Hindu Terrorists Lobby To Turn Nepal Into A Hindu Ethnostate

The tiny kingdom of Nepal has a large Hindu population, and in recent years has been viciously persecuting her Christian minority. India, her southern neighbor, has seen a resurgence of nationalism of which a main part involves Christian persecution and an openly expressed desire to identify Christians through a national ID card system and eventually, to isolate and exterminate them.

Nationalists in India, as they are rising in power on the subcontinent, have turned their attention to Nepal and are seeking to turn her a formal Hindu nation and with that, to bring in the concept of ethnostate according to a report:

Earlier this month, the pro-Hindu Rastriya Prajatantra Party launched a campaign to reestablish Nepal as an official Hindu nation. This campaign comes at a time when religious minorities are reporting increasing attacks on their communities at the hands of Hindu radicals.

Currently, Nepal is officially a secular republic. However, Nepal was a Hindu kingdom up until 2008. With the launch of this campaign, many religious minorities are concerned for their religious freedom rights if Nepal was to return to being officially a Hindu nation.

Open Doors USA currently ranks Nepal at 32 in its list of top 50 countries were Christians are persecuted. The group cites religious nationalism as one of the major causes for attacks on Christians and other minorities.

On March 15, Pastor Dhruk Kumar was attacked and beaten by a group of unknown assailants in Nepal’s southeastern district of Sarlahie. While Pastor Kumar’s attackers identified themselves as Maoists, local Christians believe the attackers were likely Hindu radicals. (source)

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