Report: Columbian Paramilitaries Are On The Border With Venezuela, And The United States Is Collaborating With Columbia To Orchestrate A Coup In Venezuela

By Theodore Shoebat

There is a report stating that Columbian paramilitaries are on the border with Venezuela and that the United States is collaborating with Columbia to overthrow Maduro, as we read in a story by 20 Minutos:

Venezuelan journalist and former vice president José Vicente Rangel, one of the most important voices of Chavez, has denounced on Sunday that Colombia has deployed paramilitaries on the border with Venezuela to perpetrate a coup following the instructions of the United States. “Colombia has shown full security with policies of the White House, maintains pressure through paramilitaries on the border with Venezuela and has activated the seven US paramilitary bases in Colombian territory ,” Rangel said in his television program. In addition, Rangel has stated that the commander of the US Southern Command, Kurt W. Tidd , has visited Colombia on several occasions to meet with Colombian officials to boost the relationship, develop coup strategies and review a strategy for the border.

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