The French Government Prepares For A New Wave Of Rioting In Paris. Museums, Theaters And Even The Eiffel Tower Will Be Closed Down

By Theodore Shoebat

The French government is now preparing for a new wave or riots, after a storm of violent chaos hit Paris for the last two weeks, in which hundreds were injured, arrested and some even killed, and in which many cars were torched and shops looted. This is a sign of something sinister lingering within the soul of the nation. A mixture of Far-Left and Far-Right factions have also been driving and causing the chaos. Many of the people in the mob are, supposedly, just people who want the state to conduct better policies for the poor and working class (and there are indeed many people in France who are poor. I read about one man who has to use wood to cook food because his home has no electricity). The mobs have declared Macron to be a leader for the rich and not the average man. The mobs are asking for Macron to step down, and I have read that members of this attempted coup want to change the constitution, as one report reads:

On French cable news, several Yellow Jackets protesters said that the French constitution was made null by a 2016 decree from then-prime minister Manuel Valls, echoing a similar conspiracy theory popularized by a 70-year-old YouTuber named Serge Petitdemange. According to the Yellow Jackets who believe this, everything that happened in the French state after the first day of 2017 is meaningless and a new regime has to be founded, as was the case after the Second World War.

The French government has tried to appease the rioters by ending the diesel tax, but leaders of the revolution say that it is “too little, too late”, proving that motivation behind this chaos has nothing to do with a diesel tax (as Trump says), but a sinister agenda of power. For even after the French government acquiesced to the demand against the diesel tax, demonstrators were back in the streets wearing their yellow jackets. They also have blocked fuel depots and taken over tole booths to let people drive through them for free next to a sign reading “Macron dictator.”

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced a six-month delay on the fuel tax, stating” “No tax is worth putting the nation’s unity in danger”. But this has not abated the rebel movement. A leader of the protestors, Benjamin Cauchy, said: “It’s a first step, but we will not settle for crumbs”.

Damien Abad, a French lawmaker from the center-right Les Republicains party, said that: “If your only response, Mr. Prime Minister, is the suspension of Macron’s fuel taxes, then you still haven’t realized the gravity of the situation … What we are asking of you Mr. Prime Minister, is not a postponement. It’s a change of course.”

So if the agenda is not, as Charlie Kirk has affirmed, “the middle class rebellion against cultural Marxism”, but really a mob using actual grievances as a pretext to violence. Rebels are not condemning Macron for socialism, but are calling him a “president of the rich”. Marine Le Pen of the nationalist Front National party is also using the violent unrest for political aspirations, and has called for the lower Chamber of French Parliament to be dissolved and snap elections conducted. Le Pen said:

“It is necessary to implement proportional representation and dissolve the National Assembly in order to hold new proportional elections.”

So far, the attempt to calm the mob has not worked. A report from France24 states: “After three weeks of rising frustration, there was little sign Philippe’s measures would placate the ‘yellow vests’.” An editor for France24, Philip Turle, did a series of interviews with members of the angry mob, and recount that almost all of those talked with were still not satisfied by the government’s attempt to abate the mobbish storm. 

As one report from AP says:

Authorities across France braced Thursday for the possibility of more riots and violence at anti-government protests this weekend, holding emergency meetings and deploying tens of thousands of police and security forces. Museums, theaters and shops in Paris announced they would close Saturday as a precaution — including the city’s famed Eiffel Tower.

Police unions and city authorities met to strategize on how to handle the weekend protests, which are coming even though President Emmanuel Macron surrendered Wednesday night and cancelled a fuel tax hike that had unleashed weeks of unrest.

The Old World is returning. France is going back to its revolutionary ways. Turkey to its Ottoman Empire. Germany to is Reich. Japan to its blood soaked empire of the sun. American fantasies about the modern world will soon dissipate.

This is a brief thought on the situation in France. We are currently working on an in depth study on the situation and will post when it is complete.