Drug Cartel Terrorists Kidnap US Army Veteran From Mexican Border Town And Torture Him

Piedras Negras is a Mexican town directly across the Rio Grande River from Eagle Pass, TX between the cities of Del Rio and Laredo. In that city US Army veteran David Gutierrez, his sister and her boyfriend were kidnapped and tortured by drug cartels. Gutierrez and his sister were rescued and treated for their injuries, but Gonzalez was executed according to a report:

A team of armed men from the northeast cartel kidnapped a veteran of the United States Army, his sister and her boyfriend in this border city.

The authorities of the state of Coahuila recovered the body of a victim and rescued the other two. The officials transported the US veteran. UU And her sister to a hospital in Texas where she is in serious condition. The kidnapping took place on Friday night when a team of at least 20 heavily armed men traveling in three SUVs stormed a house in the Infonavit neighborhood.

On a mission to kidnap the US Army veteran UU., David Gutiérrez, his sister, 28 years old and her boyfriend. Sarai Gutiérrez and her boyfriend, Argenes González, 27 years old. A witness to the abduction told authorities that the armed men also stole a 2010 Jeep Cherokee and a Toyota Tundra 2018.

By Saturday morning, investigators from the state of Coahuila located the three victims and arrested two alleged kidnappers, a press release said. Gutierrez and her sister were held in a hiding place in the rural community of El Moral.

Two armed men guarded the hiding place.

When the authorities arrived at the house, the attackers tortured the brothers and executed Gonzalez.

The officials moved Gutierrez and his sister to Eagle Pass, where he was treated for injuries related to being tortured. He also suffered a bullet wound. The woman did not suffer serious physical injuries.

The authorities have not established a motive for the kidnapping and murder. It is not clear if González or Gutiérrez had links with criminal activities or with members of the Northeast Cartel. (source)

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