Left Wing Abortion Advocate Says That An Unborn Child Is Not A Human Being

By Theodore Shoebat

An evil left wing feminist by the name of Christine Quinn recently said, in a debate with Rick Santorum, that an unborn child is not a human:

At 5:36 Sontorum makes a very good argument: if the unborn child is not a human and truly is a part of the woman’s body, then could the mother have a chemical injected into the fetus in order to induce blindness so that when the child is born he will live without sight? If the answer is no (since it is obviously immoral), then that fetus is not just a mere organ of the woman’s body, nor simply an embedded part of the woman’s body, but a separate living human being. Moreover, if an unborn child is not a human being, then why are scientists using the organs of children murdered in the womb for “medical research”? Tell me that this little living being, with its own organs, its own heart and lungs, its own brains, kidney and muscles, is not a human being with its own God-given rights.

If these unborn babies are not humans, then why do these scientists, when they do their horrid experiments on human fetuses, do they list the gender and race of the fetuses whose organs they use in their “research”? For example, there is Rong Mao, the section chief of the molecular genetics section at ARUP Laboratories. She has worked with Kathleen Gardinerwho organized a 2004 conference on Down syndrome in which Mao was a speaker. Mao has partnered several times with H. Ronald Zielke, the director of the NIH Brain and Tissue Bank for Developmental Disorders, using the flesh of murdered embryos.

In a 2005 research document, Mao and her team wrote on using many aborted human embryos who had Down syndrome. The document shows that in the experiment was used “the cerebral cortex of a human TS21 [Down syndrome] fetus” and they also used the hearts of these unborn murdered Down syndrome children, since the document refers to “TS21 fetal hearts”. The document also says that “cerebella were dissected from frozen fetal brains.”  When writing on the source of the “materials” for the experiment, the document says:

“All human tissues were obtained from the Brain and Tissue Bank for Developmental Disorders at the University of Maryland with informed consent using Institutional Review Board-approved protocols.”

At the end of the document, Mao and her team give their acknowledgments: “We thank H Ronald Zielke (Brain and Tissue Bank, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, USA) and Robert Vigorito (Brain and Tissue Bank, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, USA) for supplying fetal tissue and cell lines.”

The document provides a chart showing information for each of the human embryos used in the experiment, providing their race, gender, how old they were, and which parts of their bodies that were used in the experiment. These unborn babies ranged from 17 to 20 weeks in development, which is very developed:

So the unborn children are classified as “not human” when such words are fitting propaganda for the acolytes of infanticide, but when it really comes down to the utilizing of the murdered embryos, only then do these murderers speak of the race, the gender and age of these beings who were never even given the right to birth. They are only given the terms of an identity when they are murdered, and deprived of any identity when their killers want to dehumanize them in order to justify the taking of their right to birth. The Left will speak about “rights” but will give not a single expression of affirmation to the right to be born, which really should trump all other rights; for without the right to be born, how then can you enjoy any other right?

What this is about, ultimately, is the establishment of a totalitarianism that will dictate all rights; for just as all rights depend on the right to be born, the removing of the right to birth means the neutralization of all rights.