Hindu Nationalist Group That Has Declared It Will Hunt Down And Murder All Christians In India Just Took Absolute Political Control Over A Huge Part Of India

In a story that has been completely ignored, the Hindu Nationalist BJP party of India, who has promised to commit genocide against Christians, just won a major victory in India, taking absolute control over the most populous area of India in the state of Uttar Pradesh:

Buoyed by the BJP’s massive victory in the civic polls in the state, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath today advised Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi to remain grounded rather than flying high and criticising the Gujarat model of development.

Without taking Mr Gandhi’s name, he said, “It will be better for those criticising the Gujarat model of development that they learn from the defeat in Amethi civic polls and come on the ground to do some work, rather than loosing arrows in the air.”

He said this while replying to a question on what was his interpretation of BJP’s victory in Amethi, the consistency of Mr Gandhi.

Referring to SP leader and former chief minister Akhilesh Yadav and Mr Gandhi, chief minister Yogi Adityanath said the civic elections prove that both should be given a farewell.

The BJP’s victory shows that it will win all 80 seats in Uttar Pradesh in the next Lok Sabha elections in 2019, he said at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit here.

While terming the party’s victory as acknowledgement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity and the work done by the state government, chief minister Yogi Adityanath also attributed it to political acumen of BJP chief Amit Shah.

Replying to a question on the issue of Ram temple at Ayodhya, chief minister Yogi Adityanath said that it would be better if it can be resolved through dialogue between all parties concerned.

Hindus always preferred the dialogue process to resolve the issue but it is the other side (Muslims) who runs away from it, he claimed, adding that the government would cooperate if an amicable and mutually acceptable solution can be reached through talks.

Replying to another question, chief minister Yogi Adityanath said PM Modi is his idol in politics. (source)

A major win by the BJP in no good- this is exactly what the Christians of India were afraid of, and of which a major Christian bishop recently begged the people that India would be saved from them and their plans.. Hindu Nationalists are already terrorizing Christians across India. Known as “saffron terrorists” by the color of their robes, they have been committing such atrocities such as cutting the tongues of Christians from their mouths, destroying Christian schools, and calling for all Christians to be sterilized to prevent them from reproducing. The violence is so bad that police are recording on average an attack on a Christian by a Hindu nnationalist every 40 hours.

The BJP are violent Hindu nationalists who hate Christianity and want to institute what they called the “Hindutva Rashtra,” which is their concept of a “perfect” Hindu state that will be realized by the mass purging of all non-Hindu ideas and people. This means committing genocide against India’s Christian population. As we at Shoebat.com reported on, this has been a plan in the works for years by Hindu nationalists that has been exposed recently by former BJP members, who they say they party is hoping to executed within a decade:

Catholic leaders have accused the pro-Hindu state government in Goa, western India, of inciting terrorist activities and the promotion of Hindu fundamentalist ideologies across the country.

The accusation follows a three-day conclave, involving some 130 pro-Hindu organizations, that called on followers to hang beef eaters and initiate violence against Hindus who believe in secular ideologies.

Goa and Daman Archdiocese’s Council for Social Justice and Peace questioned the government’s inaction over “conventions that propagate divisive, anti-national and terrorist ideologies,” in the Christian-stronghold state.

A Hindu nun, Sadhvi Saraswati, who addressed the assembly reportedly declared that Hindu groups would establish a Hindu-only nation in India within a decade.

The resolutions passed at the meeting included the declaration of India as a Hindu Rashtra (nation) by 2023, a ban on cattle slaughter, and the declaration of the cow as the national animal. (source, source)

Our report was confirmed by a regular Shoebat.com reader, who added the following three comments:

Yes. This news report is true. In fact, I have a close friend, a convert to Christianity, a former Hindu nationalist himself. He gave me inside knowledge of what is going on in meetings. They are waiting for a “global event” such as world war 3 that can weaken America or western nations, after which they intend to assume full control of India, infiltrate Indian army with Hindu extremist men, police etc and they plan to collect citizen’s details using the central government bio-metric database called Aadhar, where they have insiders working. The Government has been busy pushing all citizens to take up the biometric ID. They plan to round up all the Christians and Muslims, ask them to bow to a Hindu image or decapitate them. In simple words, they plan to exterminate ALL the Christians inside India. Catholics, protestants, fringe Pentecostals, everyone. They hate the Roman Catholics the most, followed by the Pentecostal sects. They also plan to kill several Christian leaders in Kerala state especially and kill most of the Kerala and Tamil Christians too in South India, as they see the growing population of Christians in south India to be a major threat. They intend to accomplish this goal by 2030. And as of now, there is a growing threat of world war 3 involving China, U.S, Russia etc. So such evil is getting close.

In additional news, Modi is visiting Israel. Hindu nationalists and Jewish nationalists are very close to each other. Pray to God, that their influence in Israel will cease.

A word of advise to Pakistani Christians :

Please don’t flee to India or Sri lanka, in the coming years Hindu nationalists and Sri lankan Sinhala Buddhist nationalists will kill Christians as part of their plan to exterminate Christianity. So please rule these 2 countries out to seek refuge in the future.

Also some Hindu natonalists are trying to “disprove” Aryan-Dravidian divide by using fake or paid studies by corrupt researchers that Indians are one ancient Hindu race. That is not true. More research is now showing that India has been populated by different people groups. The black skinned/dark skinned indigenous Dravidians and other indigenous aboriginal people have been in India long before the central Asian and Persian blooded people came. Upper class Hindus are trying to hide this truth. Of course some mixture took place among many Indians, but Hinduism is an outside religion. It has no roots in India. Persian Zoroastrianism and ancient Hinduism even share common themes, showing its origin from central Asia/Iran region. Hinduism carries an ancient racial hatred, same as Hitler. The same evil of Hitler is found in Hinduism.

The above article by Walid and theodore is 100% correct and affirms the truth. (source)

Yogi Adityanath, who is mentioned in the story, is himself an admitted Hindu terrorist with a violent past. He personally has admitted to being invovled in forcibly “converting” 1800 Christians back to Hinduism, and openly states that his mission is to bring about the Hindutva Rashtra. He has been involved in fomenting as well as leading riots against Christians and Muslims, he founded a Hindu terrorist youth group, and in one speech he even commanded fellow Hindus to dig up the graves of deceased Muslim women and rape the corpses to desecrate them.

In Adityanath’s victory speech, he viciously attacked the “Guajrati” model of economics. The “Guajrati” model is named after the state of Guajrat in western India, and has been adopted by the BJP. Without going into too much detail about the particulars, the essence of the Guajrati model is that it emphasizes a capital-based approach to economic development that invites domestic and foreign investment as well as the integration of people into the economic system based on skill or ability to acquire skill as opposed to class. In India’s case, it means extending skill-based economic participation to all social groups regardless of caste or religious group, meaning that the low castes of India were given more economic power as well as Muslims, Christians, and other pagans. The BJP adopted this model because it has been a general success for Guajrat and has made the state very wealthy. However, it has also been controversial because given the ultranationalist character of the BJP, some such as Yogi Adityanath argue it is bad because it gives fair economic treatment to all groups of people regardless of caste or religion.

Yogi Adityanath and those in the BJP who follow his direction, which continues to grow, argue that whether or not India is able to have a sustainable economy is less important than racial purity and following the Hindu caste system. According to his logic, which is admired by many Hindus, is that they would rather India return to a state of tribalism if it means committing genocide against the Christians and other non-Hindus in an attempt to create a nation based on a racist philosophy than it is to have a successful, prosperous nation if it means even suggesting that a non-Hindu or lower caste Hindu might have a farthing of power or money.

What is happening in India should disturb all Christians, because not only is it a great and manifest evil, but it is a reflection of what is happening worldwide. Germany, Japan, Turkey, and even the United States are turning towards policies that promote eugenics based upon racialist, darwinian ideas coupled with nationalist sentiments and socialist economic policies.

The world is descending quickly into a great darkness in which no nation will be spared. We are simply watching it develop in real time.