Will Donald Trump JR. Go Into Politics?

While President Trump is making headlines around the country with the recent talk of “impeachment,” his son, Donald Trump JR., reportedly held “one of the largest fundraisers in Republican party history” in New Mexico recently. As VDare, a major website written about before by Shoebat.com which is filled with people who promote anti-immigration and eugenics, has stated that Trump JR. “seems to have emerged as natural politician and possible inheritor of his father’s political estate”, and said that the future of the Republican party could rest with him and praised him in comparison to Ivanka Trump, which they said although apparently favored by Trump SR, has been a “disappointment” for those interested in conservative values.

“The Trumps will be a dynasty that will last for decades, propelling the Republican Party into a new party,” campaign chief Brad Parscale recently told GOP donors. “One that will adapt to changing cultures. One must continue to adapt while keeping the conservative values that we believe in.”

…The President groomed his eldest daughter to succeed him and hoped her international trips would boost her reputation. But so far, they have impressed no one. Ivanka’s chances of elite approval have been dashed—and her message falls flat with average Republicans, who don’t care about women’s empowerment in Africa or the latest “LGBTQ” fad. (source)

VDARE points out that while Republicans have received mixed reactions with Ivanka, the interest in Don JR is stirring, especially due to his apparent stance on immigration from a 2016 tweet in which he compared migrants from Syria to “poisoned Skittles”, and the later on when following the murder of Mollie Tibbetts, he tweeted that it happened as a result of illegal immigration and that the Democrats were to blame. While being accused of being a racist, Don JR. has called Democrats “racist” for their position on immigration, and unlike Trump, he has not put forth any public declarations on supporting it, which VDARE called Trump’s responses “stupid comments”.

The nationalist publication then moved on to opine one the other characteristics that make Don JR. a supposedly “great” candidate. They said that he is aware of the “ridiculous privileges and protections” that technology corporations have, and that he has expressed an interest in protecting “conservatives” from “discrimination” by them, claiming that he also has experienced “persecution” from them.

Other points they mentioned was how Don JR. enjoys guns and hunting, and has supposedly promised to protect the Second Amendment and is against “red flag” laws, and how he has claimed to stand up for the rights of “white people”, citing the case with the Covington Catholic High School students.

Now VDARE said that because Don JR. has no real political experience, and given the lack of fame that his father currently had, he would likely have to start out in a lower office, possibly in one of several western states, likewise noting that it would be nearly impossible to secure a victory in New York City or even the state.

Trump Jr. cannot, like his father, enter the White House without first holding a lower public office. He didn’t
build a business or star in his own hit show. Thus, he’ll have to show he has the chops to run for the White House.

While 2024 is likely too early for Don Jr. to run for president, 2028 or 2032 might be his time. He could become the next champion for the Historic American Nation.

Now all of these statements are highly speculative, and fail generally to take into consideration the changing demographics of the country.

As I have stated before, and barring a major demographic or social shift, the fact is that America is rapidly moving towards a one-party system. While there is no philosophical difference between the Republicans and the Democrats, the Democrat party has since 2000 been able to take the national elections by sheer numbers. The only thing that is stopping them is the electoral college. However, as I have been emphasizing, the demographic changes caused not by immigration, but largely the inter-migration of people from the coasts and northern parts moving to the south and midwest, the electoral college is changing red states into purple and blue ones.

VDARE and other groups can blame immigrants and other peoples as much as they want, when the base problem is from the “white people” in the US and their voting habits, as the children of the Boomers and Gen Xers have left and the probability of them coming back is low.

Additionally, there is the fact of placing so much “hope” in Don JR.

People say “like father, like son” for a reason.

Seriously, does putting on hunting clothes and sitting in front of a giant dead animal with a gun make people believe that he is “one of them”, in addition to spouting off a few “conservative” catch phrases at opportune moments?

Ir reminds me of 2007 (possibly 2008, it was a long time ago) when Allen West spoke at CPAC and criticized Islam. Nobody really knew him for other positions, but in response to his words, people began screaming “Allen West for President!”

They hardly knew the man.

This is the phenomenon that I am seeing here. Don JR may be certainly better known in the public sense, but there is much that is not known about him. Given his father’s politics, and that he is likely friends with the same people his father is largely, due to his being a part of the Trump family, what causes one to believe in his words?

Am I saying that Don JR, if he was to get into politics, would be a mirror of his father? No. I am saying that the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.

Americans in general like to complain about “monarchies” and “royalty”, but then will be quick to create their own royalty in the form of “political dynasties” such as the Kennedys, Clintons, and now the Trumps.

Don JR., if he gets into politics, should be evaluated as an individual, but also in the context of his family history, and as such he is not to be trusted, and any words he states must be proven by his deeds.

Likewise, the placing of one’s social hope in political saviors is a denial of responsibility for the self, as politics are manifestations of the people, and true social transformation begins with the self, not for clamoring at the heels of a idol that will eventually smash on the ground.

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