Two Sodomites Break Into Ex-Sodomite Lover’s Home While Dressed Up In Costumes And Attempt To Burn Down His House With Ragu Sauce

Two men were arrested after breaking into a fellow sodomite ex-lover’s home while dressed up in a bull onesie and attempted to burn down his house with Ragu sauce following a burglary according to a report:

Two Florida men were caught with their hands in the pasta jar after they used Ragu sauce to try and burn down a home they robbed last week, police said.

Derrick Irving, 36, and John Silva, 28, were arrested March 13 after allegedly breaking into a home in DeLand and stealing a flat screen television and an air conditioning wall unit, WKMC-TV reported.

The man whose home was being burglarized received an alert on his phone from his residence’s security system informing him of motion being detected in the house, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said.

A towel was placed over the camera which gave him a clue that something was not right and he immediately called the police, according to WKMC-TV.

When police arrived at the home, they saw a red SUV trying to flee the residence, authorities said. The two suspects told officers they were picking up clothes from the house, police said. The victim told WKMC-TV that Irving was donning a bull onesie.

A deputy said there was an air conditioning unit, a vacuum, television, heater, a marijuana grinder and an empty jar of Ragu sauce inside the vehicle.

Deputies found the burning pot of Ragu sauce and a washcloth near the stove’s burner which appeared to be an attempt to start a fire, according to WESH-TV.

“He was trying to make it look like I left the stove on but who gets up at 2 a.m. and fixes sketti?” the victim told the WKMC-TV.

Silva and Irving told officers they knew the victim due to past sexual encounters, authorities said.

“It started out as a relationship, that lasted about a week,” the victim told WKMC-TV. “I’ve let him use my car for four months, maybe he’s angry about that. Or maybe he’s angry because I gave him $150 to fix his teeth.”

Silva and Irving were both charged with “unarmed burglary, grand theft and arson,” the arrest affidavit stated. (source, source)

Now this story is very strange. It does not even mention the LGBT in the article, but the context makes clear that this was not only a sodomite relationship, but what appears to be a “lover’s quarrel.”

While this story is of a particularly odd note, it reflects a trend that one can see with LGBT relationships, for just as the acts which such people engage in are objectively evil and unnatural, so are the consequences they yield and the crimes they commit.

For example, in 2016 profiled a case in the UK of a man who murdered his sodomite lover and then shredded his flesh with a cheese grater before eating the remains with chopsticks. He committed suicide in prison in 2018.

There was the case in 2018 of Detlev Günzel of Germany, a sodomite who ritually slaughtered his Polish sodomite lover, Wojciech Stempniewicz, with his consent and filmed himself doing the gruesome ordeal.

There was the 2018 case of a sodomite who stabbed his sodomite lover because he asked his lover, after being sodomized by him, to sodomize him again and he refused.

There is the recent case of a sodomite Naval officer who stabbed his sodomite lover 47 times to his death because of a lover’s quarrel.

There was the 2018 case of two sodomite roommates, in which one of the sodomites stabbed the other because the other asked him for sex and he did not want to have sex.

There was the 2014 case of a sodomite who murdered eight of his former lovers and called it an act of “mercy.”

The number of examples, which can be read in the Shoebat archives, document the consistent pattern of behavior found among the LGBT, which is a pattern of evil and disorder.

One should not be surprised at all with this “Ragu sauce” case, because it would not be inconsistent with the history of such people.

There is a reason that so many crimes associated with the LGBT are so bizarre and morbid, because it is a reflection of the nature of the sin. It cries out to Heaven for vengeance, and it compels men to do the strangest and most unnatural things.

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