Trump Negotiates Deal To Help Fornicating Sodomites Get Free Pre-HIV Infection Medication Treatment

Trump loves to brag about he can make ‘great deals’. According to recent news reports, Trump just made a deal with Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of the PreP, which is anti-viral HIV medication that sodomites take in order that they can sodomize each other openly and without the theoretical fear of contracting HIV. As per the terms of said deal, Gilead will “donate” enough medication for 200,000 sodomites for eleven years:


he risk of HIV transmission for up to 200,000 people a year, the Trump administration says.

The agreement between Gilead and the Trump administration will last until at least Dec. 31, 2025, and possibly through the end of 2030, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said in a statement Thursday. Gilead will donate its PrEP medication Truvada, which is used to reduce the risk of HIV infection and usually sells for $1,600 to $2,000 a month in the United States.

The deal will “help us achieve our goal of ending the HIV epidemic in America!,” President Donald Trump said in a tweet.

Trump has pledged to end the HIV epidemic in the United States by 2030, a goal long sought by public health advocates. According to the latest data from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, about 36.9 million people worldwide are living with HIV or AIDS, and an estimated 21.7 million of those people are using antiretroviral medicines to suppress the infection.

Gilead said it will donate its Truvada pill until a second-generation version, Descovy, becomes available. The Trump administration has agreed to cover costs associated with distributing the drugs.

“Securing this commitment is a major step in the Trump Administration’s efforts to use the prevention and treatment tools we have to end the HIV epidemic in America by 2030,” Azar said.

California-based Gilead Sciences dominates the $26 billion-a-year HIV medication market. (source)

In September 2018, I warned that “Generation Z” could become Generation HIV because of the high numbers of homosexuals in them and how so many are having “unprotected” or “risky” sexual relations with each other. PreP has been a direct contributor to this risk because it gives homosexuals a false impression of safety, that if they take a pill, they will not get HIV. This is entirely not true, since while no medicine is necessarily effective for all, it only works on certain HIV strains, and it is a known fact that the virus which causes AIDS is actively mutating and has already rendered the pill ineffective in certain areas of the world. It is only a matter of time before these strains spread to the US. The result will likely be an HIV/AIDS crisis worse than that of the 1980s, and this time there will likely be not a cure for the LGBT.

It is true that HIV is a public health crisis, but handing out tools to enable more of the same actions that perpetuate the disease is not a solution, but a political favor, as the LGBT represents a powerful lobbying force in the government since they have the support of a supermajority of Americans.

The way to deal with the LGBT if one is serious is to, for starters, look at the measures recommended by Dr. Stanley Monteith in his book AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic. These included a forcible quarantine of persons infected with HIV that represented an active potential to spread the disease, the closing of sodomite bath houses and clubs, as well as laws and a registry of persons with HIV.

The rise of the LGBT in power has causes the reverse of all of these things to happen. Sodomites have freedoms unprecedented in history, and what it has resulted in is the continual spread of HIV, the loosening of laws meant to stop the spread of the disease, and the elevation of the disease to that of a social status within LGBT circles so much that people either care not about it at all and so disregard safety (as though one can be safe when engaging in dangerous and immoral behavior) and but also view it as a sign of social status.

Trump is clearly pandering for votes, just as he did in the 2016 campaign when he held a pride flag up. However, this is even worse because before he was associating himself with a symbol, while this time he is taking active steps that will facilitate their actions and with that, the transmission of a disease that is incurable and serious public health crisis.

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