Six Women Decide To Fornicate With Tattoo Artist, They Then Freak Out After They Learn He Has HIV

While the hypergamous nature of women has been well-documented, it can have dangerous consequences. For example, in one case in Wisconsin, a man had relations with six women but did not disclose to them that he has HIV, at which they discovered later to their horror according to a report:

A West Allis tattoo artist is accused of having sex with six women and not telling them he had HIV.

At least one of the victims tested positive for the virus.

The woman told me Jason Taufner never told her he had HIV.

Now police are warning other women to get tested tonight.

This man, 42-year-old Jason Taufner, is charged with six counts of recklessly endangering safety after having unprotected sex and either lying or not telling his partners he was HIV positive.

According to the criminal complaint, one victim says she and Taufner were tattoo artists here at Trust Tattoo.

She says she asked Taufner if he had any STI’s and that he said he was clean.

Taufner also worked at Sacred Skin Tattoo.

When I went there today an employee told me they’re location is clean and sterile and that they had no idea he was HIV positive.

According to the complaint he had sex several times at the tattoo shop.

Taufner has been convicted of this same crime two times before.

As a condition of his sentence, he was supposed to inform any sexual partners of his HIV status, but he didn’t tell any of the six recent victims.

The Milwaukee County Health Department says you can get HIV through unprotected sex and blood-to-blood contact.

“The city of Milwaukee Health Dept. encourages that people get STI testing because sexual health is part of your overall health,” Sexual and Reproductive Health Program Manager Julie Katrichis said.

And that it’s an important conversation to have with your partner.

“We always recommend healthy communication, knowing each other’s status and we encourage people to come together as partners to get tested,” Katrichis said.

But also says by using protection and with the right medicine, the virus might not spread.

“You can be HIV positive and not transmit HIV those are the people that are taking their medications and getting the follow up regularly,” Katrichis said.

The man is now facing up to 84 years in prison.

The City of Milwaukee’s Health Department has a free walk-in clinic for testing HIV and STI’s at their Keenan Sexual Health Clinic location. (source, source)

Now it is obviously not good that this man went out and fornicated with these women, especially knowing he has a deadly disease that can kill people. This is clearly wrong.

However, one must ask oneself how much he is to blame when it was the women who, literally speaking, opened their legs and gave him willing entrance.

These women were not “sexually assaulted” or raped. They did what they did consensually. They chose to fornicate, which is wrong in itself. Now, they are sad that they may have a lifelong and incurable disease because of their objectively immoral and stupid actions.

One cannot tell from the context of the article what exactly these women are expressing. However, given the attitude of society towards “women’s issues” today, it is likely that the complete blame will be placed on the man and the women will be given sympathy without acknowledgement of the wrong that they did.

The fact is that these women would not be worrying if they have HIV or not if they simply had not whored themselves out to this tattoo artist, and really anybody at all.

The man is facing a life sentence in prison for his actions. However, the sense from the story is that the women are “victims” of his actions when it was their consent to his actions- willing consent, six times -that resulted in their exposure to HIV.

Likewise, where are the families for these women? What are they saying? Have any of their families called them on the fact that this happened because of their actions?

This is part of a greater cultural attitude in the US, which is a learned helplessness in the fact of activity and the disavowal of responsibility when faced with the consequences of one’s actions.

In the US, culturally speaking, there is an emphasis on “justice” so much that justice itself becomes perverted. There has to be a “victim” to each “crime,” and then a “hero” to “make right” the “crime.” While this is noble and good, when perverted it becomes the force of the state used as a hammer against the accused to smash him mercilessly without any regard to what the accuser or victim may have done to bring about his victimization. When cultural attitudes become legally codified and this system is applied, it makes the legal system itself into a hazardous weapon against other people.

I emphasize again that I do not want to say that the accused in this case is innocent because he clearly is not, and he has his own responsibilities that he needs to answer to before the law because it is a legal crime in most states and objectively a moral crime to not tell people that you have a deadly disease and then expose them to it without telling them. That is bad enough into itself. However, his sentencing must take into consideration how the women in the case were fornicating by choice. It does not matter, as the article points out, that the man lied that he did not have any STDs- indeed that should count against him -because she should not have done what she did in the first place.

Many Americans are willing to laugh at people in the Middle East, Africa, or parts of Eastern Europe and Asia for aggressively standing against such behavior. When Christians or Muslims in these parts of the world attack adulterers and other people who have committed public and serious sins, beat their own children for dishonoring their families, or stand up for themselves and their families, they are laughed at and told they are just “low I.Q. savages,” or that they are “uncivilized,” or that they are some other kind of backwards, irrelevant loser who is not worthy of the same rights as “enlightened” people in the Western world. Yet when one observes the western world, men freely allow their children to act like whores and scoundrels and feel no shame about it at all, and if they do, they either laugh about it or ignore it. If something does happen that is serious, they will look at what “legal” options there are, and if somebody tries to administer justice that is deserved, that person is then accused of committing a crime.

Incidents like this naturally should make people question, who is the real savage? Is it the person who stands up for himself and his family, or the person who in the name of social conformity would “defend” his family with words and the legal system after allowing them to indulge in all kinds of dangerous and destructive behavior?

It is something to think about.