Abortion Doctor Holds Up Decapitated Head Of Baby And Declares That He Has Happy That He Has Done The Abortion

By Theodore Shoebat

An abortionist, after slaughtering a baby, held up its head and declared that he is happy that he has helped the mother. As we read in a report from Live Action (from Life Site News):

In a disturbing and heartbreaking video shared to Facebook by In His Image Ministries, an abortionist can be seen siphoning through the body parts of a preborn child he has just moments before killed through abortion. He even holds the head of the preborn baby up for camera and measures a tiny foot.

“Basically, piecing the fetal tissue back together,” the abortionist said, describing his actions. “Make sure that we have all of the fragments.” The abortionist claims that too much focus is placed on the preborn baby and the “gory” parts of abortion, but the child’s brutal death isn’t what matters to him.

Here’s the video. Behold the horrors of eugenics:


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