Two Horrific Mass Graves Discovered In Iraq, Full Of Victims Slaughtered By Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat

Two horrific mass graves, from 2007 and 2015, were discovered in Iraq, full of the bodies of the victims murdered by terrorists. As we read in a report from Kurdistan 24:

Iraqi authorities on Thursday uncovered two mass graves in the province of Salahuddin containing the remains of victims believed to have been executed by the Islamic State and al-Qaeda.

“Our specialized teams will carry out a preliminary technical inspection of the mass grave in Ishaqi area – Salahuddin Province. We believe it belongs to the victims of al-Qaeda terrorist attacks from 2007,” Iraq’s Mass Graves Protection Department said in a press release.

They added the new grave would be included in their 2019 excavation plans and that technical and legal procedures to begin the work have been completed.

The department also mentioned another mass grave had been detected in the province’s Jami’a district.

The statement noted that, based on a preliminary inspection of the remains and bodies visible on the surface, the mass grave likely belongs to the victims of crimes committed by the Islamic State in 2015.

The first mass grave mentioned was of victims slaughtered in 2007. Who was president then? It was George W. Bush. Now, many people have this misconception that Iraq was find under the Bush administration but then went to chaos thanks to Obama’s policies. The massacres that the world saw ISIS doing were being done when Bush was president. In August 1st of 2004, there were a series of bombs attacks on churches in Baghdad and Mosul which murdered 12 people and injured 71 others. In October of 24 of 2004 there was a horrific slaughter of 50 New Iraqi Army recruits by Al-Qaeda murderers. The New York Times reported on this massacre with some very interesting observations:

 In the deadliest ambush of the insurgency, guerrillas dressed as policemen killed about 50 freshly trained Iraqi soldiers in remote eastern Iraq as the unarmed soldiers were heading home on leave Saturday evening, Iraqi officials said Sunday.

The soldiers were taken from three minibuses at a fake checkpoint about 95 miles northeast of Baghdad, near the Iranian border in restive Diyala Province, police officials said. They were told or forced to lie down on the ground in rows, then killed mostly with bullets to their heads.

The ambush, extraordinarily ambitious in scope and violence, showed a high level of organization, and the insurgents probably had inside information on the travel plans of the soldiers, who were members of the nascent Iraqi National Guard, officials said.

The executions of the Iraqi soldiers Saturday evening – and what may also have been three civilian drivers in their convoy – raised disturbing questions about the training process and the recruits: Why were the guardsmen allowed to travel unarmed and without protection, given the frequent attacks on the Iraqi security forces? Why did men trained as soldiers not put up a fight, especially when there were so many of them? How did the insurgents get police uniforms and information on the travel plans of the soldiers?

Iraqi and American officials said they had no immediate answers.

Its almost like the US wanted this massacre to happen. But here is the thing: this massacre occurred when Bush was president. The world turned to the violence in Iraq because of the high-tech filming equipment used to film the grizzly murders being done by ISIS. It looked like a Hollywood film, but it was real. Also, the ISIS gore films were talked about tremendously because pundits were using them to market the Republican Party as the guys that were going to be ‘strong against ISIS.’ The ISIS gore films also pushed a whole societal shock about violence that had been happening in Iraq years before ISIS popped up into the spotlight. People were going all over Youtube saying things like: ‘We are waiting for you ISIS’ while holding up their guns. Yet, such shock was not seen at this level when Bush was president. In fact, when Bush was president between 800,000 over million people died as a result of the 2003 invasion and millions more were displaced. Yet, the Republicans tried to attribute all of the chaos to Obama and his policies. But here is the reality, it was not the policy of Bush nor Obama, but a continuation of the same policy pushed by the sam war lobbyists like John Bolton, Samuel Huntington and his ilk.

When the lobbyist for war were pushing for the invasion of Iraq, they made the country look like the next Third Reich. The Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Weizman Shiry said: “If the Americans do not do this now [remove Saddam], it will be harder to do it in the future. In a year or two, Saddam Hussein will be further along in developing weapons of mass destruction.” However, eventually, the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Israeli Knesset released separate statements admitting that the “intelligence” coming from both Israel and the United States was false (see Mearsheimer, the Israeli Lobby, pp. 235-236, brackets mine).  One former Israeli general affirmed that “Israeli intelligence was a full partner to the picture presented by American and British intelligence regarding Iraq’s non-conventional capabilities.”

Trump claimed he did not like the policy on Syria and yet he later vocally declared a order for the bombing of Syria, twice (once in 2017 and another in 2018), and the Trump administration has been backing Turkey in its advancement in Syria which is pursuant to the policy of the US which armed Turkey making it the second most armed country in NATO. What has changed? The policy has remained consistent because it is part of a plan made decades ago. General Wesley Clark, who led the bombing of Kosovo in Yugoslavia in the 1990s, was told by Paul Wolfowitz in 1991 that the US has 5-10 years to “clean up those old Soviet client regimes, Syria, Iran, Iraq, before the next great superpower comes on to challenge us.” Its not the policy of a single president, but a policy that continues regardless of party.

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