Twitter War Started By Aging And Objectively Disgusting Film Prostitute Illustrates The Reason Why Any Claim Of “Anti-Semitism” Must Be Investigated Before It Is Believed

Fox news reported on January 9th that “anti-semitic attacks” were the reason why the aging porn whore turned convert to Judaism on behalf of her Israeli businessman husband Jenna Jameson left twitter:

Jenna Jameson is taking an “indefinite break” from Twitter after receiving multiple attacks on her faith and sobriety.

The former adult film star announced her Twitter departure late Tuesday night.

“Alright I’m taking an indefinite break from Twitter. It’s near impossible to just have normal conversations without hundreds of people attacking me for the past I cannot change,” she tweeted.

The 44-year-old sent out a follow-up tweet to further explain her reason for signing off of Twitter.

“I want to clarify why I’m leaving,” she tweeted two hours later. “My sobriety and faith are the most important things to me. I am being attacked for my faith. Being Jewish. I must protect my love for G-d above everything, my sobriety and strength stem from him and his grace.”

Jameson converted to Judaism in 2015 ahead of marrying her Israeli-born fiance Lior Bitton. The mom-of-three also became sober the same year.

She recently celebrated more than three years of sobriety on Instagram writing, “The best gift I’ve ever given.” (source)

I found this story quite curious. Indeed, the story did not detail what the “anti-semitic” attacks were, or why they were made. Because of this, I decided to research the story further.

As it turns out, there were no such “anti-semitic” attacks I could find at all. Instead, it appear that the entire conflict started over an article written by French author Yann Moix for the UK Times in which he says that he finds that older women are “unloveable,” and he prefers younger women. You can read more here.

Now I’m not going to comment on his article. What is curious is that Jenna Jameson apparently commented to Yann Moix with a semi-dressed photo of herself and attacking his article, which we were able to grab before it was scrubbed her deleted Twitter feed:

What resulted was a firestorm of tweets in response from men saying that she is not a person to comment because of her past. For those who want to read (link here, no photos but the titles are not safe for work, read at your own risk) her “filmography,” Jameson was at one time the most famous porn whore in the “industry” and still continues to profit from her “career” of selling her body that began in 1993.

The tweets from men speak for themselves:


These are not “anti-semitic” tweets.

If anything, they are embarrassing for her because the same men who likely watched her get naked and fornicate are now laughing at her. She is not receiving “validation” for her behavior, and is now feeling a sense of embarrassment.

She is using “anti-semitism” as an excuse to hide her shame for the very career choice that she made and encouraged men to support her in.

I bring this story up not because of the person involved, but because it illustrates a critical principle about “anti-semitism” in the US and Western world that many do not want to talk about but is absolutely critical to discuss, which is the use of claims of “jew hatred” or “anti-semitism” to shut down discussion about real issues involving Judaism and Jews caught committing objective crimes or propagating evils and they trying to deny it.

Jews are people, and people can be good and bad not because of biology, but because of choices. There are good Jews and bad Jews just as the same can be said about veritably any member of any race, gender, religion, or social group. While it is true that tendencies towards certain actions in a given group are true and must be acknowledged, it is wrong to say “This person is a part of X group and therefore he absolutely will engage in Y action.” Human beings have choices they can make, people possess the capacity to change or act in ways that are outside of their usually made choices, and as a man lives, there is always hope for him.

Race is important and it does matter because God is the author of all races. However, the grace of God is not conditional upon being a part of any particular race, for just as all men are sons of Noah, God did not come to save one group of men and not another, but all men who believe in Him and want to be saved.

What Jenna Jameson did was to make the exact same argument that many have heard before and is far too commonly made by American black men who are unmistakably caught committing serious crimes, such as rape, robbery, or murder on camera, and then go before a judge and when presented with the clear evidence say “You are only prosecuting me because you are a racist who hates black people.” The issue is not one of race, but of the crime at hand and the incontrovertible evidence confirming the guilt of the accused, and instead of addressing the evidence, he says that it is the person’s fault for prosecuting him due to his physical makeup.

The reason why Jameson was treated with such derision is because she is an aging prostitute who sought the attention of men for her whole life, and instead of living out the rest of her days in silence and with her ill-gained wealth is still acting like she is important and can compare herself with younger and more physically attractive women. Yet instead of addressing this issue, which was at the essence of the men who criticized her tweet, she became embarrassed and avoided the entire issue by saying that people hate her for her religion, thus attempting to re-frame the debate in terms of religious “persecution” when that was never even mentioned at all. From the tweets, people could care less about what religion she converted to, and were instead focused on her statements made.

Ted has made this point many times when discussing what is a Nazi. It is popular knowledge to associate National Socialists with tall, blonde and strong German men wearing brown uniforms and making the Roman salute. If somebody were to say that there were Jews who could have been Nazis, too many Jews will immediately scream “anti-semitism,” when the reality is not only were there Jews who were Nazis, but the entire Nazi philosophy was based on Jewish occultism working with Jewish families and individuals who were Nazis, and that it was Jewish bankers from the US and Sweden who funded the National Socialist Party’s rise in Germany. The claims of “anti-semitism” and “Jew hatred” are not about real persecution or hatred of Jews, but using these previously mentioned claims to prevent people from discussing historical reality because these people are either embarrassed at or believe their is some gain they will receive by preventing people from knowing the truth.

Jenna Jameson’s actions to shut down discussion about her sordid past using “anti-semitism” as the excuse is part of a long pattern of deceitful behavior that while it can be employed by anybody or any group has a particular pattern of usage among American Jews and Jewish groups. This constant pattern of dishonesty to cover for personal embarrassments and gain is the reason why all claims of “anti-semitism” must first be examined to see if the information presented aligns with the evidence. While it always should be this way, special attention must be paid to such cases, and her case is just another example justifying why this needs to be so.

Is the New Testament “anti-semitic”? According to some Jewish groups, they claim it is.

Hating people because of their race is real, but it also can be used as an excuse to cover up or deflect attention away from one’s hatred of another group.</p