Lesbian Woman Gets Mad That The Eagles Lost To New Orleans, Gets Her Girlfriend’s Dog And Puts It In The Microwave

Kirsten Gaskins faces charges including assault, harassment and cruelty to animals (From Fox 29)

By Theodore Shoebat

From the wacky world of the depths of the most diabolical people of the United States, another dismal story arises from the surface of local news. A lesbian woman on Pennsylvania got mad that the Eagles lost to New Orleans and so decided to put her girlfriend’s dog in the microwave. As we read in a report from Fox 29:

Police say a woman upset about the Philadelphia Eagles’ loss to the New Orleans Saints got into an argument with her girlfriend and put the girlfriend’s dog in a microwave.

Kirsten Gaskins of Philadelphia faces charges including assault, harassment and cruelty to animals.

The alleged incident occurred at a hotel in Hanover Township.

Gaskins, 31, began yelling at the woman about the Eagles’ 20-14 loss to New Orleans in Sunday’s playoff game, according to police.

During the altercation, Gaskins allegedly struck the victim several times, causing visible injury. She also allegedly threatened to kill the victim’s dog and stick it in the microwave.

When police arrived, they found the white Pomeranian in the microwave. The device hadn’t been turned on, and the dog appeared to be okay.

Gaskins was released on $20,000 bail. It wasn’t immediately known if she’d retained an attorney

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