Turkish-Backed Rebels Kidnap And Make Video Of Themselves Torturing And Mercilessly Beheading Syrian Man

A Syrian man was picked up by a Turkish-backed rebel group and accused of being a spy. In response, the group made a video of them torturing the man before slowly beheading him:

The Turkish-backed rebels beheaded a Syrian man that was accused of working with the Syrian government in an undisclosed area in northern Syria.

According to reports, the man speaking at the start of the video is an Algerian Sharia scholar named “Abu Muthana Al-Jaza’iri” – he is allegedly a member of the Turkish-backed National Liberation Front.

Al-Jaza’iri spends a minute attempting to behead the Syrian man, despite the latter’s pleas to be shot instead of mutilated by the rebel forces.

The Algerian member of the NLF says the Syrian man smuggled members of the Syrian government out of the rebel-held areas to the town of Rahjan in northeastern Hama.

The date of the video is unknown; however, Al-Rahjan was captured by the Syrian government approximately one year ago, so the video is likely new. (source, source)