Rumbles Anew Of Another Revolution As German Bishops Prepare To Defy Pope Francis In Order To Promote Heresy And Sodomy

If the song of history were to be played for each culture, then Germany is like a radio station which plays the same songs over and over, but at different times while being mathematically spaced. There is a seemingly cyclical pattern to German history that repeats throughout time, and especially since the Protestant Revolution that oscillates from happiness and positivism to decadence, then to decline and despair, followed by violent revolution, then to introspection, and back to happiness.

Germany tends to oscillate between different forms of extremism, which can be for good or evil, for all that “extremism” represents is the willingness of a person to follow through on her ideas to their logical conclusion. The German people, which arguably could be called the most pragmatic people on Earth and possibly only seconded by the Swedish or Japanese, are know for their ruthless efficiency and their ability to culturally apply the concept of “Occham’s Razor” with great precision. Thus in the days when Germany believed in the Catholic Faith, she was able to spread the Faith all throughout Europe and helped to convert even the most ruthless and anti-Christian of the European peoples and to gain victory over them. But in modern times, having abandoned God and adopted the Darwinian ideas of eugenics whose roots were found in the UK and America, she simply too what Darwin, Galton, and many in the US government had done and made it highly efficient. The results speak for themselves as to what happened.

Thus during the sixteenth century when Germany rebelled against the Church in the name of nationalism, she did so with the language of theology to cover for her crimes and desire to return to tribalism.

The German Church is the “wealthiest” in all of Europe due to the infamous “Kirchensteuer,” over government-enforced “Church tax’ for people who are “registered” as Catholic even if they do not ever go to Church, and this is even though her weekly mass attendance levels are no higher than ten percent, and likely skewed in favor of elderly populations.

Instead of addressing the situation in the Church and how it is basically falling apart, the head of the German bishops’ conference, the infamous and sodomite supporting Cardinal Reinhard Marx. told Vatican officials last week that addressing controversial theological topics during the German bishops’ proposed “binding synodal path” will be supposedly a service to the universal Church.

What is most catching about this “letter is that the German bishop are proposing plans to ‘create a Synodal Assembly with “deliberative power”’ to address a number of issues. Some of these “issues” include the state of the separation of powers in the Church, the priesthood, and most infamously a talk of women’s access to ministry and office in the Church, and “sexuality”, which is often used as a code to discuss the justification of homosexuality.

The Vatican is not pleased with the situation concerning the German bishops, and according to one major Vatican official, Cardinal Oullet, he informed Cardinal Max that the Synodal Assembly is “not ecclesiologically valid” and in direct opposition to the will and statements of Pope Francis, and pointed out that it is not the place of German bishops to discuss Church doctrine and discipline outside of the context of the Universal Church as such matters have already been settled, and to do such would mean nothing less than to potentially set the scene for another Protestant-style revolution. According to one Archbishop:

“It is easy to see that these themes do not only affect the Church in Germany but the universal Church and – with few exceptions – cannot be the object of the deliberations or decisions of a particular Church without contravening what is expressed by the Holy Father in his letter,” (source)

It has been reported by Catholic news that many of the German Bishops have been working with a group called the Central Committee of German Catholics, which has lobbied for the end of celebacy among the priests, female priests, and the recognition of unnatural sodomite unions, the latter two of which are doctrinally forbidden and the first of which, while permitted, has been the disciplinary practice of the Western churches since the Council of Elvira in 304. To make matters worse, the German bishops’ executive committee rejected an alternative synodal plan that was drafted to reflect the instructions of Pope Francis, of which part warned the German bishops about the possibility of a “new Pelagianism” and said that synodiality cannot be used in order to justify altering the structure of Church governance to fit their particular liking, especially in any form of popularism.

Cardinal Marx quipped in response that “Perhaps a conversation before sending these documents would have been helpful,” while still persisting in what could be described as nothing less than a rejection of Pope Francis’ request, even adding that they will “conduct a consultation of our own kind that is not covered by canon law.”

However, Marx persisted in denying any plans for another revolution like that of the past saying that “the draft statutes should therefore by no means be read and interpreted through the lens of canonical instruments such as a plenary council. It is not a Particular Council!”, but then will say that the Synod “has deliberative power.”

What is going to happen in the coming months is yet to be seen, but the insistence on ambiguity and a refusal to answer basic questions about the purpose of this “Synod” does not bear well for the Church.

Catholicism is Germany is for the most part dead, and perhaps the strongest proponents of it are not the German people, but the very “refugees” brought to Germany from the Middle East and Africa. While the German people are rebelling, these “new Germans” are tending to follow the Church and not their own will.

As goes the Church the world follows in turn. What happens in Europe, and especially Germany, will bring about more events that will expedite the current trends towards greater conflict.

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