When Breitbart Publicly Turns On A Major Platform It Once Supported You Know That It Is Serious

President Trump was elected by the people at an interesting point in American history and in particular on many promises held closely by many people. The biggest of these was the immigration issue (something which we have pointed out is more complex and serious than how it is often presented), and far from alleviating the issue, what Trump has done is to continue the pattern of his predecessors but polarizing the issue more than before and then using said polarization to now manifest an open divide between political parties into open socialism with the difference separating the two being one of nationalism or internationalism.

I have said before that, at the present time, Trump is likely going to win or to be put into office in order to ensure a Democratic victory in 2024. While this is still a distinct possibility, I must say that based on recent events, there may be a change underfoot because Trump’s base is turning on him as evidenced by a recent article on Breitbart which attacked Trump for his position on immigration:

For a month, Trump has made requesting more legal immigration to the country — beyond the already historically record levels of more than 1.2 million new legal immigrants a year — part of his stump speech.

The push for more legal immigration was first made in off-the-cuff comments at his State of the Union address, where he said he wanted to admit “the largest numbers ever” of legal immigrants to the country.

For the fourth time in a month, during a roundtable with business executives and U.S. job outsourcers like Apple CEO Tim Cook and IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, Trump said, again, he wanted to increase legal immigration levels to benefit the profits of corporations.

“We want a lot of people coming in … We want to have the companies grow, and the only way they’re going to grow is if we give them the workers, and the only way we’re going to have the workers is to do exactly what we’re doing,” Trump said.

The comments are a direct rebuke of the president’s commitments in 2015, 2016, and 2017, where he vowed to reduce overall legal immigration levels to boost the wages of U.S. workers and reduce the displacement of America’s working and middle class.

Simultaneously, while Trump requests more foreign workers to take U.S. jobs, foreign nationals have shown up in record numbers to the southern border — most of whom want American jobs. The continuing increase in illegal immigration has seemed to some to be a result of Trump’s promotion of wanting more foreign workers.

Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs voiced concerns over Trump’s repeated demand to increase legal immigration levels, noting that the request was made on the same day that record illegal border crossing totals were announced.

“That Mr. Trump would advance the interests of the globalist elites ahead of our citizens would be a tragic reversal on any day,” Dobbs said. “But today … that the southern border is being overrun by a record number of illegal immigrants, it all means that the White House has simply lost its way.”

In the month of February, there were more than 76,000 illegal border crossings and inadmissible foreign nationals, the most in this month in 12 years — a record for Trump’s administration. These border crossers are first apprehended, but the majority will be released into the interior of the country.

Researchers and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials project there will be anywhere between 840,000 to close to a million illegal border crossings this year, with up to 500,000 illegal aliens successfully crossing into the U.S.

The vast majority of illegal aliens and border crossers continue to be from Mexico and Central America. The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has noted that nearly 78 percent of Hondurans arriving at the southern border come to the country to look for jobs, which is not an eligible asylum claim. Likewise, more than 91 percent of Guatemalans arrive in the U.S. to also look for work.

The globalist political establishments have previously praised mass migration of economic migrants as a necessity to fill labor shortages, though wage data and job data reveal that no such labor shortage exists.

Trump’s move away from his “America First” legal immigration reforms — which included a pause on all immigration until the country was at full employment — remains out of step with voters. Most recently, a Harvard/Harris poll found that 3-in-4 Americans favor politicians who support an immigration system that benefits the job prospects and wages of U.S. citizens — not corporations and employers.

Similarly, polling Pulse Opinion Research has consistently revealed that, over the last two years, American voters have vastly preferred reducing legal immigration levels as opposed to increasing levels. As of March 2018, more than 6-in-10 voters said they wanted to see less immigration to the U.S. (source, source)

Now we have extensively discussed the many problems with nationalism and how Breitbart has been instrumental in helping to drive public support of said nationalistic impulses. This must not be ignored, and simply because Breitbart seems to be “turning on Trump” does not mean any sort of “exoneration” for them, because the issue in not about “Trump” or any individual person, but about the principles one is holding to or not, and as principle is a chosen belief, it is a quality of the soul and not the person itself.

We have stated before that national socialism and international socialism are both forms of socialism which differ in emphasis but not in essence. It is the “Coke-versus-Pepsi” argument, as both differ in flavor yet are made of the exact same substance in the exact same quantities otherwise. There is scarcely a difference between the national and international socialism, and that there is almost no transition from one socialist platform to the next.

The attention right now is being given to the Democrats for promoting open, outright socialism and without shame. This is consistent with the Democrat party, as they tend to more openly profess their beliefs, good or bad, and are poor at hiding the “undesirable” aspects of their platform. The Republicans are no different except they are better at covering up, at least initially, those same undesirable points. Hence if the Democrats are “degenerates,” the Republicans are “degenerate-lite.”

While Breitbart is writing in criticism of Trump, the very “alt-right” that has since metamorphosized into the neo nationalist movement (and will likely undergo another metamorphosis over the next five years) is now openly criticizing President Trump with articles such as “All of the Oxygen has Been Sucked Out of the Trump Movement, Presidency on Life-Support” and most interesting, has called for “nationalists” to support Democrat party candidate Andrew Yang, where he notes that even FOX News personality Tucker Carlson, another “nationalist,” is supporting him:

Chairman Yang was on Tucker Carlson last week. They agreed on virtually everything.

CARLSON: I sit with my jaw open. I agree with you so strongly. Let me ask you finally, why isn’t this a central question in the campaign of everybody running for President on any side, and why instead are they talking about issues that are really are kind of frivolous? Why aren’t they talking about this?

YANG: It’s a good question, Tucker. I mean, one of the reasons I’m running for President is to push this in the center of the mainstream agenda where every candidate should be talking about what we are going to do about the fact that we’re automating away the most common jobs in the economy right now.

As we are sitting here together, the labor force participation rate in the United States is 63.2%. The same level as Ecuador and Costa Rica, and if anyone thinks that’s where America ought to be, I mean, that number is even going to be further challenged when all of this technology comes online. So we have to make America embrace this challenge of the 21st Century and then try and address it together as a people.

CARLSON: Last question. Shouldn’t people who cite unemployment statistics be penalized for saying something so stupid?

YANG: Yes, we have a series of bad numbers and I refer to GDP as one. Certainly, a headline unemployment rate is completely misleading and one of my mandates as President is I’m going to update the numbers that actually make sense to the American people.

CARLSON: Yes, yes. So we can know what’s going on, otherwise we can’t make wise decisions.

YANG: Yes, right now again and you know this, our life expectancy has declined for the last three years, first time in 100 years because of a surge in suicides and drug overdoses. How can you say an economy is healthy when our people are dying? It makes no sense at all.

CARLSON: I literally — I don’t even know what you think on the other issues and I just support what you said so much. I appreciate your coming on.

YANG: Thank you, Tucker. It’s great to be here.

I am entirely in support of this completely.

He gave an interview to a much stupider Fox News host and argued that the dichotomy between capitalism and socialism is retarded, and needs to be abolished and replaced with a new paradigm.

I’m not aware of very many people saying this.

I’m saying this.

As has been noted, Andrew Yang is also a trans-racial white person.

He is going to give each of us $1000 a month.

As I’ve just noted, if Donald Trump is now some kind of weird racist but also pro-immigration president, who is also pro war and does nothing but talk about the plight of the Jews, he is pretty much totally useless.

Andrew Yang is a helluva lot more interesting.

Basically, getting him elected would result in a full paradigm shift in the same way Trump resulted in a full paradigm shift. We need to start thinking of ourselves as living in the future – because we are living in the future.

Once we start dealing with these technologies, the issue of immigration is going to solve itself. No one is going to be able to defend importing billions of illiterate field peasants so we can give them free money because there aren’t any jobs.

We all need to start registering as Democrats in order to vote for Yang in the primaries.

It is hard to imagine him winning the primary, just because the Democrat Party is so corrupt, but if he doesn’t win he might run third party.

This shifts the whole discussion further away from retarded nonsense like our duty to the brown hordes, or our duty to fight wars, or our duty to protect the feelings of people who ram their dicks up each others anuses, or whatever other nanny-type duty America is supposed to have onto the real matter of the robots.

You’re not required to vote along party lines in the general election, so even if you’re a registered Democrat you can still vote for Trump in 2020. It doesn’t matter. It’s just an issue of the primaries.

To be clear, this is not a drill. I’m telling you to go do this now. We are going to get the machine rolling. (source, source)

Even Faith Goldy, another darling of Trump and MAGA, is now supporting Yang:

Faith before


Faith after

And interestingly, she retweeted a curious statement:

“Might as well get paid if you are selling out”

Alex Jones, Lauren Southern, and Laura Loomer have quieted down about about Trump, but they have not said much about Yang.

Trump betrayed his base BIG TIME an he knows it. Such was what I have been warning about, that he turned directly against his own base and has seriously eviscerated them. What he has done was to advance the legitimacy of socialism on both “sides” of the political spectrum.

Will Yang be president? It is hard to see, and while this race likely seems in Trumps’ favor, he is being presented as a much more serious contender.

The future right now is to be determined.

If Trump does win, then one will likely see two predictions come true. First, a lame-duck presidency where Trump does nothing or little to nothing (certainly no wall). Second, and more importantly, a near guarantee of a Democrat victory so long as they put forth an articulate candidate.

One can only imagine if that candidate, while obviously yet to be determined, was a woman, she was physically attractive, opposed net neutrality, promoted physical fitness, and was also a sodomite. It would be a near guarantee of victory.

While it may not be her, don’t forget that over 90% of Millennials and GenZers support Sodom, they are the most irreligious group of Americans yet, they are economically impoverished, and they are also angry.

As I warned in December 2017, beware of them, because left or right, they are socialist, they will come for you, and they will ignore your screams for mercy before they put you to death.

Socialism is the future of America, and it does not really matter if it is the left or the right, as the icons of the “right” are showing themselves flexible to switch their positions if they believe if benefits them politically.

The question is, which variety of socialism, and who will run the camps.