts in an article published by the Star:

“Tragedy, he says, is merely a condition of existence. Evil, for example torture without motive, is differentiated from tragedy by its lack of necessity and conscious choice.

“The useless work is a good example,” he expands, during dinner at my place. “That’s unbelievably sophisticated evil, I think. It’s artistic almost.”

And truly is Peterson a man of the principalities of worldly power. Jordan Peterson was invited to speak at the Trilateral Commission in Ljubljana, Slovenia, as was reported by Vecer, a major Slovenian newspaper. The Trilateral Commission began in the 1970s as an international forum of “private individuals” from Japan, Europe and North America and was created to boost these industrialized regions.

The Trilateral is a private non-governmental lobby group, the “lodge” of the most influential in business, politics and media. They will meet in Ljubljana, but according to Vecer, the meeting will be behind closed doors. “Confidentiality is one of the main rules of the organization,” reports Vecer. The Trilateral was founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller, alongside Zbigniew Brzezinsky in 1973. Brzezinsky was a major player in the Cold War and a mastermind behind the arming of the Muslim Mujahideen. Brzezinsky was also very close to racist nationalist Samuel Huntington.

Huntington, in writing for Anglo-Saxon Protestant American identitarianism, wrote: “Immigration restrictions were furthered by the ideology of ‘Anglo-Saxonism’ articulated by writers and social scientists as Edward Ross, Madison Grant, Josiah Strong, and Lothrop Stoddard.” All of the names mentioned here are those of eugenists who upheld the superiority of the Northern European race. Stoddard, for example, said: “The cardinal point in our immigration policy should, therefore, be to allow no further diminution of the North European element in America’s racial make-up.”

The other founder of the Trilateral, David Rockefeller, was also a major figure in the international eugenist elite. The Rockefeller Chase Bank was a huge player in Wall Street’s backing of the Nazis. As we read in Anthony Sutton:

“It is important to note as we develop our story that General Motors, Ford, General Electric, DuPont and the handful of U.S. companies intimately involved with the development of Nazi Germany were — except for the Ford Motor Company — controlled by the Wall Street elite — the J.P. Morgan firm, the Rockefeller Chase Bank, and to a lesser extent the Warburg Manhattan bank.” (Sutton, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, ch. 1, p. 31)

The Rockefellers are some of the biggest backers of eugenics in the world. David Rockefeller, the founder of the Trilateral, was an advocate for population control. Now, Peterson has expressed rejection of population control ideology. But Peterson is indeed a prophet for the religion of Darwinism and an advocate for the genes of intelligence cult.

Perhaps Peterson is being used by the elites as a step to something more sinister than what he is already preaching, to an idea that does not only ask if it is a “descent survival strategy” to exterminate your fellow man, but explicitly calls for the destruction of humanity. 

What we are witnessing is the ushering in of what Wisdom 2 warned: 

For, not thinking rightly, they said among themselves: … ‘Let us oppress the righteous poor; let us neither spare the widow nor revere the aged for hair grown white with time. But let our strength be our norm of righteousness; for weakness proves itself useless.'” (Wisdom 2:10-11)

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