President Trump Declares At The UN That He Will Have God’s Help In Forcing The World To Accept Sodom

President Trump gave a recent speech at the UN today where he repeated many of his previous political points. He praised his relationship with Ukraine, and afterwards in a press conference commended the leadership of the country and the US relationship with them. He criticized China over the current protest situation with Hong Kong, and asked her to ensure “human rights” and fulfill her responsibilities to the terms of the treaty signed that governs the enclave.

He then took time to excoriate Iran, calling her a world “largest sponsor of terrorism,” to blame her for the recent attacks on Saudi ARAMCO facilities, and to say that he fully supported the current sanctions imposed upon her and promised that more would be established in the months to come.

Trump also gave acknowledgement to the “pro-life” political group in the US, promising to defend human life at all stages, and criticized nations who refuse to do this. All of this is said while keeping in mind that he has made no serious attempts to limit or stop abortion, punish those who commit or attempt to procure abortions in the US, and likewise the highly curious evidence surrounding Trump that suggests he has paid for at least one abortion due to a child conceived by his philandering, something that Trump has bragged about extensively.

Trump also claimed that he would support the Second Amendment. Likewise, this statement also comes at a time when Trump has, unlike Obama, actually passed laws that take away gun rights and is considering passing more. By comparison, in spite of all of the anti-gun talk from the Obama administration, it was on his watch that the Assault Weapons Ban expired, and not only did he not renew it, but he did not move forward with any serious anti-gun legislation as such that Trump has done.

Trump also heavily criticized socialism and illegal immigration. However, this also comes at a time when the US has supported National Socialism all around the world since World War II as part of anti-Soviet operations and continues to do so to this day. Likewise, this also comes as the Trump administration has not only done little to stop illegal migration, but has continued to use it as a political weapon no differently than other presidents without any care for the welfare of the people.

But a very interesting point came around 30:00, where Trump declared his support of sodom, and equivocating it with “American values,” he said that the US will work to decriminalize homosexuality and punish nations who oppose homosexuality:

“As we defend American values, we affirm the right of all people to live in dignity. For this reason my administration is working with other nations to stop the criminalizing of homosexuality, and we stand in solidarity with LGBTQ people, who live in countries that punish, jail, or execute people based upon sexual orientation.” 30:21-30:48

To end his speech, he then invoked God’s help to realize his intentions of promoting homosexuality around the world:

“With God’s help together we will cast off the enemies of liberty and the oppressors of dignity.” 36:46-36:55

To invoke God’s help is a common catchprase of American politics, but for a person who seriously believes in Christianity, it should not be. Invoking God’s help means that one believes that, by asking such, he is asking God to help him realize his particular intentions.

The Catholic Faith by way of Sacred Scripture and Tradition have held consistently that the sin of sodom is a particularly evil sin that “cries out to Heaven for vengeance” and was what precipitated the rain of fire and brimstone upon the cities of the plains of Middle Ghor as a sign for all time as to the evil of this sin.

For a person who calls himself a Christian, this is a serious matter and its seriousness has been made known by the saints, scholars, and men of good will throughout Christian history, a fact that has also been written on extensively in the Shoebat archives.

The legalization of sodomite behavior is concerning enough because of the implications it carries by way of Scripture and Tradition. In spite of the insistence from the “left” that “Trump hates gays,” the President has declared during his presidential campaign that he supports sodom, and unlike many of his other positions, he has held and built upon this position throughout his presidency. One can reasonably believe that he supports this.

What does the “right wing”, and especially many American Christians have to say to this? The silence will be real in response to this because most Americans, and by extension most Christians, support all things sodom and they are comfortable to make this known.

Unfortunately, what Trump’s speech reflects is not per se what he believes in or cares about, but it rather the ethos of the contemporary US, as he is saying what people largely want to hear, especially what is left of his base.

Trump’s recent UN speech is, unfortunately, similar to the overly dramatic exhortations given by sixteen-year-old Greta Thunburg about “climate change” at the UN yesterday. There is scarcely a difference between Thunberg and that of Severn Suzuki from 1992, where the then twelve-year-old Canadian-Japanese girl gave a speech at the UN about the dangers of global warming. The entire speech is a show meant to distract people from reality and other serious political issues.

If there is anything that one can take away from this, it is that the basic position of issues for Christians has not changed, and that instead of debating the merits or criticisms of Trump, it is better to focus on making a positive improvement with oneself and for people in one’s direct sphere of influence. Politics comes naturally as a result of changes in the people, and seldom due to being forced on another from without.

If people want to argue over Trump’s speech, let them, because now is not the time to argue, but to prepare one’s own household, as while it will be some years away, a winter is coming to the country, and most will not be ready.

Don’t be caught unprepared.

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