Russia Denies Anything Is Wrong After Massive Explosion At Major Lab Containing Deadly Viruses

Russia is not a stranger to massive man-made disasters in the pursuit of military or industrial goals. While most people think of Chernobyl in Ukraine as the only major nuclear blast incident Russia has experienced, this is far from the truth. In 1957, there was what is considered the third worst nuclear disaster in history, which was the Kyshtym incident in the city of Ozyorsk near the border of Kazakhstan.

Ozyorsk was one of many “closed” (and still many still closed) cities in Russia that function as military-industrial cities in the same way that Oak Ridge, Tennessee was closed during the World War II years while the Manhattan Project was under production. The short description of what happened is that the Mayak nuclear plant had a meltdown, and the nuclear material was cooled by flushing it downway to Lake Karachay as a containment unit, turning the area into the world’s most polluted site. Karachay dried up decades later and due to the contamination in the area, the dust that would blow from it began to additionally irridate the locals with nuclear waste. The Soviets tried to cover up the incident but evidence of it eventually reached public knowledge in 1958, and thousands are said to have died from radiation related illnesses.

There is also the infamous Aral Sea disaster, which is considered one of the worst man-made environmental disasters in history. As with before, the short version is that the USSR wanted to use the water from the sea to produce cotton in Uzbekistan and to a lesser extent in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. This goal was realized, but at wasting a tremendous amount of water as well as consuming water without any means of replacing it. The Aral Sea, which existed from ancient times, now largely dried up, resulting in an ecosystem collapse along with a collapse of the local economy that the Russian government has been working to try and improve but with no serious results achieved as of yet.

These are just two of many of such incidents throughout Soviet and modern history. has noted how just as the western powers seem to be returning to their old imperial ways, so is Russia returning to the old communism of the past, and with this means further industrialization and militarization. Yet in a return to the past traditions of disasters with major consequences, in August 2019, reports emerged of high levels of various radioactive isotopes and a cloud of radioactive gases that swept across towns near the Nyonoksa military weapons testing range. Some of these products, such as Strontium 91, Barium 139, Barium 140, and Lanthanum 140, are unique to nuclear fission, suggesting a nuclear reactor explosion as was noted by Business Insider magazine:

“These are fission products,” Joshua Pollack, a leading expert on nuclear and missile proliferation, told Insider. “If anyone still doubts that a nuclear reactor was involved in this incident, this report should go a long way toward resolving that.” (source)

Business Insider then cited Russia news editor Alexander Uvarov of, Norwegian Nuclear Safety expert Nils Bohmer, and UK Scientist Edwin Lyman, all who noted that in spite of the dearth of information giving a clear explanation as to what happened, that all point to a sort of nuclear meltdown or explosion of a reactor in which weapons-grade Uranium 235 was indeed used. Russia has only gone so far as to admit brief increases in radiation in the area and said the isotopes came from the test of a new liquid propulsion system, but further details were not given. Likewise, Russia refuses and has yet to provide consistent explanations as to why such things happened. This also comes at a time when local reports have emerged from anonymous doctors saying that they were forced to sign off on “nondisclosure agreements” as well as saw the destruction of hospital records pertaining to patients involved in this incident.

What exactly happened at Nyonoska still is not known. However, Russia has had another explosion take place in the city of Koltsovo near Novosibirsk, which marks the “halfway” point in Russia, and at the facility that along with the CDC facility in Atlanta has the only currently admitted living samples of the Smallpox Virus as reported by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

It was said that the incident involved a construction contractor who was injured and taken to the hospital with burns on the lower part of his body, and while updates have said that the person was admitted to intensive care, no further details were given and there was an emphasis that there was n “biological” threat.

However, how does one know this or is able to confirm it? I have discussed before how the US is known for lying, but often times this comes to when she wants to attack others. Russia also has a history of lying, but usually it involves covering up serious mistakes internally for things that she did to herself.

Nobody knows what happened at that facility. Likewise, there is nobody discussing that could these “accidents” really be accidents, or attacks coming from an outside source, of which the greatest likelihood would be the US? There is no “direct evidence” to suggest that it was the US who did this, but the fact is that Russia and the US are in a great struggle geopolitically right now, and the US has the upper hand. Both nations attack each other, but could one be seeing, if it is true that the US is behind these things, a series of “strikes” meant to send a message that if the US wanted, she could have the capacity to completely break down Russia from the inside?

This goes in had with a thesis I proposed for years now, which notes that America’s greatest vulnerability and what her people need to look out for are natural disasters and interruptions to the communications and transportation systems, and any of these could seriously disrupt or shut down the US to such a point that she would be prevented from realizing further geopolitical objectives. Could it be possible that Russia was attempting or planning to do such, as it would be expected, and the US “responded” to such plans?

One does not know. But it is very strange, one must admit, that last month there was a seeming covered-up nuclear disaster, and possibly this month as biological disaster of a similar types. Accidents to happen, but it would not be wise at a time in history when passions are high and there are no rules in the game of war that people might take to extreme means in preparation for a greater and open war to ruthless and brutal attacks made covertly against each other.

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