The United States Government Wants Japan To Have Nuclear Weapons

By Theodore Shoebat

Just recently, the Joint Force Quarterly, a military newspaper that is published by the National Defense University, a national security university funded by the Department of Defense, released an article pushing the United States government to give Japan American nukes. In the article, entitled: Twenty-first Century Nuclear Deterrence, it reads,

“Furthermore, the United States should strongly consider a potentially controversial new concept involving custodial sharing of nonstrategic nuclear capabilities during times of crisis with select Asia-Pacific partners, specifically Japan and the Republic of Korea.”

This goes in line with what Trump said during his campaign:

“Unfortunately, we have a nuclear world now… Would I rather have North Korea have [nuclear weapons] with Japan sitting there having them also? You may very well be better off if that’s the case. … If they’re attacked… we have to come totally to their defense. And that is a — that’s a real problem.”

The paper published by the Joint Force Quarterly actually states that Japan wants to go nuclear because it does not trust that the US would be reliable in case of a war, and then goes on to quote Henry Kissinger that nuclear weapons must inundate Asia:

In response to North Korean missile testing, Japan and South Korea reportedly considered “the nuclear option, driven by worry that the United States might hesitate to defend the countries if doing so might provoke a missile launched from the North at Los Angeles or Washington.” Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger echoed this sentiment of potential proliferation: “If they continue to have nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons must spread in the rest of Asia.”

The article is a reflection of US policy towards Japan, which has been in favor of a spark in Japanese militarism for decades. The United States government understands that once Japan gets a sense that the US will not help it in the case of a war it will pursue the possession of nuclear weapons. This issue was made known in a report addressed to the Committee on Foreign Relations of the United States Senate in 2008, entitled: Chain Reaction: Avoiding a Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East, in which it says:

“In the cases of Germany and Japan, both countries can easily obtain nuclear weapons but have chosen not to because of their integration beneath a NATO (Germany) or an American (Japan) security umbrella. Today, all of these countries have the technical capacity to obtain nuclear weapons in a matter of months or a few short years. Yet, they chose not to because of their respective cost-benefit analyses. Pursuing nuclear weapons demands a large amount of finite money and other resources and could invite punishing international political pressure and economic sanctions. At the same time, little need exists to pursue such an undesirable policy because these countries do not view nuclear weapons as necessary for their national security. This belief derives primarily from the fact that these countries rest comfortably beneath a U.S. or U.S.-led security umbrella. If these countries ever begin to question the reliability of this security umbrella, they would almost certainly reassess past nuclear weapons decisions.”

Trump has been signaling uncertainty to the Japanese when it comes to defense. For example, Tump recently said:

“I said, look, if someone attacks Japan, we go after them and we are in a battle, full force, in effect … If somebody should attack the United States, they don’t have to do that. That’s unfair.”

The reason why the US gives a guarantee of defense to the Japanese is not because it really feels a moral duty to defend Japan; its to control Japan, this is the only reason. By having Japanese come under the wing of the American security umbrella, Japan is then within the fold of America’s global empire. But, if the Japanese are not given that concrete guarantee of American protection, then the apparent incentive to remain a US ally is lost. And perhaps, this is what both the Americans and the Japanese want: an independent militarist Japan. Once America leaves its role as the holder of world security, then she will lose her grip on the position as maintainer of the world order; other countries will rebel and seek their own independence. Americans should not see their country as just an individual nation just like every other country, because its not. America is an empire, a global hegemony that wants to rule the world (and does rule most of the world). But, it appears that there are certain sinister forces within the US government that want to unleash the beasts of the past and have another major war.

If you want “nationalism” then prepare for the global power of the earth to allow the nationalisms of other countries to be unchained. But be careful what you wish for, not all nationalisms are the same, and some carry a more vicious streak than others. A Japanese nationalism is not going to be just flag waving, but the waving of guns, of blades and bombs, and the upholding of a sadism that will lead to horrid destruction and bloodshed. And the United States does not care if Japan commits the most egregious crimes. How do I know this? The US protected the scientists who were a part of Unit 731 which conducted the most sadistic human experimentation you can ever read about. The fact that America protected these demonic people indicates where compassion and humanity are on the priorities of the United States. Why did Washington protect these monsters? Because, just like in Operation Paperclip, the US was interested in the ‘research’ that Unit 731 had and so traded protection for their very well documented ‘results.’

The fact that so many American and Allied troops were slaughtered and tortured, and even buried alive, by the Japanese war machine, does not make the US scrupulous about expressing enthusiasm for creating a nuclear Japan. Here lies the scandal of war. Uncle Sam will scream: GO OUT AND SHOOT A JAP, only to later say, PROTECT THESE SCIENTISTS WHO COMMITTED ATROCITIES. Uncle Sam will say, GO OUT AND SHOOT A GERMAN, GO AND STORM THE BEACHES OF NORMANDY IN THE FACE OF WELL FORTIFIED BUNKERS AND HEAVY MACHINE GUNS, only to later say, PROTECT THIS NAZI SCIENTIST AND GIVE HIM A NICE FAT ANUAL SALARY.

This is the scandal — and the scam — of war.

Tens of millions slaughtered by the Japanese, only for the US, almost immediately after the war, to reindustrialize and remilitarize them solely for the purpose of protecting and bolstering the US dollar in East Asia. All of these soldiers died, and they say they fought for their country. And this is true. But, why further insult the souls of all those slaughtered by the Japanese by giving or allowing Japan to have nuclear weapons?

Its all very strange. But reality is indeed stranger than fiction.