New Sodomite Credit Union Is Proof That The LGBT Has Taken Over The USA

Financial power is often synonymous with political power, for it is the “golden rule” in that he who has the gold is the one who makes the rules.

Christianity is a religion that is not of this world, but it must partake of it. Christians have always been involved in finance, but the religion does not “need” to be involved in it because true wealth is in Heaven with Christ. However, those who choose the world and its evil power almost always seek money because it is how they get power in this life, even though this will be all that they will have. This leads to many problems because they will attempt to use their money to hurt people.

There are many issues with Christian finance, the largest of which is usury, and it is an issue that is still a sin yet so few people wish to discuss.

However, while there is yet to be seen of a Christian who wants to open a “usury free bank,” the sodomites have been happy to open their own credit union that specifically promotes Sodom:

What founders call the first credit union dedicated to serving the LGBTQ community across the country is getting its start in Michigan.

On Monday, the state approved a charter for Superbia Credit Union. Myles Meyers, founder and CEO of New York-based Superbia Services, celebrated the development in a post on LinkedIn that contained a photo of the signing of the executive order to approve the launch of the credit union, noting that it will be the “first financial institution solely dedicated to serve the LGBTQ community across the country.”

Online financial services are expected to be offered in early 2020.

As with many things, the “first” status may be debatable. In 1988, the Dallas Gay Alliance announced the formation of a credit union to serve its membership and the gay community in Dallas. It was believed to be the first credit union at the time serving the gay community.

Superbia said: “The distinction is that we have organized ourselves in such a way to be the first credit union entity that will serve the national community.”

Superbia noted that based on its research, the credit union in Dallas was local, serving a local field of membership. Superbia will “serve a national membership, through its relationship with CLEAR, a national association.”

“An inclusive organization, anyone in support of the LGBTQ affirming mission is welcomed to join and become a member,” the organization says on its website,

The Department of Insurance and Financial Services Director Anita G. Fox signed an order approving the creation of Superbia Credit Union on Monday.

Regulators said this is the first new state-chartered, Michigan credit union in more than 33 years.

The credit union organizers have satisfied the initial statutory requirements for creating a state-chartered credit union.

Several additional steps must be taken, including attaining approval from the National Credit Union Administration for federal deposit insurance, before a new credit union would be granted permission to commence business.

“I am pleased that Superbia Credit Union, as a newly state-chartered credit union, is part of the exciting growth of Michigan’s financial services industry,” Fox said in a statement.

Imagine if a “Christian” credit union- based on Christian principles against usury, which is specifically Catholic since the Protestant sects have always permitted it.

There would be major public pushback, and that is because America never was a Christian nation, and it certainly is not one right now at all.

The sin of Sodom cries out to Heaven for vengeance. Yet what is to be said that likely over 90% of people support the concept of it?

“When operational, Superbia Credit Union will benefit members through tailored products and services, more favorable rates, and grants made regularly to organizations that help support and advance causes of the LGBTQ community,” the credit union stated in an earlier release.

“The LGBTQ community as a whole is in need of a strong solution to fight mounting intolerance,” according to a statement made earlier by Meyers.

The credit union also will offer products such as loans for transgender people in the process of transitioning.

The credit union said its goal is to remove “the risk of intolerance and discrimination from the banking experience” and provide equal access to fair, competitively priced products.

Can one imagine if one said that products were going to be offered that would be tailored to Christians? It would again provoke a public outcry.

Superbia has noted that it is still legal in most states to discriminate against LGBTQ consumers.

“In the same way a bakery can refuse a cake, one bank’s discrimination could lead to higher interest rates on homes, rejection of student loans, judgement on credit for health needs, outdated products and services for LGBTQ individuals and families, and lack of acceptance and understanding among traditional institutions,” Meyers said in a statement.

In June, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Michigan lawmakers kicked off LGBTQ Pride Month by announcing legislation to amend Michigan’s civil rights law to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

In January, Whitmer signed an executive directive to strengthen prohibitions against LGBTQ discrimination in state employment, contracting and provision of services. (source, source)

There is no “discrimination” against Sodomites as a whole. What laws are left are things of the past and are being forcibly removed by this same group because the people of the nation have changed.

Major social changes do not happen quickly, but when they do happen they endure. What is to be said about the US, where an abhorrent practice throughout history is now defended and those who criticize it may go to prison, especially in the future?

Likewise, the insertion of financial power into this community has shown how they are now accepted and will grow in more power.

Financial power usually precedes political power, and while this simply a natural development of existing trends, it is not a good sign for Christians.

For a long time, Christians were told the culture war must be fought. The war was fought, and the Christians lost.

It is not time to fight now.

It is time to prepare for the future. This is where efforts need to go- to making necessary decisions so that resources will be available for the future, not for today.

The society wants Sodom, and they will receive it, and if things continue the way that they are, also potentially the punishment of Sodom. For if this sin enraged God to such a point that the plain would be destroyed, what is to be said of the US and the world that has chosen this practice?

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