The Ukrainian Government Authorizes Nazi Party To Oversee Elections

By Theodore Shoebat

Ukraine will be having its election on March 31st, 2019. If none of the candidates get an absolute majority, then a second vote (a run-off vote) will be held on April 21. But here is one thing that makes this election so bizarre (and truly this is a reflection of the inner workings of the Ukrainian government): a major Nazi party, National Militia, has been granted permission to oversee the elections. As a report from Radio Free Europe states: “the National Militia was granted permission by the Central Election Commission to officially monitor Ukraine’s presidential election on March 31.”

This is a violent far-Right organization which was founded in 2016 and previously known as “Patriots of Ukraine”. Its leader is Andriy Biletsky, a member of the Ukrainian parliament. Biletsky himself is a commander for Azov, a major Nazi mercenary organization, according to one Ukrainian source. The same source reports that National Militia is in fact the political arm for Azov. At its founding Nazariy Kravchenko (Azov National Guard Headquarters Commander) was elected as its deputy leader. The party has also collaborated with the Nazi mercenary organization, Right Sector, organizing a rally together in which 5,000 people took part. Numerous of the marchers bore the Nazis symbol of the Wolfsangel. One of the agenda of National Militia is increase the powers of the president and to make Ukraine a nuclear country, as we read in a report from Interfax:

The program says the National Corps supports amending the Constitution of Ukraine to expand presidential authorities, granting him authority to be the chief of the armed forces as well as the head of government.

The party also favors restoring Ukraine’s nuclear power status and nationalizing enterprises which were government owned when Ukraine became independent in 1991.

So truly this organization is all about increasing the power of the state and establishing a Nazi tyranny over Ukraine. The fact that the Ukrainian government is giving this Nazi party authority to oversee the elections says a lot about the inner happenings of the political apparatus of that country. The National Militia does not intend to just watch elections, but to intimidate those that disagree with them. “If law enforcers turn a blind eye to outright violations and don’t want to document them,” spokesman Ihor Vdovin vowed on March 6, the group will abide by the instructions of its commander, Ihor Mikhailenko, who wrote: “If we need to punch someone in the face in the name of justice, we will do this without hesitation.” These are thugs, using the title of politics to cover up their own thuggish ways. You can see this in other connected nationalist groups in Ukraine. For example, in February 26th of 2014, in the town of Irpin of Kiev oblast, Right Sector activists threatened members of the city council to vote in favor for terminating the powers of the city’s president, saying: “if you do not raise your hand (when voting), we will cut it off; we will come to your home, we will hurt your families and damage your property”.

The Nazism in Ukraine is rooted right in the government.  In 2014, right after the Euromaidan revolution, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, who was before this the first deputy head of the Security Service of Ukraine, was elected Commissioner in charge of supervision over the Security Service of Ukraine. Nalyvaichenko’s work with Ukraine’s Security Service was highly controversial on account of his deep history with the CIA. In fact, when the Security Service had its graduation ceremony for recruits in 2008, it was attended by both the US ambassador William Taylor Jr. and Nalyvaichenko whose decision to invite the ambassador was criticized by current and former employees of the Security Service.

The Euromaidan revolution of 2014 was infested with Ukrainian nationalists and Nazis who were militants of various violent paramilitary organizations. Information actually leaked out revealing that Nalyvaichenko was involved with summer training camps for the Stephan Bandera Tryzub, a Nazi neo-Nazi organization. That the head of the Ukrainian Security Service (which is the CIA of Ukraine) was working to train neo-Nazis, and that this head of the Service was intimate with Washington, really reveals that the Gladio policy — in which NATO intelligence services recruited and trained Nazis after the Second World War to form paramilitaries in Europe — never ended and still continues today. This may shed light as to why German neo-Nazis were traveling to Ukraine to fight Russians, and why the French metal singer, Famine, travelled to Kiev to spread pro-Nazi propaganda late 2017.

It was in such training camps for Ukrainian Nazis that on July 17th, 2013, in the village of Ternopol, Dmytry Yarosh, leader of the Tryzub, declared that Ukraine needs a “national revolution” and as long as “the Russian Empire in any form” exists, Ukrainian independence will be impossible. In early April 2014, the Ukrainian publication, Ukrainian Pravda (“Ukrainian Truth”) published a report entitled, Za Kulisamy Pravogo Sektora (“The Right Sector: Behind the Scene”). The report noted how Nalyvaichenko, while a member of parliament, had Nazi terrorist Dmytry Yarosh, as his aid and consultant in the Supreme Rada.

It is not that surprising that McCain collaborated with the Nazi party in Ukraine, Svoboda, even with its leader, Oleh Tyahnybok. The resurgence of ultra-nationalism in Ukraine does not only involve anti-Russian sentiment, but also anti-Polish sentiment as well. McCain’s ally Tyahnybok actually demanded that Poland give to Ukraine 19 of its districts. On April of 2013, the Polish government registered a draft resolution that declared the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) and UPA (the Ukrainian Insurgent Army) as main perpetrators of the genocide of the Polish people during the Third Reich reign of terror. The Ukrainian government struck back at Poland, with Ukraine’s parliament stating that the “project shows signs of Polish colonialism and chauvinism, interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine and territorial claims of Ukraine.” (See Byshok & Kochetkov, Neo Nazis & Euromaidan)

To this day Ukraine honors these Ukrainian death squads as heroes, as a report from CS Monitor states:

Tensions between Ukrainians and one of their traditional oppressors, Poland, go back centuries. But the current acrimony has its roots in the chaotic events of World War II, when Ukrainian nationalists sided with Nazi Germany in hopes that defeat of the Soviet Union could lead to creation of a Ukrainian state. The Nazis had other plans, and Bandera was arrested when he tried to declare independence in 1941.

But thousands of his followers in the UPA continued their battle, often in collaboration with the Nazis, in hopes of achieving that goal. Critics argue that, while they were certainly “fighters for Ukrainian independence,” they are in no way presentable as founding father figures due to their fascist ideology, collaboration with the Nazis, and involvement in mass ethnic cleansings of non-Ukrainian ethnic groups.

What is happening in Ukraine is a presaging sign that violence and war will come to Europe. People do not think about these things. But a simple perusing of the history of Europe will show that the continent has always had wars. What makes this era and this generation more special than those of the past. People today are filled with violent desires and bloodlust. All that is required are political organizations and politicians to tickle the ears of the masses, make them think that they ‘deserve better’, are something special, that the government actually cares about them and that they need to fight for their country as lobbyist and industrialists profit from the countless lives of credulous men dead in the battlefields.