President Erdogan Of Turkey Declares The US Mass Shipped Weapons To Terrorist Groups

The support of terrorism has been a cornerstone of US policy for decades. Rooted in the Gladio program, the US actively sought out and helped out or helped form groups with nationalist or identitarian-type principles in order to serve as proxy armies in the case of a Soviet invasion as well as to use for proxy soldiers in their particular conflict with the Soviets. The name of the program in the West was called Operation Gladio and was referred to as “stay behind operations” in US government literature. The USSR did similar but with far less success that the western world.

Prior to the US invasion of Iraq the subsequent Operation Timber Sycamore program that brought about the creation of ISIS, the largest US weapons-to-terrorists program was Operation Cyclone in Afghanistan during the 1980s. Designed by CIA strategist Michael Vickers, its purpose was to drag the USSR into a “Vietnam-style” conflict in order to enervate her strength. The US trained Islamic militant groups and provided them with advanced equipment, logistics, and intelligence in order facilitate this. Congressman Charles Wilson of Texas acted as the congressional representative who helped the CIA get funding from the government and expand this program, something which has been well documented and was the subject of the movie Charlie Wilson’s War.

Operation Timber Sycamore and the subsequent terrorists that came out of it were intended to be soldiers to fight against President Asad of Syria, who is being supported by the Russians in a modern continuation of the same general conflict. This resulted in the genocide of Christians in Syria and Iraq from which the population has not recovered.

Now President Erdogan of Turkey has said that the US has brought 30,000 truckloads of weapons into Turkey on behalf of the Kurds, the people that Erdogan has been fighting for years:

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has again lambasted the United States for its offering of unwavering support to Kurds in northern Syria, saying Washington has been overgenerous to the Kurdish militants in the region.

In a speech on Saturday, Erdogan said that his country would not remain silent to over 30,000 weapon, equipment and ammunition-laden trucks sent by the US to northern Syria, where Kurds are operating.

The remarks covered on the website of the Turkish presidency came during a speech by Erdogan to members of his ruling AK Party in the city of Eskisehir.

This is a very interesting development if true. Again, one cannot simply trust the word of the would-be Ottoman tyrant who has made clear that if he could do so instantly, the Ottoman Empire would be revived by tomorrow. Yet there may be something of truth in these words.

We know that the US uses the “strategy of tension” in all societies, including within the US herself, to divide people so that she can control certain political or social narrative. In foreign lands, it often involves giving weapons to people and creation nationalist-type oriented terrorist groups to serve as proxy armies.

Is this really happening, possibly to “keep pressure” on Erdogan so that he does the will of the US?

The Turkish president further criticized the US for its lack of commitment to pledges about setting a safe zone in Syria along the Turkish border, adding that he would “sort out” the issue with the Americans during a meeting with US President Donald Trump in New York later this month.

“We must resolve this … There are differences between what is said and what has been done,” Erdogan said.

Turkey and the US have been at odds over the situation in northeast Syria, where an alliance of Kurdish and Arab militants have enjoyed Washington’s support in their alleged fight against terrorism.

We know that Erdogan’s expansion into Syria is part of his attempt to re-annex Syria like in Ottoman times. However, could it be that the US does not want a full-out “Ottoman expansion” because it might jeopardize future plans? And given the disproportionate number of Jews associated with the Israeli political establishment as well as non-Jews of the same line of thinking in the Trump administration, that it is Israeli lobbyists and interests who are trying to push the US to “control” Erdogan in order to try to protect Israel from becoming an Ottoman vassal, as without the US weapons, welfare, and Americans who lives are pledged to her defense, Israel is a weak pushover of a nation?

Turkey’s president says the country may be forced to stop preventing refugee flow into Europe if the European Union and the US do not act to provide the country with more support.

Turkey views the Syrian YPG Kurdish fighters as an extension of its own Kurdish militancy, insisting the US should end its support for the group.

In his speech, Erdogan also criticize the meagerness of international and European efforts meant to support Turkey in its efforts to accommodate millions of Syrian refugees.

He said he would go ahead with a plan, announced on Thursday. to resettle a million refugees in northern Syria, adding that his country has already spent $40 billion hosting what he said was a population of four million Syrian refugees.

“We can undertake the construction. You give us financial support,” said Erdogan, adding, “They say good. Then come on, show your support. But nothing.” (source, source)

The Syrian refugee crisis is entirely manufactured. Erdogan is NOT holding Europe “hostage” at all, but is in fact playing a game along with the US and Germany in order to bring in these people, as they are (a) a justification for nationalism as well as (b) foot soldiers for a coming war for Germany.

Likewise, the fact that Erdogan speaks of weapons going to the Kurds also does not make sense. Perhaps he really is referring to trucks- ones that were sent to support the US stay-behind operation of ISIS, of which Turkey was most certainly a part. Perhaps he is just “blaming” the Kurds right now in order to do what the US and foreign nations are famous for doing, which is having fake “arguments” just in order to generation attention away from other issues, only to be “reconciled” later.

What is to be made of this? What can be said is that regardless of the situation, nothing has fundamentally changed nor is going to change for the future with regard to policy in that region, and that if something does change, it will likely happen in Europe first before spreading to the Middle East, as she is the chessboard where the powers of the world play out their games of conquest.

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