Jewish Woman Who Publicly Stands In Association With National Socialist Terrorists Sows Anti-Catholic Hatred Against Pope Francis And Pius XII has exposed with detailed evidence multiple times the direct connections between the “counter-jihad” movement and the current nationalist and national socialist movement in Europe as well as with open satanists promoting a revival of national socialist paganism.

Pope Pius XII was staunchly against the nationalist movements and the national socialists as was his predecessor, Pius XI, who both wrote against it in the encyclical Mit Brennender Sorge. During the war, he helped save so many Jews from unjust persecution that the Chief Rabbi of Rome, Emmanuel Zolli, was so moved that he perfected his Judaism and embraced the Catholic Faith after the war.

So what does Pamela Geller have to say about this? She re-hashes the trope of “Hitler’s Pope”, says that “the Vatican has learned nothing from the Holocaust,” and then attacks Pope Francis:

Perhaps a more apt analogy would comparing Pope Francis to Pius XII, “Hitler’s pope”, who failed to publicly to condemn the genocide of Europe’s Jews. History will not be kind to Pop Francis’s support of the hijrah, his silence in condemning the Islamic genocide of Christians in Africa and the Middle East or the jihad against the Jews.

The Vatican has learned nothing from the Holocaust. The Pope has taken all the wrong lessons from the horrors of World War II and the widely condemned complicity of Hitler’s Pope.

There is much to be criticized about in Pope Francis’ pontificate, of which I and many other have correctly written on. However, the situation with the migration crisis is not one of them.

Immigration is consistently used as an issue by nationalists to foist support for their cause, which is ultimately to leverage support for militarism leading to war. This is a historical constant and is happening today again.

It is true that the migrants have caused many problems, but one must also ask, how did the migrants get into Europe in the first place? They certainly did not invade, and it has been likewise consistently confirmed that Germany was allowing just about anybody into their nation from the Middle East and Africa and without any screening.

For the sake of argument, look at the immigration requirements for Germany as it pertains to legal immigration. It is highly difficult for most people to immigrate to Germany even if they want to.

Does this mean that Germans are “stupid”? Far from it. Indeed, one does not become the fourth largest economy in the world with a nation the size of Texas and a population of 80 million by being dumb.

The only answer would have to be part of a plot to cause internal instability, and this certainly has been working. They don’t want “legal” immigration because that would assume a desire to integrate and have a stable society, and such does not create the conditions conducive to a war.

And don’t think the migrants are just going to be ignored by Germany. Indeed, there is a very strong chance, as I and others have pointed out, that if they are not used as “cannon fodder” in a future military draft, that Germany would likely not have a problem murdering them in mass as she has done with other peoples in the past.

Does one likewise not believe that Pope Francis is not aware of these factors on at least some level, and would consider that perhaps this motivates him to say what he says? Indeed, the purpose of the Church is to look out for the good will of all people as a human family, and while not opposed to individual pursuits, cannot support private gain at the loss of the great many.

It is said that one will know a man by his associations. What is to be said of Pamela Geller, who consistently associates herself with men who hold direct connections to ultranationalist and national socialist affiliated groups that are also involved in militarism?

If Pope Pius XII supported the national socialists- which he clearly did not -and just idly ignored the plight of the suffering, would Pamela Geller have anything good to say about him? Certainly not. However, the same Pamela Geller will also stand in silence while ignoring the direct involvement of Jewish individuals in the highest ranks of the Reich that have been documented in meticulous detail at If Catholics are willing- and rightly so -to criticize those who stood with the national socialists when they should have acted differently, what gives a self-admitted Jew such as Pamela Geller an excuse to criticize non-Jews when she has (as far as I have seen) never once discussed the Jewish involvement in the Reich?

Likewise, what would Pamela say if Pope Francis stood with the identitarians of today and then in the future they did commit a massacre? Would she admit her mistake, or following in her past history, delete her previous blog posts, deny involvement, and then point a finger at Pope Francis and say “Look at what the Pope said, I never said anything, I don’t know what you are talking about?”

Pamela Geller’s actions indicate that she is not interested in fighting the “jihad” as she says, but as has discussed, is just a small gear in a larger machine that is leveraging the inherent dysfunction of Islam in order to drive support for nationalist policies for the benefit of the military-industrial complex. Her many years of involvement with major figures in these circles suggest that she is far more than an innocent bystander, but is rather aware of her actions and has no problems with them as long as it serves her personal financial benefit.

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