The Trump Administration Now Wants To Deport Cripples And Deformed People

The Trump administration wants to deport people like Maria Bueso (right) who suffers from a disability and gets treatment in the United States

By Theodore Shoebat

The real threat to the United States is not war, famine or disease, nor corporations worth hundreds of billions and can one encroach on your privacy, your freedoms and may just one day put people in slave labor camps. The threat to the US is not its own government which can surveil every phone conversation or everything you do online, put people in internment camps, enact eugenic policy or kill innocent people all under the name of “national security.” Nope. None of these are any real serious threat to anyone. The real danger are all of these cripples in America, living here without proper papers. These people need to be deported …

… according to the United States government whose flag you salute like some sanctimonious ritual.

Cripples from other countries are now apparently the threat to American society.

Just look at the story of Maria Isabel Bueso, a woman with Mucopolysaccharidosis VI ( form of dwarfism) who came to the US from Guatemala at the age of seven years old, and who is now being told that she must leave the country or else face deportation. Thats right — a woman with a physical impediment who has been living in the US since she was just seven years old is now seen as threatening enough to deport. 

And no, she did not cross the border illegally. She was invited to come to the US by doctors who were looking for a cure for her rare medical condition that leads people to die at very young ages. It was very difficult to find patients willing to go through the trial for the treatment, and so Bueso was instrumental in its development. But, thanks to Ms. Bueso’s enrollment in the medical program, the Food and Drug Administration approved of a medication that has increased survival by more than a decade. Bueso was told that she would not survive adolescence, but now she is 24 years old thanks to this treatment. But just recently Bueso received a letter that she has 33 days to leave the country or else she will face deportation. Her lawyer, doctor and mother have described this sinister measure as a “death sentence”.  Paul Harmatz, the pediatric gastroenterologist who was a key doctor in the original trial for the treatment of Ms. Bueso, said that:

“Stopping this therapy will dramatically shorten her life span … “We have watched her grow up and mature, and become a responsible young adult, a leader advocating nationally … If you take it away, it will be a rapid return to her previous state. Death would be the outcome.”

This action comes as a result of the US government removing a “deferred action” program this month which protected immigrants who are undergoing medical treatment from deportation. Ms. Bueso is rightfully terrified, saying: “I have been feeling super scared and overwhelmed … The treatment that I receive keeps me alive.”

Her family was given a letter that said that the only people that would be accepted this “deferred action” would be members of the military. But those like Bueso would have to leave or authorities would “commence removal proceedings”, according to the New York Times which reviewed the letter. Ayanna Pressley, a Democrat Representative from Massachusetts announced that she is planning for a congressional oversight hearing on the issue upon hearing  about 20 patients who had received denial letters for renewals.

“What’s so troubling about this, beyond the cruelty of it, is the lack of transparency around the process,” she said. “There was no public comment period, not even a public announcement of this, and so I’m working with my colleagues to get answers and to urge this administration to change course.”

But fanatics for deportation of course would agree with deporting these frail and disabled people, since its so vital for the survival of America that such persons be kicked out of the country, regardless of their ailments and the treatment needed for them to survive. What is ironic is that people who call themselves “pro-life” would be in favor for deporting these people. How can you be a defender of the unborn, and of children with Down’s syndrome, and then be in favor for the deportation of a woman whose life depends on treatment in the United States? If we are going to be pro-life, we must be pro-life for all situations.  Remember what the Divine Law teaches humanity: You shall neither mistreat a stranger nor oppress him (Exodus 22:21)