Nine-Year-Old Girl Raped For Years By Her Mother’s Boyfriend, Says She Did It Because She Wanted Him To Stay With Her

The sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church is a well-known problem, but as has pointed out many times, it is more accurately described as a sodomite problem due to the fact that over 80% of the abuse is statistically proved to be done by male sodomites against other males, and of that 80% a full two-thirds of said sodomites target specifically post-pubescent teenagers.

The Church gets a lot of attention, but not a small amount of this is due to the fact that there always has been a disdain for the Church in American society going back to the first English colonists. This was not related to sexual abuse in any form, but rather to British nationalism and the insistence at placing the Crown and more importantly, the barely visible but always present financiers, especially those who the notorious Oliver Cromwell invited into the UK, into positions of power. The Church, being that she partakes of society but is not necessarily bound to either the government or the people, and that she is a voice of morality, is often attacked for this reason.

While many will point out quickly the evils of the sodomite priests and accomplish bishops, something that should be pointed out and is well-known, what is seldom discussed and especially so in the US, is the rampant sexual abuse of all types to all people. I do not speak here of the #MeToo type scandals, but of people who are truly molested, or raped (by outright force or soft pressure), or otherwise abused, especially of children. For all of the talk of “child welfare” and “keeping children safe,” the sexual abuse of children is very widespread and is almost never discussed.

Some cases tend to distinguish themselves more than others. Such was a case in Georgia about a nine-year-old girl who the story calls “Sophie” grew up with a father in prison, a mother who was always working, siblings constantly being moved among her family, and was being raised by her grandmother.

According to the story, there was never a sign at all of any kind of child molestation being inflicted on the girl by any member of her family or by her mother’s live-in boyfriend, who the girl’s grandmother spoke fondly of.

“The Deon I knew at that time, he was stealing cars and stuff like that. He never, ever gave anyone an impression that he would touch any child. He was the perfect man,” Sophie’s grandmother replied. (source)

Indeed, he was just “stealing cars and stuff like that.”

According to police investigators, no one ever reported that 34-Year-Old Deon Thrash was physically violent in any way.

However, there was a secret, which was that Thrash had two sides to him. As the story notes, “He had her believing that she was a queen” and would not only go to work and do housework such as cook and clean, but would take her out regularly and buy her clothes, toys, or ice cream. However, this was a side note to what was truly going on, which was that he would do such things for her often after he raped her as a way of buying her off to act as though it never happened.

Once the girl reported that she was being abused to her school, the police became involved and started to investigate. They believed that based on the “graphic” details of the story the girl was not lying, and it was not helped how Thrash ran away immediately after police started to investigate. However, what cued them off that something more was happening was that the mother was stalling police, and they believe that she may have known about the abuse:

“How does a 9-year-old make something up that graphic and traumatic? You can tell when someone is desperate for help,” he said.

Sheppard and his team immediately began their investigation into the sexual abuse. They contacted the Georgia Division of Family and Children (DFCS) which set up a safety plan to keep the perpetrator away from Sophie.

As Lt. Sheppard and DFCS are busy making sure Sophie is physically OK, Thrash disappears.

“It was as if he fell off the face of the earth,” Lt. Sheppard said. “Where is Nicholas Thrash? Mom says she hasn’t seen him. She can’t get him on the phone. We know during the interviews that the children say the mom is talking to him on the phone.”

It was Lt. Sheppard’s first sign that Sophie’s mom would become one of the biggest obstacles in his investigation into the sexual assault her little girl.

At the same time, Sophie’s father was released from prison and when he was informed about his daughter’s abuse, he started his own personal hunt for him. The girl’s grandmother revealed that
Her father was now out of prison and looking for Thrash. According to Sophie’s grandmother, what made matters worse was that he took the matter personally because he and the abuser are first cousins:

“One of us told him that your daughter accused him. They’re first cousins so naturally, he wanted to kill him,” Sophie’s grandmother said.

Police obtained a warranted, collected items from the girl’s house such as clothes, blankets, and underwear, sent for DNA analysis to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. As they were doing this, the mother absconded with what later was found out to be with her boyfriend to Indiana and the girl.

The saga went on for two years until the GBI finally send back the evidence showing positive DNA test results, which confirmed that Thrash had been raping his 9-year-old cousin while playing stepfather to the child and the mother was hiding it. Meanwhile they were in Indiana, Thrash continued raping her and eventually impregnated the girl at ten years old.

The story was finally exposed after the mother took her daughter for an abortion at five month pregnant, and abortion clinic workers notified police who then arrested the mother and the father. The baby was born safely and placed into state custody along with the daughter. It came out later that the mother was protecting her boyfriend because she knew that he was raping her and she thought that letting him abuse her daughter would encourage him to stay with her and not leave.

However, to make matters even worse, the girl’s foster family were also sexual deviants, and as soon as she arrived, they started sexually assaulting her, which started another investigation and a complete mental breakdown of the girl, who was institutionalized and has since tried to kill herself multiple times.

There is a lot of “regrets” in this story, from the police to the state workers to the grandmother and others. However, the fact is that stories like this which are NOT caught or exposed happen all of the time in the US and nobody says anything about it, and in some cases, such as the Epstein case, which is much larger and even worse, they are actively buried.

Make no mistake that all forms of evil must be fought, and that there are some great evils in the Church today. However, a story such as the above is also a common experience in the US. It is something that so few will talk about or if they know it is happening, will directly address. Instead, life goes on as normal, and many of the same who will criticize “the Church” for “not doing enough” will fail or refuse to realize the massive lack of accountability in families, social networks, and police or investigators on real issues because she is a easy scapegoat to cover for their own crimes.

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