The Wise Man Is The One Who Knows When To Speak And When To Be Silent

The wise will keep quiet till the right moment, but a garrulous fool will always misjudge it. -Ecclesiasticus 20:7

Yesterday, I wrote a piece about the situation of the Church bombing in Sri Lanka. In it, I advised that it is in the interest of Christians to keep silent about criticism of Islam because if they did criticize Islam, which they have a right to do, it would have the unintentional effect of justifying Hindu and Buddhist militarism using Islam as a cover, as their real intentions are to massacre Christians as well as Muslims in the name of nationalism:

Christians have every right to be upset about the terrorist attack, but they also need to understand the situation is far worse than they can imagine. The best way to speak up in this situation is to keep silent, not because of a lack of awareness or any gesture of submission, but because there are no good responses that will help the Christians save for showing mercy to those who do not deserve it, as it is the best weapon against the Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists alike. To do so otherwise is to give ammunition for a genocide against the very people one is trying to protect by speaking up. (source)

Note the counsel of Sacred Scripture that I opened with, from the Book of Ecclesiasticus. While it is good to be bold and to speak boldly, there is a time for doing so, and also a time for keeping silent as the Book of Ecclesiastes notes:

A time to rend, and a time to sew;
a time to be silent, and a time to speak. -Ecclesiastes 3:7

The practical wisdom behind this shows itself true throughout history. To know when to speak and how to speak is as just as important as when not to speak. Likewise, some of the people who speak loudly may not be fools, but rather one’s enemy pretending to be a friend.

Consider the case of Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and many of their associates. Their front is activism, education, and advocacy against Islam, but as has exclusively shown through thorough investigation, Islam is only the issue meant for public consumption, as the real motive is to rally support for nationalism and nationalistic causes. These nationalist groups we identified were not mere “patriotic” groups, but groups supporting genocide, mass murder, government militarism, drug peddling, satanism, and a modern form of the same eugenics practiced by Hitler and Hirohito. (read more about these topics here and here)

Denis Diderot

The famous philosopher, writer, and thinker of the 18th century Denis Diderot is credited with creating the first encyclopedia, a monumental accomplishment of putting at that time a summary of the world’s knowledge into a series of books. Yet education was a cover for his real motives, which were to advance atheism and attack Christianity using the cover of “knowledge.”

Much of the history of American foreign policy and her intelligence networks post-World War II can be summarized as raising advocacy about real disputes and taking a particular side in a given dispute to an extreme position, or artificially inflaming disputes on one or both sides through direct covert actions so to justify a reason to the public as to why a certain policy should be accepted. (read more in our exclusive research here)

The devil always appears as an angel of light so to best deceive men to accept his ideas.

Having noted the above examples, I want to turn to a holy pope in recent times whose actions, like many holy men of the past, are a model for others to follow in.

Pope Pius XII

Eugenio Pacelli was elected to the Papal Office in March 1939, almost exactly six months before the German invasion of Poland using the Gleiwitz Incident as a justification.

Known since then and today as Pius XII, he was always concerned about the German people, the Catholics of Germany, and the ideas of Hitler and his supporters that were rising in popularity. Two years before his election, he wrote an encyclical entitled Mit Brennender Sorge (read the full text here) for his predecessor, Pope Pius XI. In this encyclical, the previous pope and the future Pius XII outlined in detail the philosophy of National Socialism and why it is evil, and that German Catholics and Germans of good will need to oppose it as well as the rest of the world.

Pope Pius XII had spoken out against National Socialism using the most effective tool that he had, which is the use of his position in the Vatican.

Detractors have claimed that Pius XII did not “do enough” because, as they say, he did not “speak out” publicly against Hitler during the Second World War. Yet this was part of his strategy, for as our own Walid Shoebat noted in one of his studies on Pope Pius XII:

The “silence” of the pope is becoming more and more firmly established as settled opinion in the American media: “Pius XII’s elevation of Catholic self-interest over Catholic conscience was the lowest point in modern Catholic history,” the New York Times remarked, almost in passing, in a review last month of Carroll’s Constantine’s Sword.

Curiously, nearly everyone pressing this line today—from the ex-seminarians John Cornwell and Garry Wills to the ex-priest James Carroll—is a lapsed or angry Catholic. For Jewish leaders of a previous generation, the campaign against Pius XII would have been a source of shock.

Were the well-known Jews; Albert Einstein, Golda Meir, Moshe Sharett, Rabbi Isaac Herzog, and innumerable others lying when they publicly expressed their gratitude to Pius?

Was the diplomat Pinchas Lapide lying when he wrote his 1967 book “Three Popes and the Jews”?

Lapide who served as Israeli consul in Milan and interviewed Italian Holocaust survivors declared Pius XII “was instrumental in saving at least 700,000, but probably as many as 860,000 Jews from certain death at Nazi hands.” (7)

Slander is easy to do. It requires only that favorable evidence be read in the worst light and treated to the strictest test, while unfavorable evidence is read in the best light and treated to no test. (8)

I know this myself, I can contribute so much to humanity, to only be equated by a false report by CNN.

So many are the examples on Pope Pius’s aid and heroic acts for the Jewish people. On June 15th, 1940, some 500 Jews embarked at Bratslaba on a leaky Danube steamer headed for Palestine. Four months and untold deprivations later, the ship tried to enter the port of Istanbul. When the Turkish coast guard refused to admit them, their ship headed southwest—to be captured two days later by an Italian patrol boat, which led to their imprisonment in a camp on Rhodes. When rumors spoke of an imminent handover to the German authorities, Herman Herskovich, the son of one of the group leaders, managed to reach Italy, and in Rome obtained an audience with the Pope. The latter’s intervention resulted in the transfer of all 500 refugees to a hastily improvised camp in Southern Calabria near the tip of the Italian boot.” (9)

Pope Pius XII is condemned for “not speaking out”.

But heroism is not only “speaking out” but doing action work without letting your left hand know what the right hand is doing.

But if the Vatican’s so-called silence is anti-Semitic, how could the critics answer; was it not partly due to Vatican pressure that 20,000 Jewish refugees from central Europe were brought into Italy?

In the Middle East, it is said that if speech was made of silver, silence is made of gold, had Pope Pius fully spoken out on the Jews, it would put the Vatican in immense danger and would have brought the attention of the Nazis. (source)

You can read the entire article from 2014 here, and it is highly recommended reading as Walid demonstrates the effectiveness of the holy Pontiff’s approach.

Pius XII was not “silent” because he was giving his consent to the Nationalists.

He was silent because it was the most effective way to rescue those who the Nationalists were persecuting. Tens of thousands of Jews then and countless more today owe their lives to Pius XII, whose strategic silence allowed for the Church to save Jews being persecuted.

Make no mistake, many of the Christians of India and the Subcontinent are in a historically similar position that so many of the Jews found themselves in during the years leading up to the Reich.

We know what happened in the Second World War. “Never again” was the cry of the entire world, Jews and non-Jews alike. Yet fallen human nature is traveling down the road she did just a century ago. The places and faces may have changed, for now instead of the Ashkenazi and Slavic faces of Central and Eastern Europe it is the Dravidian and Aryan faces of those on the lands of the Subcontinent, but the destination is still the same, which is to a death camp.

The game of geopolitics being played out today is driving the entire world to war, and it is going to be the innocent who suffer. If one is rightly horrified at what happened in Sri Lanka to those Catholics attending mass, one should be even more horrified to know that what happened there is what the Hindu and Buddhist nationalists are actively preparing to do but involving millions of people, and that they are so evil that they are using the very persecution of Christians so they can justify their turn to murder them at a future time.

Silence here is not a weakness. It is the same strategy used by Pope Pius XII to save Jews from the German National Socialists, except in a different place and time.

The Hindu Existence website is a major anti-Christian blog which aggressively promotes Hindu nationalism, frequently attacks Christianity and even defends anti-Christian paganism, such as in an article here. But then, as I have warned, it invokes the Church bombing in Sri Lanka to justify “stopping jihad” here in this article and with the following image:

“Stopping jihad”? Where have we heard the usage of such phraseology before?

Yes, from the same individuals who stand side-by-side in support of National Socialists, pagans, domestic terrorists, drug traffickers, and devil worshippers while defending and praising sodomites and marketing for sodomite porn.

Robert Spencer with the atheist and sodomite nationalist Douglas Murray. You can read about their work together in the Shoebat archives.

The strategy we have warned about is coming into form before your eyes.

Let us then take to heart the words of Sacred Scripture- to bless those who curse us be they Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist, to help the living, to pray for and bury the dead, and most importantly, to do so in submission to the advice given by Christ himself and followed by Pope Pius XII:

Behold, I am sending you like sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and simple as doves. -Matthew 10:16

In this particular case, silence is the strategy of the wise, while bold speech is either the words of a man who does not understand the totality of the events which are taking place, or it is the malice of the wicked clamoring for more wickedness.

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