Sodomy Is So Rampant Among “Furries” That They Are Offering Free HIV Testing At Major Conventions

Furries are a subculture that began in the early 1980s and has grown exponentially. They are overwhelmingly homosexual and promote vile concepts, including those of spirit possession as well as bestiality (read our articles about them here, here, and here).

It was brought to my attention that at a recent “conference”, where these people get together and socialize, free HIV testing was being offered. Further research has confirmed this, and as noted on their Twitter feed, they had to stop the testing early because the demand was so overwhelming:

The rest of the Twitter posts speak for themselves as to the debased ideas being promoted:

(and for those wondering, those things above are what they seem to be, but modeled after animals)

What constitutes “queer culture” is not “culture” at all, but some of the basest expressions of the license of Sodom hidden underneath a veneer of social “acceptability” which is continually impressed on the public and further enshrined into law. However, underneath it is nothing but the worst forms of filth, debauchery, and perversity that one can imagine surrounded by people who “support” each other in pursuing the lusts of their hearts.

This is just one community, providing a small look into the real and sordid life of that which is around the society and is increasingly justified but ever more less scrutinized for what it really is. It is the product of a moral breakdown and social rot left to fester and grow, it is proof of the timeless wisdom of the Church for “cleaning out” the rot within a society, and proof that as much as times change, people do not and the same problems of the past can become a problem in the current day if they are not dealt with.

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