Trump Forced To Face The Tax Man As His Records Get Subpoenaed By The State Of New York

Normally the political circus is rather boring to watch. However, the next few weeks may have some interesting moments as multiple news outlets are reporting that Trump is having his tax records formally subpoenaed.

Trump initially said while running during the 2016 campaign that he would disclose his tax returns. However, that has since been proven to be otherwise as he has refused to disclose them.

According to the NY Times, NY state prosecutors are seeking a variety of documents pertaining to Trump’s taxes. The list is serious, including everything from personal returns to those for his umbrella business, entitled the Trump Organization. The inquiry is seeking both federal and state returns for both him and the company dating back to at least 2011.

Trump has been working very hard to keep his tax documents a secret. In spite of his promises, his lawyers have challenged the subpoenas in federal court, as well as attempted to block a New York Law passed that authorized state officials to provide his state tax returns in response to congressional inquiry. The result has been that his requests were tied up in court and thus made it very hard for there to be a chance to review them before the 2020 election next year. covered a similar pattern of behavior used by Trump with regard to the “Mueller report” and his dealings with Deutsche Bank.

What is the problem with the public seeing his tax returns? It could be a publicity stunt, or it could be there really is something he does not want others to see. Truth be told, we do not know exactly what is going on.

What matter is that the move in itself demonstrates an abuse of his executive powers as President.

Imagine if Obama or Clinton did this same act, assuming the same details and circumstances. The only change would be the person.

Would the Republicans criticize him? Would they be right to say that the Democrats are acting in a way that is absurd and dangerous? They absolutely would be not because of party affiliations, but because of behavior.

CNBC has noted that the state has been “investigating the Trump Organization in connection with hush money payments made shortly before the 2016 presidential election to two women who claim to have had sex with the president, porn star Stormy Daniels.” (source)

What will come of this investigation? Nobody knows for sure at this point, but what can be said is that Trump has not helped better his own image. He is already facing a potentially serious threat over the issue with guns and vaping, and while it would not be a surprise if the tax return issue was part of a larger attempt to distract the public from these two issues, as they could cost him the 2020 election, one can only wonder what may or may not be revealed.

Right now, it still holds that Trump has the upper hand in the 2020 election. But this is not guaranteed, and it could change. Politics is a circus for the ugly who were not able to make it onto television (except for Trump, as he had his own reality TV show), so one can only wonder what the future holds.

Either way, one should not expect any fundamental changes in terms of his decisions if he is re-elected save for a guaranteed Democrat 2024 victory, which will likely see the usage of Trump-like tactics and an even more “extreme” approach to the already highly polarized political atmosphere.

The “war” between the left and right never was, and the fact is that Americans as a general whole want a socialist system. They have given up largely on religion, and they have chosen to follow a path leading toward all of the errors of the Old World, just now in the New World with more technological advances and all of the problems which come with them.

It is for those who are aware to, while keeping an eye on such debates, not to become consumed by them, but rather to realize that the course of American society has largely been chosen by her people. Instead, this is the time to save money, work hard, and prepare for a long and hard winter that will becoming, as one can see it forming well from a distance for a long time.

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