Lara Trump Shills For The Return Of German Militarism On National Television

President Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump made a recent statement on Fox where she declared that the refugees were one of “the worst things ever to happen to Germany”:

Apparently, Adolf Hitler and Nazism are not the definitive worst thing to have happened to Germany—at least if you were to ask Lara Trump.

Appearing Thursday morning on Fox Business Network’s Varney and Co., the presidential daughter-in-law and Trump 2020 campaign consultant and host Stuart Varney reacted to footage of Central American migrants—the “mother of all caravans which is approaching our southern border,” as Varney described it.

The host declared that such footage reminded him of the millions of Syrian and Middle Eastern refugees that migrated to Europe a few years ago in search of refugee status, lamenting that German Chancellor Angela Merkel “let them in.”

This prompted Trump to deliver her own take on Deutschland history.

“It was the downfall of Germany. It was one of the worst things to ever happen to Germany,” she said without a hint of irony.

“This president knows that. He’s trying to prevent that from happening here,” she added. “But Congress has got to get their act together and do the right thing for the American people.”

While economic forecasters have downgraded their current expectations for Germany—largely due to trade disputes with America and a messy Brexit deal in the United Kingdom—one would be hard-pressed to claim that slow growth represents the “downfall” of a country. Especially when that nation literally collapsed once because of the Third Reich.

But whatever. (source, source)

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that everything which Lara Trump said is true.

The fundamental question is then, why did Germany let them in to begin with? has emphasized and shown with definitive proof since 2016 that the “refugee crisis” was manufactured by the governments of Europe and the US with the direct collaboration of major corporations, NGOs, charities, and other organizations.

You can read our original analysis of it here, and you can read a follow up over a year later here, where more evidence emerged reinforcing the previous conclusion and showing blatant cooperation between human smugglers and the European militaries, which went so far as to use Facebook to arrange for transportation and pickup.




(source, source)

Poor people from sub-saharan Africa, the Middle East, and southern Asia were not “invading” Europe at all. They were being invited in by the governments who paid for their transportation and food into their own nations.

Even if these people wanted to “invade” through as mass migration, showed here how this is a near impossibility for most people unless somebody else paid for and facilitated the movement.

The Europeans governments were not unprepared. To the contrary, they knew what would happen when these people came in the way that they did. One only needs to look at the immigration requirement to any western European nation to see that if one wants to come “legally,” unless one is very wealthy or has very specific, advanced and technical skills along with a strong drive to integrate into the culture it is nearly impossible.

The governments of Europe wanted people who are for the most part poor, uneducated, and lacking in any ability to provide for themselves or future of true integration into European society for this very reason. People who are unable to fit into a society become demoralized, confused, or listless, and while some will eventually struggle through to better themselves, most will not. Lacking purpose or meaning, these aimless majorities historically begin to engage in criminal activity regardless of the society or time in history. Since many of these people are being put on welfare as the only means of sustenance, they become a net fiscal liability, and in a large enough quantity could bankrupt the treasuries of these respective nations. This is exactly what Germany and her neighbors want, because in combination with the fact that these people do not “look” or “sound” European, they governments can turn to them and blame them for “destroying the nation” and “stealing our money” even though it was they who wanted this to happen. Public hatred will grow against them, and this will rationalize in the mind of the public a militaristic approach toward them.

This is the connection between the anti-Islam and anti-immigration movements to nationalism, which is followed by militarism.

Lara references the “migrant caravan” in reference to the German manufactured crisis, and as we have pointed out, the “mother of all caravans” is an American version of the European situation. Alleged “threats” being made by “migrants against Trump” have turned out to be nothing but propaganda, and the entire spectacle is meant to incite nationalist sentiments in the people.

Lara Trump is saying these things as she is campaigning for her father as she is also helping him complete his work in the White House, which is not to “Make America Great Again,” but to popularize nationalism around the world again so that a future president can leverage said nationalism to militarism in a major war. It is already working in the US, as there are major figures, including so-called “Christian preachers” who have been calling for a race war against “migrants” using all the terminology of the 19th century racists but without the specific term itself.

Germany is falling apart, and while in public she bewails her state, she is in private with her friends dancing the Schuhplattler while sipping a nice, cool Bockbier and happily grinning to the sound of the accordion, for the collapse of the German nation is what she needs in order that from the ashes she may see herself reborn again by the rage of the masses, which will kindle the flames of war that she has so often done throughout history and is doing again in modern times.

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