Pornography Is The Unspoken Cause And Product Testifying To The Current Rot In Society

(Over the course of the next weeks, I will attempt to release a series on different topics within the adult industry and provide further explanation as to how it relates to social trends and movements. This is the first part of such a series- AB)

In August 2019, a group of nearly two dozen women filed a lawsuit against the website GirlsDoPorn, claiming that they had been lied to and exploited by the producers. According to the women, they were told they would be paid for making pornographic films whose consumption would be limited to private buyers overseas. However, the pornographic producer’s intentions were never such. He had already entered into his business conception with the intention of lying to said women in order to “expose” them on camera to the world in a sort of hyper-perverted voyeurism mixed with legal documents. In his idea, it was to get women who would never consider making porn to soil themselves by doing such:

Respondents to the Craigslist ads said they were directed to innocuous websites, with pictures of clothed women, that asked for their contact information and photographs.

Instead of being offered modeling jobs, however, they were offered roughly $5,000 to make pornography, they said. But they did it, a number of them now say, based on the assurance, from the producers and their associates, that the videos would be distributed only on DVD outside of the United States and would never be published online.

The producers did publish the videos online, on Girls Do Porn, which specializes in amateur porn. The clips were also distributed to major sites, like Pornhub. (source, source)

Now this is not to say the women were “innocent” in these videos. While they were deceived in many respects, the fact that they still consented to strip on camera and allow themselves to be filmed giving out personal information and having sex is a huge problem because, as a general rule, a woman who is willing to allow other men simply to look at her naked or almost naked is a woman who is likely or will do pornography, as it is not a large psychological jump from one to the next.

But what does this say about society at large? Consider the phenomenon of the “Instaho”, which comes from “Instagram” and describes how there is a great many young women who willingly take explicit photos of themselves- clothed photo but still racy and “questionable” -and post them online for men to see, ogle, and clearly to entice such men to manually stimulate their organs for the sake of trying to extract a fantasy from a situation that they are clearly and observer to and not a participant but are psychologically superimposing themselves into a position of a relationship with this person?

Interestingly, this latter phenomenon is the exact psychological process by which pornography works. Consider a man watching a pornographic film. For the sake of argument, this is a “normal” film (while it is impossible to say that any pornography is “normal” because the concept is inherently evil) with a man and a women having normal relations without any sort of perversity. What is the point of watching this, let alone touching oneself to it, and yet, why do so many people undeniably extract some form of animalistic pleasure from it, and it is found consistently throughout human culture, yet although the person who is watching said things does not partake of the experience save for in his own mind, and thus is truly cuckholding himself?

Likewise, why do women go for these things, and why do men consume them? Why is it a known fact that violent pornography is rising, as well as other forms of perversity, and there seems to be no end to it? Why is it that for all of the talk about “child abuse” and “protecting” children, pornography and the subsequent abuse of children seem to increase and have reached historic levels? It is that things are being more exposed than before today (which is certainly true), or is there another and deeper level of things taking place that are extremely evil and now more widespread and accepted than ever before?

Likewise, why is it always certain people groups, and individuals who consistently show up with regard to this? Why is there such an obsession with pushing adult content onto the people, to such a point that it is being given away for free (one only needs to put even innocuous words into a search engine and it is almost inevitable that one will be assaulted by hordes of photos and videos of naked women).

Why is there so little said about this? Why is it that, in spite of all of the links of pornography as either the progenitor or the vehicle by which so many evils are delivered to society, that it is viciously protected under the trope of “rights” and “freedoms”?

These questions I will attempt to answer. I will give you three points to “chew” over in your minds for the next week.

The first point to come away with is that pornography is a vehicle for the biological exploitation of human beings in a post-original sin world that eventually leads to a spiritual infection.

Some things attack the mind. Other things attack the body. Pornography attack both by way of the latter to reach the former.

Man is a combination of body and soul. The two are in a relationship with each other, and as the Bible says, the two have different desires. Part of being a Christian is learning how to balance said desires and how to control them, especially those of the body. This is not to say that the body is evil, but that it can be easily exploited against the spirit.

The desire for sex is one of the most powerful human desires, and as it is involved in the act of creation, it has direct links to the soul. There will be more details given about this later, but the strength of this desire makes it easily exploited and able to be seized for evil ends, which eventually taps into the spiritual part of a man and opens the way up to infiltration and possession by the demonic.

The second point is that pornography acts like a virus in that it attacks individual entities with the purpose of taking philosophical control over a society. This is related to the second point with the analogy of the computer, where a “virus” can seize control over the functions of hardware and software. However, this is also what makes pornography an effective tool of social policy (something that I have often said), since the nature of the virus changes with information is fed to it.

One also might say that pornography is simply an easily-hijackable point within the virus of original sin, something that all men are affected by. This is not an unreasonable proposition. In either case, pornography is used to market particular philosophical ideas by means of this easily exploitable “feedback loop” in the mind of attraction to signs of beauty and the desire for satisfaction. This is why marketers have said countless times that “sex sells” and marketing campaigns often use beautiful women or made statement with “double entendres,” since it exploits this particular weakness in the mind.

Now this is not to say, for example, a commercial selling hamburgers showing a woman holding a burger and a narrator talking about “buns” is NOT the same thing as a woman bent over a table with a group of older men having their “turns” with her while she yells “F*** my little teen p****” over and over. Clearly there is a difference in the nature of the actions, but both are being used to sell a particular product. The former wants to sell hamburgers and make money, which can have health concerns if too many people eat too many burgers (one only needs to look at the “food porn” industry that has turned America into one of the world’s unhealthiest nations). The latter wants to sell the concept of incest and pedophilia as legitimate forms of sexual relations, both of which are things that is growing in the US and one must be concerned about as both are major and serious trends for the future alongside other abhorrent practices and testify to the dechristianization of the society. Then there is the entire range of actions between these two clear extremes, but all with the same end.

Pornography is a philosophy, and one of evil. But more importantly, it is a VEHICLE by which other more evil philosophies are delivered to a society. This is where its true efficiency comes from, for it is the sweetener to the other more deadly poisons that make it not only palatable, but something that man wants to keep eating by choice.

The third point is that all pornography, regardless of the type, is absolutely impossible to separate from sodomy and pedophilia. It is so inseparable that, arguably, it cannot exist apart from the existence of these two things and its existence is preconditioned on their being a sufficient basis of either present in society from which to draw a base on which to create a market to peddle it. This is because all pornography is based upon abuse, and while the forms of abuse can vary, most of this abuse takes place in childhood and is never rectified, but rather it grows and mutates, manifesting in different forms. Some of this abuse is sexual, others it is physical or psychological.

Now it must be clearly stated that one cannot say that one does not have the ability to make choices with regard to pornography or other practices, such as sodomite behavior. One only needs to look at the cases above with said women making porn for that website- they clearly made their choices and are in part responsible for them. However, one must also ask oneself about the state of family life in the US and much of the western world, and compare it with that of other nations.

Consider the Palestinians for example. Why is it that there are so few sodomites among them? It is that they just murder them because they have nothing better to do? Is it a cultural issue? Or perhaps is it that their parents and family support systems are strong and good, and that people help each other, instead of parents and families throwing their own kindred to the winds such as in the Anglo-Saxon world in the name of “being an adult”?

It is not correct to say that childhood is the only cause. However, many psychologists and scientists have said for years, including the National Institute for Health, that abuse as children, especially sexual abuse, is a strong indicator of future tendencies towards sodomite behavior. Likewise, many women who get into pornography were either sexually abused as children, or had abusive boyfriends in combination with no family support systems which fueled the problem, something that is immediately evident as soon as one reads almost any biography of the countless porn film prostitutes of today or the past who tell their stories.

This is not said to exonerate the women of their wrongs, but to say that the conditions which pornography needs to grow come as a result of a prevalence of sodomy and child abuse already existing in society. Thus pornography is an opportunistic infection, which comes as a result of these circumstances.

Likewise such abuse does not always have to be inflicted upon women. It can be inflicted upon men as well, and arguably women are the main drivers of pornography due to their abuse of men in ways that no man, and certainly no pastor or priest that I have ever heard, will dare speak about (more on this in a future article).

Pornography is a human issue, but like with many sins, it is not something that needs to be as uncontrolled as it is today. The “industry” and filth peddlers are as much to blame as the people and those who are in charge of preventing the conditions for such things to grow, for while no man is perfect and accidents do happen, what matters is what one does with the situation. The pornography situation was building up throughout all of the 20th century, and it is only now that it has reached critical mass. It is not something new, but the sum of old problems not dealt with appropriately.

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