Now Another Well-Known American Nationalist “Leader” Applies For Bankruptcy

In April 2017, National Socialists and Communists battled in the streets of Berkeley, CA as part of a large protest that famously showed a national socialist and the founder of the Identity Evropa movement, Nathan D’Amigo, punching a Communist protester and small-time porn whore named Louisa Rosealma in the face.

Nathan D’Amigo became very famous for a short time within nationalist circles, but has been besieged by legal troubles ever since. He slowly faded away from the National Socialist public scene, and according to a recent report just filed for bankruptcy protection:

The founder of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa is seeking federal bankruptcy protection in what appears to be a pre-emptive move stemming from a lawsuit over “Unite the Right.”

Nathan Benjamin Damigo, an Oakdale, California, resident who received an Other Than Honorable discharge from the Marines, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy Jan. 2 to liquidate any assets to pay creditors.

Damigo and two dozen other figures associated with the racist “alt-right” are defendants in a federal civil suit stemming from the violence on Aug. 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia. The lawsuit is scheduled for trial from July 8 through Aug. 2 in Charlottesville.

The creditors Damigo lists in the 60-plus-page bankruptcy petition are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, including the estate of Heather Heyer, who died after being run down by neo-Nazi sympathizer James Alex Fields after the “Unite the Right” rally, Heyer’s mother, Susan Bro, and Mark and Nickolas Heyer, her father and brother, respectively.

The creditors are listed as having an “unknown” claim against Damigo from a “potential lawsuit.”

Other alt-right figures including Fields, former Traditionalist Worker Party chief Matthew Heimbach and white nationalist blogger Bradley Dean Griffin are listed as potential co-debtors should a judgment come down from the lawsuit.

Damigo also lists $1,273.17 in credit card debt owed to Chase Southwest Credit Card.

Damigo lists $1,783.68 in monthly income and $1,140 in monthly expenses. He also claimed $29,077 in Veteran’s Administration benefits, $1,266 in salary and $2,268 in unspecified currency trading in 2017.

Among Damigo’s assets are a 2006 BMW 325i valued at $2,532, a variety of woodworking and construction equipment valued at $1,764.18 and a golden retriever dog, which he valued at $500. (In a separate part of the bankruptcy documents, he values that same golden retriever at $250.)

Damigo has been involved in alt-right events and violence for several years.

At an event dubbed “The Battle of Berkeley,” on April 15, 2017, Damigo slugged a 95-pound antifa protester in the face amid chaos and violence that spurred police to fire tear gas into the crowd.

The alt-right created a meme based on that punch that portrayed Damigo as a hero and latter-day warrior.

Damigo stepped down as head of Identity Evropa in August 2017, but the bankruptcy filing still lists the group’s base as Damigo’s address in Oakdale, California.

Damigo and Identity Evropa were involved in the planning for “Unite the Right,” but later tried to publicly distance themselves from the rally and its organizer, Jason Kessler.

Since Damigo left Identity Evropa, it has had two leaders: Eli Mosley, also known as Elliott Kline, and its current top dog, Patrick Casey.

Damigo is a felon, having been convicted of robbery for pointing a loaded gun at a man for “looking Iraqi” and stealing $43 from him.

The alt-right and white nationalist movements have largely been quiet about Damigo’s bankruptcy. (source, source)

The source is the SPLC, which while it does not have a favorable reputation (they list as a “hate group”) and are known for their biases, this is an interesting development in this case because just like flowers in a field that shoot up quickly but lack roots, there are a series of individuals who have become famous and then immediately faded away.

There is the case of James Fields, who became famous for what appears to be the accidental death of Heather Heyer. Fields, who was with the National Socialists, quickly found himself in the middle of a political charade, as Heyer was with the the opposing protestors. I do not say this to justify Fields’ views, but to say that his trial, which sentenced him to life in prison without a chance for parole in what was a highly biased and politically charged “trial,” if it can even be called that, and given the incident that happened and the evidence surrounding it seems to be disproportionately harsh and in itself unjust.

The same can be said of many other of these National Socialist types. Chris Cantwell outed himself as and FBI informant leading up to his prosecution for his involvement in the Charlottesville riots. Tim Gionet, a.k.a. “Tim Treadstone” and “Baked Alaska,” who was an up-and-coming figure, peaked at the 2017 riots and has since disappeared into nothing, with the last known word about him that he is living with his parents in Alaska. Traditionalist Worker Party founder Matthew Heimbach went to prison on domestic violence charges.

Even the Daily Stormer, the mouthpiece of the new National Socialist movement and his admitted Jewish webmaster Andrew “weev” Auernheimer, who in spite of his continual claims of living overseas as a supposedly persecuted political refugee for his views has been identified and confirmed as having lived and still living in a posh suite in downtown Manhattan near Wall Street, have been quiet in comparison to before.

There is a curious breakdown/restructuring of the current nationalist movement that is taking place, and it is morphing into something else. The actual “structure” of the movement seems to have been built up only to be taken down, in that while one can say that the “leaders” are being prosecuted for real crimes, the real purpose was never to have an actual movement because the movement itself was about sowing the basic ideas of national socialism into the population in order that they would be able to be exploited at a later point. Thus it is a way of perpetuating the current polarization but with further ideas, and the current ideas that seem to be promoted now and are gaining in popularity are a re-legitimization of eugenics, and emphasis on IQ, and the same tropes as the “left” but recontextualized to the “right” with the same tensions being promoted between right and left.

As pointed out years ago, the re-emergence of the nationalist movement was not a popular movement, but an externally funded and engineered one with the purpose of bringing back militarism and eugenics. This is the continuation of the same ideas listed in the Georgia Guidestones, being to eventually reduce the world’s population and to bring about the creation of a new world order.

The nationalist movement is not going away- it is only going to increase and become more popular, but it may not be per se in the context of “traditional” national socialism, at least in the USA. What it will involve without question is the rise in support of socialist policies in the name of promoting the “good” of the nation, an emphasis on identity politics, the justification for policies that justify or promote eugenics more than what already exist, and eventually militarism leading to more application of the same policies in the name of profit and selfish gain.

Expect to continually see a “change of the guard,” especially as GenZ goes into college and will naturally take up the place that the Millennials once occupied, for having done the work for them, it will likely be Generation Z that brings the work started by Millennials to fruition, with fresh faces and individuals while the ones that were used as “useful idiots” to push the movement forwards will either disappear into nothing or the lonely halls of a prison and those who funded the movement externally, who for the most part still remain silent, will laugh on the way to the bank.

Perhaps the best lesson to be learned from this “nationalist” movement is the lesson of Sacred Scripture, in the Psalms:

Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in company with scoffers.

Rather, the law of the LORD* is his joy; and on his law he meditates day and night.

He is like a tree planted near streams of water, that yields its fruit in season; Its leaves never wither; whatever he does prospers.

But not so are the wicked,* not so! They are like chaff driven by the wind.

Therefore the wicked will not arise at the judgment, nor will sinners in the assembly of the just.

Because the LORD knows the way of the just, but the way of the wicked leads to ruin.