Pope Francis Names Major Supporter Of All Things Sodom To Be Cardinal

Pope Francis has done many things that have made many Catholics upset. One of these is the increasing toleration and promotion of persons who are either sodomites or have associated with sodomites, often times in a way that is far too close for any sort of doctrinal comfort.

In a recent statement that has shocked and frustrated many, Pope Francis has said that he will be promoting thirteen prelates to the rank of cardinal and of which one of them in an infamous supporter of sodom:

On Sunday, September 1, Pope Francis made the surprise announcement that he would promoting 13 clerics to the rank of cardinal.

Among them was Matteo Zuppi, 63, an Italian archbishop who encourages “a new pastoral attitude that we must seek together with our LGBT brothers and sisters“.

In an essay written as a preface for a colleague’s book, Zuppi identifies that there is “a bridge that needs continuous building” between the Church and the LGBT+ community, who he describes as “people of God”.

The essay discusses how to have a compassionate, respectful conversation with LGBT+ Catholics to “help them feel more at home in what is, after all, their church”.

The decision to promote Zuppi has angered some, with Christian media describing Zuppi as “a homosexualist” who risks challenging the Church’s teachings on LGBT+ rights.

But it has been celebrated among more progressive Christians, who hope the Pope’s choice of cardinals reflects his vision for “a Church of dialogue“.

According to international Catholic new outlet The Tablet, the Pope has “ripped up the unwritten rule book” when it comes to cardinals, selecting “credible and humble church leaders working away from the limelight”.

Journalist Christopher Lamb writes: “Choosing cardinals is the closest thing a Pope has to succession planning and, with his picks, Francis is trying to ensure the Church continues on the trajectory he has set for it.” (source, source)

This is unfortunately not a surprise

There have been a tremendous number of issues concerning Francis and his pontificate, some of which we have covered on Shoebat.com, and many others which a veritable army of Catholic scholars and writers of good will have elaborated on at great length on other websites. It is excellent to see that, in spite of the ever-growing darkness within the Church- for as the Church goes so follows the world -that many people of good will are standing up to do what is right regardless of the cost.

For the last three weeks, Walid has been writing a series of pieces concerning prophecies seldom or rarely discussed in the Bible. If you have not read them, I recommend that you do for the reason of giving context to the current situation.

The homosexual are a major and serious issue in the Church- these are the people who cause 81% of all the abuse, and they are known infiltrators for the purpose of subverting and destroying that which Christ founded in Sacred Scripture as articulated in Matthew’s Gospel. They will not win, but this does not mean they will not do serious damage in the process.

An issue that is more important than the sodomites but directly connected to the sodomite issue is the cessation of the grain offering of Daniel 9. Walid has written about this before. The ultimate end of all of the corruption in the Church is this very thing. Sodomites are the perfect entities that an individual or a group of men having evil intentions could use because the sodomite, by the nature of the sin that he embraces, chooses a particular form of defilement so vile and heinous that it is considered one of the worst sins.

Some will say “well they can be saved too if they convert,” and this is true and must not be denied. However, one must also face the reality of the situation, which is that it is well known that far too many who choose the broad and easily traversed highway that cuts through the plain of Middle Ghor are not electing a more efficient route to their destination unless it be into the lake of fire and brimstone that burns forever and without any mercy at all for those in it. Those who choose this route often like the route, and few deviate from it because such on this route want to be on it and stay with to its miserable end.

This is the reason why these prelates are being put in the places they are. Their job is to drive forward with eventually bringing about a cessation of the Mass through its invalidation layered under a series of falsehoods presented and enforced illicitly as truth when they were never officially deemed to be true or even enforceable. It is the same way that the grave error of giving Communion in the hand started, for what began as a particular dispensation to a diocese in the Benelux Countries in certain isolated and specific cases was quickly and falsely presented as the “new way” that must be done and to which priests must submit.

This is going to be how the new “mass” eventually will be enforced, although it thankfully appears there will be a faction that will not obey because their faithfulness will be to the Faith and not to an illicit decree that sodomite such as this “cardinal” will likely vote in favor of.

People ask about the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies in modern times and if the Church is going to “die”. The latter will never happen because Christ Himself is Her guarantor. The former is happening right now, for these are the chess moves of the demons that will corner the Church and just when it would seem that the world has “checkmated” her, God Himself will step in as He did two thousand years ago in the little town of Bethlehem, except unlike before as a babe with mercy and peace, He will come this time “like the glory of the morning on a wave,” He will be “freedom to the captive and succor to the brave,” as a man in full power, and will give mercy to the long-suffering if faith, charity, hope, and persistence, and justice to a heathen world obsessed with returning to paganism and the errors of the past.

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