Counter-Jihad Movement Remains Silent As Trump Threatens To Flood Europe With Hordes Of Illegal Muslim Migrants From The Middle East Unless They Listen To Him

Immigration and “migration” are often times used as political shows for the politicians in charge. They fundamentally all agree on the same principles and do not care about either the will of their constituents or those attempting to come into the nation. What is often times done is for the purpose of advancing greater geopolitical goals, or in some cases for their own power consolidation.

President Trump ran his political campaign on a platform that promised to fix the immigration issues with the border and to help stop Islamic terrorism. He made this clear by his Tweets and his campaign promise of “Build the Wall”. Taking him at his word, Trump’s message became very popular with many, who saw his invocation of American nationalism and promises to “Make America Great Again” with tremendous hope.

However, a man’s words are proven by his deeds, and Trump has unfortunately on major issues demonstrated that he does not believe in the principle he espouses, and will advocate for them so long as they give support for him but without following through on their contents.

But sometimes there are major reversals, and some things that one just does not say because it is wrong. For example, making jokes about the dead in the 9//11 attacks is just something that one does not do. Another thing that one does not do is say that one will stop terrorism, or talk about ‘those invading migrant terrorists’, and then come around and when one does not get what he wants or wants to give the perception of anger, threatens to ‘flood’ an area with Islamic terrorists as refugees. Yet this is exactly what Trump did on Friday when he threatened to release Islamic State prisoners at European borders if France, Germany and other countries don’t take back their captured nationals.

“I defeated the Caliphate,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office during a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. “And now we have thousands of prisoners of war, ISIS fighters,” Trump said using one of the acronyms for the Islamic extremist group. We’re asking the countries from which they came, from Europe, we’re asking them to take back these prisoners of war, and they can try them, do what they want. So far, they’ve refused, and at some point, I’m going to have to say, ‘I’m sorry, but you either take them back or we’re going to let them go at your border.'”. (source)

Trump then claimed, using his typical language, that he has “done Europe a tremendous favor,” and that the US will not spend  “billions and billions of dollars” to care for the “thousands and thousands of people” captured and who are being held at Guantanamo Bay. in Cuba

The first point that one notes is that officially on paper, while the actual numbers are not known, the last records show forty people being held there.

But the issue is not about how many people are being held, because one does not know. Trump has made claims such as this before with people attempting to legally in accordance with policy for refugees cross the US-Mexican border to apply for asylum, where there were claims of ‘thousands and thousands’ of migrants when the number was scarcely in the hundreds, and even lower. It is not even an exaggeration, but an outright lie at this point because Trump is no fool, he knows what he is doing, and he is exaggerating the situation to dangerous levels in order to stoke people’s passions that are already frustrated.

The fact that Trump would threaten, even if he will not do anything (and he most likely will not) to follow through on it is just something that one does not joke about. Islamic terrorists, while many are trained and connected to the government and governmental geopolitical wars with other governments, they are still very dangerous and many are very evil people who believe in evil ideas and do not hesitate to commit murder or other crimes. They are a serious threat, have always been a threat, and must be dealt with accordingly when they do pose a threat. has noted that while it is true that some terrorists have come to Europe with the “migration crisis,” most of the people who fled are poor people trying to get away from the violence caused by the US invasion of Iraq and Syria and the genocide of the Christian people and culture.

The Rescue Christians Project from has even helped some of these Syrian “refugees’ with moving to the US and Canada, including one Christian man from Syria who, due to his financial situation and on account of some of the hardships imposed by the Trump administration on migrants from Syria that include Christians- another campaign promise that he broke and has directly affected the lives of others -he could not get his eleven family members out of the hellish war zone that Aleppo was transformed into. Thankfully, with your help and support, we were able to assist him with his bills involved his case.

These are the people who are suffering, and many of them are also Muslims. Islam must be fought, but the first and primary field that one must fight on is the struggle for souls, which involves loving people, and this means first giving mercy before justice, and certainly with any sort of final justice being the absolute last option.

Yet what is Trump doing? He is stirring up racism and nationalism as well as anti-Americanism in Europe in order to advance nationalism and appear “tough” in the eyes of the US on “those Europeans”. As one columnist pointed out in a recent story on USA Today, Trump’s campaign strategy is focusing on encouraging and inciting racism because he wants that in order to distract from his absolute failure to follow through basic campaign promises.

Why does Trump want to be called a racist?

Because then you’re not pointing out how he’s ripping you off, threatening human survival and crushing jobs.

Instead, you’re strengthening his basic story line. Trump wants voters to go to the polls believing that America is locked in a cage fight between warring racial groups: “Who is the real racist, the person warning about illegal immigrants or the person saying that’s racist?” When that’s the debate, Trump wins.

Just calling Trump a racist is not enough, Haney López says.

Instead, he urges that we point out what kind of a racist he is: “a strategic racist,” the sort of person who intentionally scapegoats people of color, immigrants and Muslims to rile up voters and to distract from his tax cuts for billionaires. (source)

Imagine if Obama made a statement like this. People would be screaming something to the sound of OBAMA IS THREATENING TO RELEASE THE BROWN MUSLIM HORDES TO RAPE OUR WOMEN AND DESTROY OUR WHITE WESTERN WAY OF LIFE.

But when Trump actually makes a statement threatening to do this? There is silence and even support from the Right for Trump “standing up” for America.

Likewise, where is the “counter-jihad” movement to criticize Trump for this? Indeed it would seem that Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller would rather complain about a washed up actress, report on teenagers saying dumb things, or complain about the mean things that some irrelevant congresswoman says, yet both will support and promote President Trump even after he makes such a threatening statement.

Ask yourself, why is it that the “counter-jihad” movement- whose purpose is supposedly to fight the dangers of Islam, sitting in silence over threats from Trump to release hordes of Islamic terrorists as invading refugees into Europe?

The answer is because they really do not care about Islam, but like President trump are using racism to encourage social discord that is setting the course for a major global conflict while profiting from it, as well as insulting the many people who were murdered in Islamic terrorist attacks throughout the centuries.

I have been involved with Islam since 1998 and still am because it is still a threat. Walid and Ted’s story naturally speaks for itself because they have lived it as a part of their personal lives. None of us have changed our fundamentals on the stance that Islam is evil, it is an error, it is a religion that leads in the way of the antichrist, and it will be involved in making the conditions for the end times.

We speak about these things because while we will criticize the US and Europe, we do so out of Christian charity and love. We do not want to see death and destruction, but life and all things good. We do not want the death of the sinner, but his conversion and salvation. That is why we fight against all evils, and in our work to educate the public, we strive to present all trends in light of history, theology, sociology, prophecy, and all the fields of human life that come together to form the current state of the world and move in how the world turns.

That Trump would use such terminology, and the self-professed “guardians” of America against the “hordes” of Muslims would remain silent on such an inflammatory, disgusting, insulting, and intentionally provocative statement but continue to praise him says as much about Trump as it does about the fraudulent face that is the counter-jihad movement.

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