The Only Reason China Cares About Iran Is Because She Can’t Afford To Lose A Half-Trillion Dollars In Oil Deals

The recent attacks on Saudi ARAMCO oil field have provoked passion between not only the US and Iran, but also with China.

US VP Mike Pence said on Tuesday the US was looking at evidence on the attacks on Saudi oil facilities and said that she ‘is ready to defend its interests and allies in the Middle East,’ which is another way of referring to both US oil interests and Israel as he noted in a speech at the infamous Heritage Foundation, something that has noted is connected to US covert geopolitical intelligence operations as well as eugenics:

“We’re evaluating all the evidence. We’re consulting with our allies. And the president will determine the best course of action in the days ahead…”The United States of America will take whatever action is necessary to defend our country, our troops, and our allies in the Gulf. You can count on it,”(source)

Later of Twitter, Pence re-posted comments that President Trump made on Sunday where, while denying that he wants a war, said that the US is “locked and loaded” in “reponse” to the “attacks”:

“I promise you: We’re ready. The US is prepared. We’re locked and loaded and we’re ready to defend our interests & our allies in the region. Make no mistake about it.”

Now I use the term “attacks” in stead of attacks because one does not fully know who was being the attacks in the objective sense. The US has a long and dirty history of using “false flag” events whereby she orchestrates attacks against herself or her own “allies” and then blames said attacks on the person that she wants to attack so she can create a justification for attacking in real time said individual or entity. These are not unique to the 20th century alone, because as fart back as potentially the War Between the States with the Fort Sumter incident in South Carolina, where a southern militia is said to have “stormed” and taken over the US government Fort Sumter, or the infamous USS Maine incident where it is not sure if it was by accident, intention on the US government, or the intention of the Spanish for the ship to explode, but it was certainly used as a justification to go to war against Spain and of all thing, “co-incidentally” attack and strip Spanish possessions in the Caribbean and around around the world and seize them FOR THE AMERICANS.

It is sad to say, but the American government has a notorious history of lying that goes back to at least less than a century before the Declaration of Independence was signed. Since throughout most of her history she is known for lying for her benefit, why should anybody, and especially her own citizens, believe what she says if she has been proven to lie prolifically?

Trump’s incendiary comments on Sunday pointed blame towards Iran, and while it is said that the Houthis “claimed immediate responsibility” for the ARAMCO attacks, was one sure that Iran was the nation that gave such weapons to them? Consider that Iran, while she is a regionally powerful nation, is surrounded on all sides right now by the US save for her historical geographic boundaries by way of the Caspian Sea and history with Russia. She is very vulnerable due to the economic war having been waged against her, and she is also very well aware that the US and Israel not only want a war, but are looking for any excuse to start a war against her.

Iran may hate Saudi Arabia, but it is likely she knows that if she were to be even seen as making any move against Saudi Arabia, another US ally, that she could find herself being invaded. Just recently there was an entire series of incidents involving the Strait of Hormuz where the US, UK, and Israel were trying to accuse Iran of attacking oil tankers to justify using military action.

The first question would be (a) how did Iran get such drones to make such attacks when it is a known fact that countries such as America, the UK, Russia, France, Germany and by way of the US, Israel would be major producers of drones for military purposes, but this is not even the most relevant one. Rather, the main question is stated in the series of incidents above, which is that why would Iran risk doing anything to start a war? She in an ancient nation who has seen many empires come and go, and she knows how to look out for her best interests, and giving a bunch of drones to a bunch of soldiers fighting a proxy war against the Saudis so they could intentionally attack the US-Saudi owned oil company and anger the Americans does not make any sense.

Now when it comes to middle Eastern Affairs, China is usually silent because while she may claim an alliance with a nation, China always looks out for China and will openly thrown people to miserable fates if she thinks it benefits her. It’s like the US, but more obvious. Now China on Monday attacked the US for “finger-pointing as premature and irresponsible,” and had her Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying ‘urge all parties to restrain themselves’ while calling on western leaders to wait for a “conclusive investigation”:

“Pondering who is to blame in the absence of a conclusive investigation, I think, is in itself not very responsible. China’s position is that we oppose any moves that expand or intensify conflict…We call on relevant parties avoid taking actions that bring about an escalation in regional tensions. We hope all sides can restrain themselves and can jointly safeguard the peace and stability of the Middle East.” (source)

China does not want any conflict with Iran because according to a recent story by Forbes, “China recently agreed to invest some $400 billion in Iran’s oil and gas, petrochemicals, transport and energy-related manufacturing sectors over the next 25 years” beginning in 2016. She has responded that she will send about five thousand “security personnel” to the area to “protect” her projects as well as continue to trade directly with Iran using the Chinese Renminbi, but this still does not address the situation with a potential strike by the US. In other words, would the US be willing in reality at the moment to attack a potential Chinese investment intentionally or by accident? And what would China do in response, for the China has made clear that she wants to attack but she relies on the US for food and without such food imports from the US, China would starve and possibly face a revolution?

European nations such as France have investments in Iran, and Germany has made clear that she want to go into Iran for her own business interests, something that has irked both nations.

Iran has denied doing the attacks, and while at this point nobody really knows who did them, the fact is, to quote the Nietzschean title of his book “Thus Spoke Zarathustra,” it is a case of “Thus Spoke The USA”, and given that her voice is the loudest in the political room, she has shouted down others and asserted that her volume is proof of the truth of her statements in spite of her history to the contrary.

What now remains to be see is if the US will take further measures against Iran, and what form they would take, as the plans for war still seem to be the same, and if a conflict will start now or in the future.

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