IRS Hires Company Tied Directly To The Highest Levels Of Israeli Military Intelligence To “Secure” Sensitive US Tax Data

“Death and taxes” are said to be the two things that nobody can avoid in life. Everybody dies no matter how hard a man tries to avoid death, and likewise, everybody is going to have to pay taxes at some point no matter how hard he works to avoid or evade them.

People become very creative with the different ways that they attempt to pay less or nothing at all for taxes. Some of these ways are legal, others are questionably legal, and some are illegal or just immoral. For example, Orthodox Jews in New York and New Jersey have a history of committing tax evasion, and there are some Americans who assert (with some validity based on the text of the law) that the Federal Income Tax is not required. There are also some people who simply refuse to pay taxes on the basis of conscience.

In most cases, the government will get at least something of the money that she demands. The question is whether it comes by way of request, or by force, usually involving police and weapons. This is a simple reality of life. For example, if one owns a home and wants to test this, attempt to claim “allodial title” to one’s property and refuse to pay property tax. Make no mistake, after a few notices from the local county, there will assuredly be a tax lien placed upon one’s property, and if still not paid (with usury) then it will be auctioned off and the inhabitants evicted.

None of this is to suggest that one should not pay taxes, or that one should not take all morally and legally permissible steps to reduce one’s personal tax burden. The question is how to do so, and what tools one can use, something that many in the IRS naturally tend to resist because, logically speaking, they want the money because they get paid to collect for the government, not to see that people don’t pay.

This type of “cat-and-mouse” game between the taxpayer and government is a game as old as human history, and tends to change with technology. The dramatic rise in new technologies has been used by both tax avoiders and tax collectors alike to collect information on people. The trend swings back and forth from chaser-to-chasee and back again, but now the IRS is attempting to get a firm and possibly solid hold over others with a new series of tools online for ‘authentication’ that are being use to track people down to the very hands that they type with.

The IRS announced a sole-source contract to BioCatch for a proof-of-concept that would incorporate behavioral analytics for the agency’s eAuthentication system. BioCatch’s technology tracks how a user interacts with their device and the agency’s apps to continually verify their identity.

“BioCatch collects behavioral metrics—i.e., left/right handedness, pressure—while a user is interacting with eAuth without impacting user experience and establishes a profile for the user,” IRS contracting officers wrote in the statement of work. “Once this profile is established, this data is used to detect fraud on subsequent login attempts and to prevent account takeover during the user’s session.” (source)

The program is being presented as a test in order to attempt to ‘streamline’ the authentication process for those who access the IRS taxpayer website and prevent fraud. Likewise, it was reported that Biocatch’s contract, which began in July 2018, was an attempt to bring “innovative ideas” and other forms of authentication to the IRS online process.

“With these funds, a large set of ideas was researched and subsequently narrowed down to a smaller list of potentially implementable solutions,” the document states. “From this list, BioCatch was selected for its behavioral biometrics and fraud reduction capabilities to be tested with eAuth.”

It is good to work to prevent fraud online, as there is a tremendous amount of it. However, is this company preventing fraud, or enabling it?

A close look at BioCatch reveals that the company was founded by two men, Avi Turgeman and Benny Rosenbaum. On the “Company” section of the website, it openly declares that Turgeman was involved in “military intelligence”, without specifying which “intelligence” he was with The Financial Times confirmed was Israeli intelligence:

BioCatch founder Avi Turgeman began pursuing a theory that people interact with machines in unique, measurable ways while serving in military intelligence. Drawing on years of experience exploring white-hat hacking, system vulnerability management and cyberterrorist operations, Turgeman turned his attention to online fraudsters and their identifiable signatures, co-founding BioCatch with Benny Rosenbaum. (source)

Ask yourself, why would the IRS, which handles all of the finances for the US government, want to partner with a company who was founded, as it admits on its own website, by a man who serves as a foreign agent in military intelligence? Would a member of Russian, Chinese, or even German or Japanese, or even British military intelligence be privilaged with a contract to oversee the finances of the most powerful nation in the world?

If not, why is it then being given to a member who was involved in Israeli intelligence?

Mr. Turgeman, who calls himself a “philosopher” and and “musician”, admits that the main office for his company is in Tel Aviv, and outright says that his company also works with “three of the big-four banks in the UK”.

A quick look a the Board of Directors for the company tells one all that one needs to know, as it is filled with profiles of people openly affiliated with Israeli Intelligence.

Eyran Blumberg, the “Vice President of Solutions” openly says on his profile that he was “an officer in the Israel Defense Forces’ 8200 intelligence unit”. The same is for Gadi Mazor, which says on his profiled that he “is a veteran of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) prestigious 8200 unit, and finished the IDF’s officers course with extreme honors.”

Unit 8200 is considered to be the CIA or NSA equivalent for Israel.

Ask yourself, would the US government hire a Russian company who has a Chief Operating Officer and a Vice President that were officers in the FSB (the modern equivalent of the KGB)? If not, then why are the Israelis being granted this contract?

It is no secret that there has been for a long time a highly unhealthy relationship between the US and Israel, where Israel benefits largely from stealing or being given US military technology. Avi Turgeman and the Board of Directors are just a “face” for this company, as their associations strongly suggest the real power is the top levels of Israeli intelligence.

But why would they want US tax data? What purpose in “securing” it could there be? It could be that they want to spy on people, but could there be more involved?

It is a known fact that for many years, Israel has been a refuge and hiding place for Jewish criminals when caught, as Israel will rarely extradite a fellow Jew for prosecution, let alone arrest them for a crime committed abroad. Likewise, there have been allegations, more than a few that are not without reason, suggesting that Israel has also targeted people abroad who have criticized her publicly.

One cannot help but wonder if such unprecedented access to the security features of US tax data be about helping fellow Jewish criminals avoid prosecution as much as it could be about getting unprecedented levels of access to information to target persona non grata as designated by the government.

Remember that Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State and former head of the CIA had a closed-door meeting with “Jewish leaders” concerning American international involvement in South America. Likewise, in 2015, Israeli President Netanyahu was allowed to address the US Congress and lecture them as to what he believe the US should do.

The question is, is this system from the IRS being set up for the benefit of the taxpayer and the government, or is it being set up for the benefit of the Israeli government at the expense of the American people?

It is something to think about.

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