Michael Voris: Older Men With 16 Year Old Boys Is Permissible In Catholicism

By Theodore Shoebat

Michael Voris, in his interview with sodomite and pederast advocate Milo Yiannopoulos, recently said that going with 16 year olds is permissible in Catholic Canon Law. The conversation was being said in the context of Milo’s advocacy of pederasty. Voris asked Milo:

“Do you think that the age of consent should be lowered to 12, 13, something around that age?”

To this Milo said: “I think 16 is about right.”

Voris never objected to this. In fact, he said: “Canon Law would agree with you.”

Voris is backing pederasty. This is why I did this video, to expose this son of Sodom:

This interview that Voris did proves what I said in 2017 when I confronted Voris on his promotion of Milo the sodomite:

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