Sodomites Freak Out After Tumblr Bans Pornography, Call It “An Erasure Of The LGBT Community”

The online app Tumblr has recently announced that it is banning all pornography from the platform. Most people did care much either way. But the sodomites were very upset over it and called the action “an erasure of the LGBT community,” admitting by default they are not a “community,” but a liason of perverts united by their perverted behavior:

Earlier this week, microblogging site Tumblr said it will ban adult content, including porn videos and photos, starting on December 17.

But the policy, which will prohibit “photos, videos, or GIFs that show real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples,” has been met with dismay from queer adult filmmakers, who use the platform as a safe space to post LGBT+ adult content.

Artist and filmmaker Courtney Trouble, who was a major figure in the birth of the queer porn movement in the US, tells PinkNews that Tumblr’s porn ban will massively hinder the LGBT+ community’s access to explicit content.

Trouble, who runs queer porn company TROUBLEfilms and joined Tumblr in 2008, says: “The Tumblr ban on adult content will affect queer and trans users by taking away a vital social component to a community that is bound together by their sexual orientation and sexual desire.”

The non-binary artist adds that they have spent the past two days “archiving and deleting adult posts across all of my Tumblr accounts with hopes that I can keep some of my followers, whom I love.”

For Trouble, any move to block queer porn would be to the huge detriment of the LGBT+ community.

“Queer porn can have a much more positive, life affirming effect on queer people,” they say.

“Without social media that allows this kind of exploration, we are losing a lot.

“I suggest we fight harder for queer-friendly sex education in light of this erasure, and more queers taking to the streets to fight for our rights to discuss our sexuality in digital spaces.”

The pornographer believes that social media companies are moving to block explicit content because of a new package of US laws, known as FOSTA-SESTA, which make it illegal to assist, facilitate or support sex trafficking.

Although this was signed into law by President Donald Trump in April, the online aspects of the legislation are not set to be enforced until January 2019.

The law, which has been heavily criticised by the trans community, means websites and social media platforms could be prosecuted if they are perceived as allowing sex workers to communicate or carry out business.

“I’m concerned that Twitter will follow suit,” says Trouble. “Get ready.”

Trouble, however, says that queer sex workers and pornographers on social media will “adapt” to the changes.

They point to one social media user, known as Cookie Cyboid, who has managed to bypass porn filters on Tumblr by adding image effects around their nipples.

Paulita Pappel, a queer-friendly pornographer, who runs homemade porn company Lustery, also believes Tumblr’s ban on explicit content will disproportionately hit the LGBT+ community, as well as people of colour.

“Tumblr provided a community and access to porn for LGBT+ and POC people that would escape the sexist, homophobic and racist standards that other platforms unfortunately reproduce,” she says. (source, source)

Any culture that defines itself by pornography and sexual perversion, if it even can be called a culture at all, is not one worthy of existence. This goes for any culture because man is not an animal meant to be captive to his lusts, but has the ability to think, create, and was created for much more as is evidenced by his creation not only from the Bible, but his unique minds capable of abstract thought and the ability to choose his actions without being bound by his instincts.

Homosexuality is a sin in the Bible that the Old Testament declares to be one that “cries out to Heaven for vengeance” and brought about the wrath of God at Sodom as a message for all time as to the evil of the sin, and in the New Testament is called “worthy of death” and echoes the same gravity as in the Old Testament. There is nothing good ever that can be said about it because it has no place among any people. Yet this very sin is what the sodomites define themselves by, what they call their “culture,” and what they want to impress on the entire world as evidenced by their actions.

This “culture” is no more a “culture” than it would be to say that if a people practices the sexual abuse of children as a part of their rituals, or participated in human sacrifice. Certain actions are objectively wrong because of the fact that they go against the natural law, which while obscured by sin is written in the hearts of all man and which Christ came to reveal and perfect and to make perfect atonement on behalf of man, paying the debt for his sins that he could not pay.

It is not an accident that God sent the Israelites in the Old Testament against the peoples of Canaan because of their sins, and that God in turn punished Israel when she chose to commit the same sins. While many complain that the Western world is being “invaded” from without and also “collapsing” from within, aside from the inflammatory rhetoric used to foment particular emotions for financial or political gain, the aspects of these which are objectively true are also coming at a time when these same societies are enshrining into law the same sins which “cry out to Heaven for vengeance,” including also the willful murder of the innocent (abortion, eugenics, infanticide), the oppression of the widow and orphan, and the deprivation of the working man of his justly earned wages.

Perhaps instead of worrying about which group to blame for the problems of society, one might want to consider instead examining the groups that a society supports and their associated behaviors as well as what the individual supports, because one cannot blame another man for one’s own punishment due to his sins.

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