The Government Of Turkey Sends 1500 Terrorists Into Syria To Further Destabilize The Country

By Theodore Shoebat

NATO’s second most armed country, Turkey, has reportedly sent 1500 terrorists into Syria to bring further chaos in the country, as we read in a report from SANA:

The Turkish regime under Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues its support to the terrorist organizations to keep using them as a card and a tool to achieve its subversive projects in Syria, in violation of its commitments as one of the guarantor states of Astana track.

Hundreds of terrorists were reported to have crossed the Turkish border over the past two days to join Jabhat al-Nusra in Idleb.

According to local sources in the province cited by Sputnik, around 1500 terrorists crossed the Turkish border into Idleb under the cover of the Turkish authorities supported by Turkish agents and directly supervised by the Turkish Gendarmerie (Jandarma) that is affiliated to the Turkish army.

The terrorists, the sources said, were transported under cover in closed trucks on Sunday and Monday, where they later joined the terrorist organizations affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra and the so-called “Hurras Eddin” organization that is linked to the leader of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan Ayman al-Zawahiri.

The sources mentioned that the terrorists are of Western nationalities, in addition to others who hold nationalities of East Asian and Arab countries, who were transported towards Jisr al-Shughour area that is under the control of terrorists from China and Turkistan, while the other foreign terrorists were transported to camps of Jabhat al-Nusra and Hurras Eddin in the southern and southeastern countryside of Idleb.

The Turkish regime’s involvement in sponsoring and supporting the terrorist organizations, confirmed by field facts throughout the past years, exposes its false claims of fighting terrorism under its commitments as a guarantor state of Astana process along with Russia and Iran.

It also comes in violation of Sochi Declaration of last August which reiterated commitment to preserving Syria’s unity, independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity and to continuing the fight against terrorism to eventually come to eradicating Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and those of other organizations linked to both of them and to al-Qaeda.

Special sources in Idleb revealed recently that around 400 al-Qaeda-linked terrorists have successively arrived in Idleb in small batches of 8-15 members across the Turkish border over the last two months of last year, all of them being of foreign nationalities. This coincided with transporting into Idleb a number of al-Qaeda terrorists in Yemen under the supervision of a regional country.

What is fascinating is that Turkey was the country that collaborated with Germany to bring in the hundreds of thousands of refugees into Europe, and yet this is the same Turkey that has been working in conjunction with the United States to destabilize Syria. So Turkey has worked to create refugees from the Middle East, while at the same time it has pushed for the refugee crisis (which has been used to boost nationalism in Western and Eastern European countries). Turkey wants Syria to be destabilized, for as long as Syria is in chaos there is then an incentive for NATO to promote Turkey as a force of stability in the region. All this is taking place while Turkey has, since the beginning of the revolt against Assad, been pushing for revolution against and the toppling of the current government in Syria. As Erdogan said in 2016:

“We entered [Syria] to end the rule of the tyrant al-Assad who terrorizes with state terror. [We didn’t enter] for any other reason”.

The situation reminds me of how the Sophisters of the 18th century were pushing for revolution in France. For example, Guillaume Thomas François Raynal called for the revolutionary activists (whom he calls “sages”) to push mercenaries to make violence against the government and the Church:

“Sages of the earth, philosophers of all nations, make those mercenary slaves blush who are always ready to exterminate their fellow-citizens at the command of their masters. Make nature and humanity rise in their souls against such a perversion of the social laws. Learn that liberty is the gift of God, but authority the invention of man. Bare to the light those mysteries which encompass the universe with chains and darkness; and may the people, learning how much their credulity has been imposed upon, avenge the glory of the human species.”

By “those mysteries which encompass the universe with chains and darkness”, Raynal is speaking of religion, specifically Christianity (and in the French context, the Catholic Church). He addresses the anti-Christian activists as “sages” because, ultimately, these self-professed philosophers saw themselves as ushering in a new priesthood to replace the Catholic priesthood which they so aspired to topple through revolution. Notice that Raynal makes reference to God as the Author of liberty, but he classifies authority as an invention of man.

By pointing to the divine, Raynal and his ilk were striving to transform the perception of God to one of their own likeness, and by making a new deity for humanity, the current perception of the established authority (the one that Raynal deems as “the invention of man”) that was set up in antiquity to explain to mankind about God (the Catholic Church), would then be overthrown and replaced by the sages, or the new priesthood that would then explain to mankind the ways of their god, that he is one of rebellion and not of authority, and thus they would make themselves the new established authority. As Antoine-Louis Séguier, the Attorney-General of the Parliament of Paris, warned of the rising cult of revolutionaries in France 1770:

“Their object is to abolish all belief, and to instill new ideas into the mind of man on civil and religious institutions; and this revolution may be said to have taken place; the proselytes of the sect have multiplied, and their maxims are spread far and wide.”

This was written in 1770, nearly two decades before the eruption of the French Revolution, which means it was known that the evil torrent of bloodshed and slaughter was being conspired. The revolution was part of a plan that was decades in the making, just as the Syrian revolution was planned out by NATO intelligence services. As we wrote on last year, plans to destabilize Syria to overthrow the Assad regime can be found going as far back as the 1980s. In one CIA document from 1986, entitled, Syria: Scenarios of Dramatic Political Change, it states that “widespread violence among the populace could stimulate large numbers of Sunni officers and conscripts to desert or mutiny, setting the stage for civil war.” Remember, “widespread violence amongst the populace” is exactly what has taken place from the beginning years to now of the Syrian revolution.

These sages saw themselves as above all Christians, and anyone who followed an established religion. As Frederic II said: “They look upon themselves as superior to every school which antiquity has produced.” The objective was unoriginal and common: make for yourself a perception of intellectual superiority and replace the Church only to make yourself the new priest of a new temple with very old, typical and already discussed heretical ideas (there are no new heresies, just new schemes of marketing them). As St. Bernard described this: “A new gospel is being fashioned for peoples and nations, a new faith propounded, another foundation laid than that which is laid.”

The rebels of France wanted to bring about bloodshed for the cause of their religion of so-called enlightenment, the cult of deism, just as the Muslims in Syria have brought about horrific violence for the cause of their heretical god, Allah. With Erdogan, and with NATO backing him and his regime, these forces of sadism will only push further the cause of the reign of terror. Turkey is also using the chaos in Syria to justify its military expansionism. As a report from Sputnik states:

Turkish troops and Ankara-backed Free Syrian Army rebels have conducted two military campaigns in the Arab Republic over the past several years, justifying them by citing the need to secure its borders with Syria amid the threat posed by the Kurdish forces.

The Turkish military controls the northern Syrian cities of Afrin, Jarablus and Al-Bab, which Damascus has condemned as an unlawful incursion.

NATO is working for the rise of a revived Ottoman Empire, and the horrors that will come about from this.

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