Major Sodomite Politician Correctly Declares That The Republican Party Will Have To “Reckon” With Christianity

Pete Buttigieg is a notorious sodomite as well as a Democrat contender for the presidency. In a recent statement, he said that the Republican party was overdue to face a “reckoning” with Christianity according to a report:

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg (BOO’-tuh-juhj) says Republicans will face “a reckoning” over a policy agenda he says is out of sync with Christian values.

Speaking on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Thursday, Buttigieg kicked off a day of television appearances in which he highlighted his Christian faith.

Republicans, he asserted, are “known for beating people on the head” with their faith while following a policy agenda aimed at reducing assistance for the poor and other policies he said were at odds with that message.

Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, said “there’s going to be a reckoning over that.” (source, source)

Many times that sodomites make statements such as this, people judge them correctly to say that it is an attack of some type on Christianity. However, in this case, Buttigieg is absolutely correct.

There has been for the last five decades a very unhealthy relationship between American Christianity- defined largely as Protestant Evangelicals but with many other sects including many “conservative” Catholics -and her political stances. It is true that there no such thing as a “perfect” party by any imagination, because Christianity is not meant to be a religion that is of earthly values. She partakes in the affairs of the world, sometimes by necessity (but not in a morally illicit way) but remains separate from her. This has always been the struggle of Christianity, especially in the Western world with the Catholic Church, as there is the human tendency to equivocate religion with obedience to a particular government or race. This is great error of the Orthodox as well as many of the later Protestant sects, for while the former are apostolic, the churches of the eat many times used the title and justification of “tradition” to subjugate and equivocate the church to state power and with a particular race. This was what the Protestants did, but with the addition of open heresies.

God did not come to start the “church” of a particular tribe, and while tribes of people (nations, if one will use the term here) can have different emphases in practice, all differences must be subjugated to the practice of the Faith itself. In that sense, it is similar to an empire with different provinces, for while all provinces are not necessarily under the domain of a particular governor or even directly pay monies to the empire as parts may retain varying degrees of autonomy, they are still subject to the dominion of the Emperor. In a political sense, this is how the nation of Russia (and to a much smaller extent the USA) works, where there are 82 “Federal Subjects” of Russia, of which 22 are considered separate republics within her under their own laws and 5 are considered nearly or fully autonomous regions. However, all pledge their allegiance to the Kremlin, and thus all are “Russians” in spite of their many and diverse practices.

Buttigieg’s comments about Republicans touting the name of religion and then supporting policies the directly hurt the poor are very true. People complain about “welfare abuse,” yet are silent save for selective and politically beneficial outrage at companies who use “legal” loopholes in the law to avoid major taxes, or when corporate “leaders” steal tens of millions or even billions of dollars. Likewise, there is the fact that in spite of the complaints about “taxes going to people on welfare,” nobody really questions where the money paid to the US Treasury does go, or about how the government is always able to fund her programs because, in the words of former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, she simply prints the money she needs to fund whatever she wants:

Now printing money devalues the currency, and this is not good as it is a form of stealing, yet this theft has been going on since the establishment of the Federal Reserve and Americans have done NOTHING at all to stop is save for yelling at each other occasionally about, all too often, something that somebody saw in a video on Youtube and then justifies his anger with “I have been saying this for the last twenty years” when it was not even twenty days ago that he first came to the concept and owing strictly to that video. Likewise, when people come up who have a real chance of stopping some of the problems in the system, the same men who were so incensed about the video they brought up scarcely a week-or-so ago then retort that they cannot support such a person because they do not like his position on such-and-such obscure issue, or that he “doesn’t have a chance,” or some other idea, at which time he will then go and support the very candidate that will continue the current modus operandi and about which he will complain when he watches another video in a few years showing how the person who he voted for was just another scoundrel of the same type as before.

This problem is reflected in American Christianity, where many “Christians” (as the term is so nebulous it can be used to justify anything) associate themselves closely with the Republicans yet consistently support their policies that oppose the very faith they claim to espouse. This is not Christianity, but Christian-flavored nationalism to appease but never satisfy said bloc, and they have no desire to either. Neither has there ever been a “Christian” variant of a political party, however imperfect it might be, to emerge as a serious competitor because in addition to the great control of the nation by its owners in finance and industry, the people have no sense of self in such a way that they can define and unite, even in a decentralized way, to stand for an idea. This is reflective of the American ethos, where people are individual floating vessels in a sea of humanity, passing through time connected to each other by physical proximity yet will not so much as even reach out to greet their neighbors or hug their children, yet they say that they “love” each other and care for each others good. The evidence points manifestly to the absolute contrary.

Buttigieg is absolutely right that the Republicans, whose support is dwindling, will have to deal with this issue because the Democrats, far from being “dead” or “dying”, are quite strong. Likewise, he raises indirectly another issue, which is the major demographic changes coming to the USA that will have major political impacts.

These demographic changes are being driven by a variety of factors of which immigration is only a part but certainly not the whole. Indeed, “stopping illegal immigration” would not effectively deal with this issue because in addition to the fact that most of the “illegal immigration” to the USA is allowed for political and economic reasons that the country needs to function on, especially for foreign policy, it is often used to ignore the reality of choices and their consequences.

This is a report on fertility rates for the US. It includes immigration as well as Gen X women, so the numbers are not wholly accurate so as they are higher than they likely should be, especially for “non-hispanic” whites and blacks. That said, it gives a vital picture to the state of the people, which is that the women, especially “non-Hispanic white” women, refuse to reproduce.

People die, and if one does not have heirs, then that particular person’s earthly legacy is left to the ravages of time, nature, and those who come after. If large numbers of people do this, entire peoples can disappear. This is not something that is exclusive to one group or not, because all men are susceptible to it.

I wrote a while ago that “gun culture” is dying in the USA, however, why is that? Go to any gun show in the US and you will see a bunch of old people, mostly old white men, and only a few families, usually in the form of a father with his one child, and rarely two. One scarcely sees a family of three-or-more children at a gun show, and since it is known that 2.1 children is the minimum required to “maintain” any given population, what is to be said when the average “gun show fertility” (if such a term could be used) is clearly less than one but the average age appears to be over sixty?

It’s not just the gun show this has consequences for, but the gun laws of society. If a lot of people do not see a need for having guns, why should there be laws to protect gun ownership? The society will see how “criminals only” use guns, and will rightly or wrongly move to ban them because there will be not enough people in support of private ownership there to support it.

Now take the above example and apply it to religious teachings in a political context.

Politicians are not aliens from space, but they are extracted from the stock of the people they come from. To some extent, they reflect those who they represent. The average American politician is a duplicitous scoundrel who does what he has to do in order to get paid and generally does not care about the positions he must take, and because this is so widespread, what does this say about the people? Likewise, since Christianity is basicaly a means to an end for them, how can this view be different from the general population to some extent?

Christianity never was or is about “national identity,” but about providing the way shown by God to leave the spiritual Babylon of a post-original sin world and to embark on the way to Heaven. All aspects of life will certainly influence and partake in a man’s experience with the Faith, but the Faith is not to be subjugated to this. Being a Christian is therefore more than being a “good person” or a reflection of a particular tribe, yet this is what is largely is today for many in the USA.

American “values” and what it means to be an American has greatly changed. Now, it means that one must support sodom, as it is reflected in the beliefs and practices of the people. Yet it is known that sodom and Christianity are incompatible.

So what does one do? Does one be a good Christian? Or a good American? Or does one try to blend them to give a sense of having an answer when he just has created a way to legitimize sodom with time?

Christianity is at the lowest rates yet under the Millennials and Zoomers, and it is going to decline further. The Death of the Boomers and the gradual passing of Gen X will see to this. As the Boomer based of the Republicans dwindle and Millennials and Zoomers take her place, and given their overwhelming support of sodom and other repugnant practices, the Republicans will be forced to “reckon” with Christianity, and they will “reckon” not by attempting to align themselves to Christian teaching, but to complete the already initiated process of jettisoning what is left of Christianity from the party in such a way that causes minimal interruptions to their financial assets.

One will not see much of this in the 2020 elections. However, the transition will become obvious and will likely be a major trend in the 2020s, so that by the time of that the 2030s dawns, while Christians and Christianity will still be around, it will have become politically impotent, her voice being drowned out by the intentional embrace of sodom and all things against Christianity, and becoming weaker with each boomer shoveled into his grave.

So what is a Christian in the US to do?

The answer is the same as before. It is to be a Christian, and to take it to the further conclusions possible following in the examples of the lives of the saints. To hell with the infernal political system and its processes, it is not the time to attempt to “engage” with the system, but to “run to the hills” and let the machine explode under its own weight. It is then, once the dust has settled and the fires stopped, that Christians can then do what they did in the days following the death of the Roman Empire, which was to pick up the pieces of a broken civilization and rebuild it one step at a time.

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