Mother Forces Toddlers To Have Sex While She Livestreams It To Her Boyfriend

A mother and her boyfriend were jailed for five decades after she was caught forcing toddlers to have sex and then live streaming it for her boyfriend to watch according to a report:

AN EVIL mum made toddlers have sex with each other while her paedo boyfriend watched the sickening footage over social media.

Florida man Roberto Oquendo, 38, has been caged for 50 years for conspiracy to produce child pornography and production of child porn.

The court also ordered Oquendo to forfeit two cellphones that he had used in connection with his heinous crimes – to which he pleaded guilty on January 30.

His co-conspirator, girlfriend Rose Litzky, 33, forced children to engage in sexually explicit conduct for the paedo’s viewing and sexual gratification, according to justice department officials.

A federal jury has previously found Litzky guilty of conspiracy to produce child porn, production of child pornography, and possession of child pornography.

Her sentencing hearing is set for October 15, 2019.

Investigators have not detailed her relationship to her victims.

Metro reports that Litzky had publicly portrayed herself as a loving mum online, sharing happy family snaps of shopping trips or visits to wildlife attractions.

But her twisted and sordid secret life was exposed after cops pulled over her boyfriend during a traffic stop.

Deputies from Brevard County Sheriff’s Office had been tipped off about Oquendo possibly being in possession of child porn.

While interviewed by FBI agents and Homeland Security officials, the pervert told them he had used a mobile to take explicit photos of children.

During a raid on his home in Brevard County, investigators seized “thousands of images and videos of the children, who were toddlers at the time, as well as other children engaged in sexually explicit conduct,” according to the US Department of Justice in Florida.

Oquendo’s collection of child pornography contained “depictions of infants, toddlers, and young children engaged in sexual activity, including sadistic conduct,” it added.

He’d used a social media app to have live chats with Litzky.

Through forensic analysis, investigators found that one of his cellphones contained deleted chats between Litzky and Oquendo where they had discussed taking sexually explicit images and videos of toddlers.

The forensic evidence revealed that between October 2014 and September 15, 2016, Litzky made the children engage in sexually explicit conduct while chatting with Oquendo through an app that allowed her boyfriend to see them nude for his sexual gratification.

When grilled about the sexual exploitation of children by agents, she admitted to producing hundreds of visual depictions of children in the nude.

Both cases were brought as part of Project Safe Childhood.

This is a nationwide initiative launched in May 2006 by the Department of Justice to fight the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse in America.

Litzky is currently being held at Seminole County Jail, awaiting sentencing. (source, source)

This case has a similarity to one that we recently reported on in Ohio, as the relationship between the mother and the toddlers is not clear, and also about how she presented herself as a “loving mother” when the reality is that she was involved in producing child rape material.

Could this be another child trafficking ring?

One does not know, and there is not enough evidence to assert such a claim. However, there is certainly a similarity with other cases, and it cannot be definitively ruled out at this point.

There is more abuse and perversity around than what one can imagine, and while some of it is done for personal gratification, it many times has even more sinister reasons that are seldom discussed.

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