It Is Not A Surprise That The Muslim Nation Of Qatar Is Extending An Open Invite For Sodomites

The tiny Muslim Gulf Island nation of Qatar is known for holding a hard line on homosexuality, at least in her public law. The act is punishable by jail time and in some cases death.

However, in an interesting move, the nation of Qatar has opened her arms to the LGBT, telling them that they should visit for the world cup in 2022, but only ask for no public displays of sodomite behavior.

In a press conference, Nassar al-Khater, the chief executive of the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar, said: “I would like to assure any fan, of any gender, (sexual) orientation, religion, race to rest assured that Qatar is one of the most safe countries in the world — and they’ll all be welcome here.”

He added: “The safety and security of every single fan is of the utmost importance to us. There’s a lot of training going into security personnel to make sure that things that are culturally different are seen in that frame.”

The official also mentioned: “Public displays of affection is frowned upon, it’s not part of our culture – but that goes across the board to everybody.”

Nassar was answering a question about transgender fans who wished to visit the country during the tournament. Laws around transgender people in the country are unclear, and rarely addressed. (source) has addressed in the past how homosexuality and Islam are not only not incompatible, but how the two exist very well with each other. The difference is how the laws are executed, for under Islam, homosexuality has to follow in accordance with Sharia law.

The issue of homosexuality was addressed by Mohammed during his lifetime. While not discussed in the Koran, there are passages in Islamic sacred scripture which speak of Mohammed’s dealings with mukhannathun, a group men who exhibit all of the tendencies of women, dress as women, and for all intensive purposes are women while remaining men in terms of their gender but not function. Mohammed separated these effeminate men from the women, but as he also noted, he did not harm them. They were allowed to continue to exist in society, albeit separated from being bound to women, which indicated that based on their dispositions, they were men who were taking up relations with men. We have addressed these passages before here.

Islam does not speak with the same license that the modern “west” does about homosexuality. It does not say that one should give oneself wholly over to libertine passions and that the society should bend over to whatever desire the LGBT wants at the current time. It even floats the idea that one may execute sodomites, but that very idea is itself admitted by Muslims to be controversial and a weak argument. What Islam does say is that based on the example of Mohammed, these men are not to simply mix with other men yet they are allowed to live in society as they please among their own communities as a class of their own. The actions of Mohammed establish the acknowledgement of a third gender, of men who live as women as conduct themselves as women and are protected under Islam as a distinct social class regarded with equal piety and dignity as fellow Muslims. Their homosexuality does not impede their piety before Allah, meaning it is not regarded as a sin. Indeed, in Islamic eyes it is still a worse sin to embrace Christ as one’s savior than it is to be a sodomite who makes his daily prayers to Allah and lives in accordance with the prescriptions for the third gender established by Mohammed.

This third gender- the Mukhannath- is the reason why the concept of sodomy as a serious sin before God and a crime against society was never a serious legal issue in the Muslim world ever, including today because it was seen as a natural division in society that had to be distinguished yet protected in the example of Mohammed. The emphasis in Islam is not so much on the sodomizer but on the one being sodomized, and this is because if a man is going to be sodomized, he needs to be a mukhannath, for otherwise would be a grave violation of Islamic law and could subject a man to punishment, including death for unlawful sexual activity. However, so long as the one being sodomized is a mukhannath and there are no other possible issues, he may be sodomized as much as he pleases without incurring the penalty of sin.

There is no accident that in the past years, the largest Muslim legal association in India as well as a majority of Muslims in the US now support “marriage” according to the principles of sodom, and it is not because of “western influence” but the fruits of Islamic theology that were always present. Muslims will make arguments sometimes about how they are “ahead” of the West, and while many of these arguments are dubious and based on exaggerations, it is not an exaggeration to say if one considers the advancement of sodomite behavior “progress” in society, than the Muslim world is not fourteen centuries behind “the West,” but rather it is the West that is just catching up to fourteen centuries of acknowledged and practiced behavior in many Islamic societies per Islamic law.

Some people will say that Qatar is “opening up”, but the fact is they were always open and out of the closet. The only question that remained was how to ensure that Western sodomite behavior works in a way that Islamically compatible.

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